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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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And A0.72, Plus A0.75

We really thought we left a0.7 behind with a0.71, but alas, there were a couple of serious bugs there that we had to do a a0.72 release to fix them. These are optional downloads though, so you really don’t need to update if you don’t want to.

PC Torrent:

PC Direct: Mediafire 

 Mac Torrent: 

Mac Direct: Pending 

 Linux Torrent: 

Linux Direct: Pending

 Changelist for a0.72

- fixed not being able to place anything in Build Mode  

- fixed the launcher UI layout so people should be easily able to click the opencl options  

- fixed music level resetting  

- fixed all mobile turrets in single player, no more shooting at the sky  

- added zinc to adventure mode  

- toughened up the robot boss in adventure multiplayer  

- added new ways to get around keynotfound exception (still need field testing)  

- campfire now stays on always (for now)

For users without opencl compatible graphics cards due to whatever reason (outdated driver, unsupportive manufacturer, incompatible setup, etc.), please go to options in the launcher and change to cpu under opencl calculation, then launch the game. If your game hangs at 100% or fails to load, it’s most likely due to opencl.

Now we can all move on to a0.75. The key features we’re aiming for a0.75 are voxel water (dynamic will probably be a0.8), new water shader, decals for the creation editor, lod for the building blocks, new story segments, rainforest biome, new ai spawning based on seeds in Adventure Mode, and able to export vehicles in multiplayer. We’re aiming to release this build in late February.

Also, check out this new website for some cool ISOs made by Planet Explorers players around the world.


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    1. Lukas Sprehn on

      So... how do we transfer singleplayer savegames? Is that what the ISOs and the ISO Converter is for? Because, believe it or not, there is not ISOs in my ISO folder at C:\Users\username\Documents\PlanetExplorers\CreateData\Isos It's all empty. The ISO Converter, which automatically detects the ISO folder, also states that there is "0 ISOs" in the folder. Or do I just need to do nothing and just play the updated version, and it will automatically continue my singleplayer story savegame? I haven't actually built anything yet on it. Maybe that is why there is no ISOs? Is that what ISOs are for? Created items? Or created AND placed items? I don't get this. Will I have to start over with the story or...? :/

    2. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      Mavericks is causing problems for GPU drivers for opencl. We don't really know how long that will last. The CPU option should get you pretty fast speeds though. This option doesn't mean that your graphics are generated by the cpu, just the voxel calculations for generating terrain mesh. Macs in general have pretty bad support for opencl through drivers, that was the main reason we put in the cpu option.

    3. Avarchillion on

      @ Radd Berkheiser: having the same problem. But I still run MacOS 10.8.2, so this does not seem to be a Mavericks problem.

      I would really like to play this game, but so far I never managed to even get one second of playtime....

    4. Radd Berkheiser on

      @Bill, ah... missed that. Thank you.

    5. Bill Briggs on

      @Radd, if you check Update 49, they mention (at the bottom of the update) that the Mavericks OS version of OpenCL isn't working properly.

    6. Radd Berkheiser on

      Having the 100% hang problem on my mid-2010 iMac. Game works when I put OpenCL to the CPU, but my hardware (this model has a Radeon HD 5750) and the Mavericks OS should support OpenCL 1.2 (… ). Given that Planet Explorers is supposed to run on OpenCL 1.0 or better, any idea what gives? I don't recall having this issue in a previous build.

    7. Missing avatar

      Restless on

      hey guys, have you contacted GOG about releasing the game yet? Would really love seeing it there! =)

    8. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      Once we get on Steam, it'll have patching.

    9. Missing avatar

      Praudmur on

      I think after they will come to steam it will be ok with patches...
      And i think that you deserve more than 137k! IF steam-release will be in right time and will be covered by press you may earn much more than that.

    10. Motoki on

      I know it's still early on but is there any way you guys might be able to come up with a patching system that doesn't require re-downloading the entire game for every update? Or maybe that exists and I'm missing something?