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A Scifi Racing Game -- based on an award winning short film by the same artists.
A Scifi Racing Game -- based on an award winning short film by the same artists.
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Thank you! -- Survey -- Back at the Studio


First - we’d like to send out a HUGE thank you to our supporters -- You’ve been amazing! All of you -- from old, old friends who’ve always been there for us to complete strangers whose generosity has been nothing short of astounding.

We’re doing quite well so far, though we still need a LOT of help :)

We did super well out of the gate -- 25% in just three days and then things slowed down a little. This isn’t unusual -- kickstarter campaigns tend to peak in the beginning and end -- but the quicker we can get to 30% the more likely we are to be successful. They say that most projects that do reach this goal end up getting funded! So please help to spread out the word!! :)

We got a lot of emails in the past week. Some of you helped us make our campaign better by pointing out things we’ve missed, didn’t think of or could do differently. Others told us about how you’ve been inspired by the short film and how you can’t wait for the game. Quite a few of you have also reached out and offered your help with music, programming, etc. We’re really grateful to ALL of you - both for validating our artistic vision and helping to make this campaign even better.


We just posted a VERY SHORT BUT IMPORTANT SURVEY and would LOVE to have YOUR OPINIONS. It’s only 4 questions long, will take you all of 25 seconds to fill out, but we think that it could REALLY help us in making improvements to our campaign. In the past week, several of your suggestions (ex.offering PC/Mac versions, providing a clear link to the short film, etc.) have made a huge difference in the support and we’d like to find more such ‘magic bullets’. So please fill it out! The survey is completely anonymous and we’d like you to be brutally honest!



Back at the studio, we’re hard at work designing the game. We’re determined to make it happen regardless of the success of the kickstarter campaign. We will be working on it full time for the next 3 months. Should we get funded, we’ll be able to extend the production by another 2-3 months to truly polish the visuals and game play. We’ll also be able to devote considerable resources to marketing.

We realize that many of you may feel reluctant to donate without seeing more of the ‘finished thing’. Indeed, it seems that most of the successful game projects out there are either those that are pretty much already done or their creators have a proven track record of making successful games in the past. In retrospect, we should have probably waited until we had more of the actual game to show you, but we were just too excited and wanted to dive in head first :) That being said -- please don’t be put off by our enthusiasm -- we are seasoned production artists. Between the two of us we have over 35 years of experience working on visuals and programming for films, commercials, interactive media and games. We’re approaching ‘nstaCharge like any of our professional projects - it has a budget, a deadline and it will get done.

Not only that, but we’ll have a HUGE smile on our faces as we do it :)


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