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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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We're Greenlit!

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)

Yay! We'll have more info later as we just got the news. :)


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    1. Missing avatar

      David on


    2. Collin D Stewart on

      Also, I have a tidbit of news.
      Totalbiscuit just did a vlog that mentioned this Green-lighting round.
      During that he said a single sentence about Planet Explorers and how people he knows are excited about it for some reason.
      ( Well, at least he knows the game's name now. )

    3. Missing avatar

      Charkrid Pornpitackchaikul on

      Congratulations on being Greenlit. :)

    4. Micky Duncan on

      The people have spoken. Congratulations on being Greenlit! Keep up the fantastic work on this marvelous game

    5. matt on

      Democracy has worked today.

    6. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Congrats on being Greenlit!

    7. darker70 on

      Brilliant stuff ;-)

    8. Jalister on

      It may actually be a little harder for some games that have been around a while to get greenlit. A lot of people already bought the game through another, so maybe they don't bother to vote on greenlight. It could also be the difference between a sandbox style game and an adventure game. Look how many copies Minecraft has sold. I prefer sandbox over adventure, however I own Cognition and not Minecraft.

    9. Anonymous on

      Congratulations on getting greenlit really happy you got through since I and many others found this game on steam, as many others have asked, are you planning on early access through steam, that would be really exciting developement.

    10. distr0m on

      @Stephen Delvecchio
      Coming on the Planet Explorers Kickstarter page and commenting on the Greenlit update saying that you "specifically didn't vote for this one because of the injustice" is childish to me, yes. Sorry if I offended you, maybe I got carried away... I'm a bit tired of all those negative comments on the Steam Announcement page... so seeing one here...
      Anyway, my point was simply that it doesn't matter if it's a finished game that's been on Greenlight since the beginning. It needs to the most popular in a given timeframe. Don't get me wrong, I think this whole Greenlight system is flawed, but that's still how it works...

    11. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      How am I acting like a child? What I said is factually correct. This and several other of today's Greenlit titles are still in the crowdfunding/pre-alpha stages of development, and won't be ready for a year or so. Seems kind of redundant to greenlight these types of projects when we have a plethora of finished and polished games over there in the line-up waiting to be chosen.

      Just my opinion, but please by all means hypocritically call people "children" by baselessly tossing around name calling.

    12. Rich Spencer on

      Well done, very much deserved!

    13. distr0m on

      @ Stephen Delvecchio
      Why are you acting like such a child? Maybe those other games doesn't look as promising? Maybe people are NOT interested in those games? Do you understand how Greenlight works? Doesn't matters if a finished game has been on Greenlight since the beginning... if the community doesn't want it, it won't get greenlit. If it's not popular enough during the given timeframe, it won't either... Even if there's thousands of comments. Also, there's other ways to get commercially available games on Steam.

    14. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      So this one that is still in development and is still even in it's funding stage gets a slot, whereas other games that are done and commercially available for sale elsewhere which have been on Greenlight since day 1 get passed over *Cough* Cognition*
      Hmm seems legit.. I specifically didn't vote for this one because of the injustice.

    15. Cabbage

      Woo! Now comes the hard choice of DRM Free (which I prefer) or Steam (which my friends would prefer, and is most likely easier on net usage due to the way it updates)

    16. Ivan Dubois on

      Good Work.

      And now stop deleting post in the fórum :P

    17. Moreno Pierre on

      Congratulation ! I hope this will bring you more backers for the 3 days left.

    18. Casham on

      Fantastic news!

    19. Patrick on

      Wooo, congrats... well deserved!

    20. gandalf.nho


    21. Jalister on

      I just saw the news on Blue's News. You beat me to it. Congrats!

      I still want DRM free though. :P

    22. Hal Motley on

      Well Done. Though I agree with Bill Briggs that it would be nice to see this game appear in the Early Access section when testing, though it's unlikely since it's closed Alpha/Beta testing.

    23. Bill Briggs on

      I doubt the game will get "early access" before next year (if ever) as part of the kickstarter rewards were alpha/beta testing. Though, when beta hits, I wouldn't be surprised to see a "pre-order now and get immediate access to beta" option.

      But, I'm hoping we'll get to do the alpha/beta test through Steam as it makes getting updates significantly easier.

    24. LoE on

      Hope this brings in more people these last few days of KS as PE starts to get more exposure from being Greenlit.

    25. Missing avatar

      Aakaash Rao on


    26. trix on

      Congrats I am very existed to add this game to my steam library

    27. Benjamin Stanley on

      Will we get early access?

      Just curious :)

    28. Benjamin Stanley on


      This is very good news!

    29. Wouste on

      That's great!! We made it on time =)
      I had no doubt about the kickstarter but i though it would be too short for this month's greenlight!
      Realy good news!

    30. Mark on

      CONGRATS!!!!!!!! :)

    31. Manny on

      HELL YES. Next question: "EARLY ACCESS"??! :D

    32. Missing avatar

      yatti on


    33. DKG on

      That's awesome, guys! Congratulations!

    34. mhaswell on

      Yay! Most of my games are steam nowadays so this is excellent news!

    35. Jeremy Melloul on

      Wonderful news! Congratulations.

    36. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Yay, congrats!