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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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A0.75 Update #2


We’re just a few days away from the a0.75 build. We’ll try to get it out by this Saturday here, but as you know, it’s never a sure thing. We’re still working on Steam and launcher integration (all 3 platforms) and will be testing that out over the next few days. Hopefully, there will be no problems (if there are problems, we’ll probably launch with PC first). If everything goes smoothly there, we’ll submit the build to Steam for approval, if they approve, then PE will be on Steam probably by ~midweek next week. That gives us enough time to fix any major bugs that you may find before then.

We’ve been optimizing a lot of the things in the current build, including the terrain formation speed in adventure mode. It is now about 3X what it was in the a0.72 build. What this means is that you won’t fall off the terrain on a glider or car anymore. Vtols are another matter, but players are making these go at 300-400km/h and we can’t really help that. Another thing about adventure mode is that there are multiple biomes within a single seed now.

We’re still working on block building lod, water physics, and multiplayer general testing, these things will decide when exactly the build will be done.

Below are some screen shots from the rainforest biome and waves on the shore, all works in progress:

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    1. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on February 25, 2014

      glad to see steam integration coming. That will make updates much less painless, I'm truly spoiled by steam and have trouble going back to the "old days" of manually installing patches or downloading new builds.

    2. Nathan Grass on February 25, 2014

      I'm looking forward to that Steam launch. Thanks for the update on progress! Screen shots look great!

    3. Anastacis Christoforidis on February 25, 2014

      Its look better and better!