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Update #6 - For backers only

'nstaCharge HD -- Download Links


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Update #5

'nstaCharge in HD -- Download Now -- Backers Only!



We have made the HD version of our short film available for an IMMEDIATE download as a THANK YOU to all OUR BACKERS!

Although the film was shown in this format at many festivals and you can see it in 720p (half HD) on our site (click the full screen button), it has NEVER been made available for viewing and/or download at FULL HD 1080p and is not currently available for purchase at any retailer. In other words, this is both a premiere and an exclusive :)

As an 'nstaCharge backer, you can downloaded  the film in either divx, quicktime or both and play it on your computer or television in FULL HD!

To download the film, please read the instructions in UPDATE (#6),
which will be visible exclusively to our supporters.

To view the film on your TV, you'll need to either burn the divx file onto a DVD or copy it onto a thumb drive and plug it into your video player. Most DVD and Bluray players produced in the past few years can read divx files from a DVD, but only some can read a USB drive. Divx films also work great on a PS3.

Thank you for all the support you've given us these past 20 days!

We hope you enjoy it :)

Update #4

Sneak Peak!



We've been busy doing a lot of R&D on the look of the game. The image above is one possible way we'd like to approach the 'desert' environment. Most of the geometry is extremely low-poly and we're only using a couple small texture maps both of which should result in great performance on mobile processors.

We'd like to think of this as only a 'starting point' as we'll be adding as much to the visual complexity as the mobile processors can handle. Whatever we end up with, we'll be able to push it a notch or two further on the PC/Mac versions :)

We'll post more of these as they become 'presentable'. Hope you all like it! 

Two days from now, we'll also announce an exciting new reward that we'd like to give to ALL OUR SUPPORTERS and make it AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY!  

Please stay tuned! :)

Update #3

Game Details!

By popular demand, here, at last are the details of the game :)

Please let us know how you like them. We'd love to know!

As promised, later in the week we'll upload the visuals to give you a better sense of what we're after as well.

What is the game about?

It’s about a pair of androids racing futuristic, renewable-energy-powered motorcycles on the skyways of a distant planet. Lola is a sexy, high-tech and fun loving gal, Rusty is her outdated and quirky, but somehow endearing friend. Each game consists of Lola challenging Rusty to a new race against formidable odds -- “beat me to the finish line using less energy than me”. Our hero might seem like the clear underdog, but he’s also a very capable tinkerer. He can rise to the occasion by overcoming the limitations of his bike through a combination of in-game strategy and modifications.

How is it played?

Rusty starts each race with enough energy stored in his battery to reach the finish line, but not enough to ride the entire race with his hand on the gas. He needs to strategize. One of the main techniques involves maximizing his speed when going downhill -- or when the energy consumption is lowest.

Rusty can also recharge his battery at one of several charge stations along the way. But there’s a catch. Doing so will cost him a little time. Each refill also reduces his efficiency rating. The efficiency rating works like a multiplier -- the more efficient he is along the way, the more part points he earns, the better modifications he can make in preparation for the next race.

Every once in a while, Rusty encounters a bypass with a puzzle along the way. Choosing to enter the bypass and solve the puzzle results in a boost of his capabilities. Failing to do so could lead to a lost race.

Rusty’s ability to tinker with his bike is further affected by the number of nuts, bolts and tools he picks up along the skyways. Nuts and bolts get picked up as he passes them by, tools require the pressing of a button at the right moment.

How do the modifications work?

Each game where Rusty reaches the finish line results in points earned. These are a combination of part points, tools and nuts + bolts. He can cash in the points in exchange for modifications.

The player can make modifications to Rusty’s bike by choosing from a menu of options available before and after each race. Some of the choices are easy -- such as lighter wheels to increase the overall efficiency -- but others require forethought and trial and error. Adding a battery output booster to Rusty’s bike, for instance, will make it faster, but the added speed will require more energy. You may win the race, but, if used unwisely, that new part can affect your efficiency rating.  

Levels of Difficulty

Each race will be played at 3 levels of difficulty. This will allow for a range of players to enjoy the game at a desired pace. A very casual player will be able to have fun racing without having to worry about puzzles and modifications, while those who might enjoy a greater challenge will want to pursue other levels as well. The minimum for successfully completing a game at a given level will require:

Level 1. strategy alone
Level 2. strategy and puzzles
Level 3. strategy, puzzles and modifications

Style of Gameplay

'nstaCharge will be a dimensional side-scroller. That is to say, the visuals will appear to be 3D, but most of the action controlled by the player will take place in 2 dimensions. The popular game MotoHeroz is a good example of this style as is the classic Sonic, though neither is a good example of the style of the actual visuals. The principal track will have off ramps for charge stations and puzzle side tracks.

Structure and Visuals

The game will be composed of 3 environments -- City, Desert and Mountains - with 7 races each at 3 levels of difficulty. The tracks will wrap around beautiful landscapes, go through tunnels, futuristic architecture, etc.

Visually, we'll be aiming for something slick and consistent with our original short film, but simplified for interactivity.

The game will also consist of (4) animated clips in the cinematic/cut scene style of the short film. The intro clip, telling the story of Lola’s challenge, will be viewable at any time. The remaining (3) clips will tell the story of a single particularly adventurous race and will be viewable in parts at the completion of each (7) race environment at the highest level of difficulty.


The controls will be very simple, favoring wits over dexterity. 

The right button will work like a gas pedal. Touch/press will result in acceleration, release, in coasting to a stop.

The left button will be context sensitive and will service everything else. Pressing it at the right moment will allow Rusty to pick up a tool, take a ramp to a charge station or activate a piece of a puzzle.

The game’s interface will show Rusty’s current speed, efficiency, battery state and time elapsed.

Kickstarter Supporter Exclusive!

Every one of our supporters will be given a special, free unlock code that will allow you to download the fully animated game at the completion of the final level! 

In-App Purchasing

Shortly after releasing the game on iOS, PC and Mac, we will implement in-App purchasing options for iOS allowing the impatient to purchase part points and download the complete cinematic race animation for a fee. Leaderboards for those purchasing parts points and those earning them within the game will be kept separate.

Update #2

You have spoken!


We have waited 3 days to give everyone a chance to have their say, but the results were very pretty much clear within the first minutes! :) You've spoken loud and clear and only confirmed what many of you have written in your comments and emails. You've also given us some fantastic NEW ideas :)

So, to summarize --

1. You really like our project 

2. You like (some of you even REALLY like) our overall presentation -- despite some major shortcomings in the audio



2. And you want MORE UPDATES!

Your thoughts on the remaining items were varied, but the issues listed above were VERY clear and we're already hard at work on making them happen. In fact, we've been quietly working on them over the past several weeks :) 

Within this upcoming week we'll post (2) updates. The first will detail the functionality of the game (written) and the second will show our visual approach (images). Time permitting, before the end of the campaign, we'll also try to show you an example of a 'simulated' game play. We're really excited about what we have in store for you over the next few days and hope that the details will answer many of the questions you've had.

Thank you SO MUCH for all your input -- it's been really invaluable. We had no idea just how much we'd learn from the survey -- but the minute the answers began pouring in we knew we'd be in for a treat!

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