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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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Where do we go from here?

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)
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What a week for Planet Explorers. We've hit the goal on KS, and a few days later, we're approved for Steam. This is all thanks to your support. On Greenlight, out of all the people that voted, 76% voted yes, that's much higher than the 58% average of the top 50. What that tells us is that Planet Explorers has hit the balance between hardcore and casual just right, at least in initial impressions and expectations. Now, we're fully aware of the pressure to deliver, and we will work all the hard to live up to these expectations.

The Kickstarter will end in less than 48 hours, please continue to help us spread the word on the project and try to push the final number as high as possible. Development isn't cheap, so the more cash reserves we have, the less pressure we have to spend time looking for extra budget. We will run an extension of the KS tiers for an extra 40 days through Paypal on our site. After a0.6, we'll presell the game on our site. That should pretty much solve our budget shortfall and we won't have to worry about money and just focus on getting the game done.

Regarding Steam's Early Access, I know many of you want to play games in Steam so that they're all located in the same place. But, we will not put the game on Steam until we feel the game's ready for prime time, which means probably not until beta 0.1. The first batch of Early Access games have not been received well by some player, we don't want that negativity. The launcher we'll have for a0.6 will be able to give you the patch updating most of you want, so it should be more convenient anyway.

We are going to try to test multiplayer before the release of a0.6, so the backers that want to host a server, please contact us at We will probably do some tests in early May, so we will need your help then.

So for a0.6:

- a0.6 in mid-late May, probably late-May because we've never quite hit our dates exactly right, in our development, we take apart the game between builds and don't rejoin the pieces until near the completion date, then when we finally put it together, there usually are a lot of bugs and unforeseen circumstances. But we might get lucky. :)

- Mac version is working and ready to go by a0.6.

- Linux Nvidia version is working completely, AMD version is working without crash but has shader issues (such as underwater fog). This will also be ready to go by a0.6

- Minor things: adding in ladders (2X1m), laser muzzle, glass windows (1X1X.02m), personal energy shielding, and a paint sprayer. 


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    1. James Yee on

      I look forward to seeing the a0.6 build. The demo you have up shows promise which is why I backed you but the controls were bad, or at least unintuitive. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael R W on

      The problem with Early Access is that there are too many ignorant and stupid people out there that don't read and do their own research and like to blame and scream at everyone around them when something goes wrong. Also, most people don't seem to understand what the titles Beta and Alpha means, they seem to think it means a fully released and working game. :-\

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason Roberson on

      "...Regarding Steam's Early Access..." - Yea, I see a lot of whiners with the Steam Early Access. It's actually a fairly new way to "pre-order" games, so to speak. Most people don't quite understand it yet, bot players and developers. Until you have something that is mostly enjoyable with at least some complete game elements already in it that just need some tweaking, you shouldn't put it on Steam Early Access. Incidentally, I think PE is already there, but would advise caution at this point. Minecraft is really the only first big success with this kind of thing, BUT they didn't release on Steam. On Steam, thousands of players will see it weekly as Steam's marketing really seems to push every game, but with Minecraft you had to make the effort to go to the site, get an account, and then pay your cash. Steam actually makes it TOO EASY to buy a game! Plus, all those players are used to finished games, at the moment, anyway. :-) In any case, YAY, PE is Kickstarted! Great job everyone!

    4. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Luke Cross If you got the all digital pack, yes, both copies come with alpha/beta/digital benefits.

    5. Luke Cross on

      I've pledged $55 to get two copies. Does that mean I get 2 accounts to play in a0.6?

      This is the sort of game my girlfriend really likes, and I pledged in cause its something we can explore together while im interstate. Will we be able to play together, or will I have to wait until you finish the product?

    6. James on

      Let's finish strong!

    7. Paal Joachim Romdahl on

      Thank you for your wonderful updates!

    8. Kim Christoffersen on

      A name system on plants, and monsters, before taking/killing them cut be nice

    9. Ashley James Chapman on

      Yay at the moment I'm running the game on my mac min i5 intel hd 3000 running win 7 so I can't wait for mac version :)

    10. Avarchillion on

      Yay for the Mac version! Hope to play the game soon.

    11. Ren Shredder on

      It's sad but true that many gamers don't understand what alpha oder beta build means...

    12. Angela Cheng on

      @Mark Wallace: "Mac version is working and ready to go by a0.6." - "a0.6 in mid-late May, probably late-May." From the post.

    13. Xavier Gilbert on

      Again: Congratulations! I'm waiting for the a0.6 :)

    14. Mark Wallace on

      When is the Mac version due?