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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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Let's talk about the player character!

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)

Hey everyone, we're still moving at a pretty nice clip, we'll probably end up at $120,000+ for the entire KS. Thanks for your support! On Greenlight we're now at #21 with a littler over 40,000 "yes" votes. We're find out in a few hours if we made it in this round of Greenlit titles, if not, we're set for next time in late May.

A little update on Linux, we have it working in the office! Crash free! But, only for the Nvidia cards...AMD cards still have problems. Sigh.

Today, we'll take a look at some of the new things coming to the player character for a0.6. There will be (at least) 5 more new armor sets for both female and male, we're moving to more modern designs for some of the armor. We're also adding in a lot more hair selections and a couple of facial selections. We're also changing the female and male models a little bit so that they look more like the NPC character style (smaller eyes), a bit more realistic.

We will probably reinstate the character editor, now with a new morph target system. What it means is that we can keep the current model efficiency (with less than 60 bones), but allowing for facial editing and body editing. The facial editing will allow for a lot of changes and will look pretty good, but the body editing will be a lot less robust than what we had before (the model used 190 bones before) which used bones to do the character editing. Finally, we will be adding in the character save feature so you can load a character in the editor before a game starts.

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    1. Chris Lawhorn on

      Awesome, but with the character body editing, by less robust do you mean less control?

    2. Jake Russo on

      Yay for Linux! Glad I have an Nvidia card too :)

    3. Gary N. on

      I saw the multiplayer question about persistent worlds but that made me wonder: Will this have dedicated server support like Minecraft where I can run my own community server that anyone can join?

    4. Missing avatar

      James Bruder on

      Great news on the upcoming update. I look forward to checking it out. The new armor designs look pretty nice but I think a somewhat primitive / survivalistic look to the leather and early metal sets would have made more sense and the futuristic styles coming later in the game perhaps when you are able to make synthetic polymers for lighter and more durable pieces of gear. The new features and hairstyles look good also. Maybe in the future a hair length slider for people who want longer looks. :)

      Keep it up! Great game!

    5. Missing avatar

      Ben Eggett on

      I'm so excited to hear you got this running crash free on Linux with nvidia! I been really anxious to play this, since I don't own a copy of Windows.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bill Brewer on

      @Joshua Tumlin- Hey guy, disagreement is not "hate". A few of us are saying we don't dig the Japanination style. A couple of others have said they like it. Matter of taste. I don't see anyone flaming over it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason Kuhn on

      Woohoo! Thanks for the quick reply. Having a persistent world is definately a big plus in my book.

    8. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Jason Kuhn No color changes for these armors, but you will eventually be able to make your own. Yes to the digital copy, and yes to persistent world.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason Kuhn on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal!! I'm super stoked about this new update. The new armour is sexay! Will we be able to dye them to different colors? Also,I just want to confirm that the first $55 tier includes a digital copy as well as the boxed DVD? I'm assuming it does and have increased my pledge. Another question I have is about multi-player. Will it be a persistent world where many players can exist or just an instance where people can bash each others brains in?

    10. Missing avatar

      Wistrel Chianti on

      Hmm I did like the old characters. I just thought it was a nice style, reminded me of Sintel.The newer ones hmmm.... maaaaybe. I didn't feel the old one's were "broke" though, although of course customisation wasn't finished. I like the old fashioned armour too... felt more "survivaly". Well I guess we will see, I can always sit on 0.5 for a while if I don't like it ;)

    11. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @John Williams A0.6 is slated for mid-late May, we only hit mid-May if we get lucky and don't hit any snags. We'll send out a survery after the KS and you can write in the name you want.

    12. Angela Cheng on

      I like these changes a lot. Yet another reason to be psyched for 0.6! I do like anime, and still think these changes are an improvement. I still see an anime influence here, which is nice. A lot of time, art design going for "realism" either gets all uncanny valley, or a really boring "everything is shades of mud because that's realistic." FYI for some of the commenters, there are much more realistic and subtle anime face styles than Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is a relic of the late 80's, and styles have evolved since then. It really depends on the individual artist and the work's demographic.

    13. Xinchen Dong on

      me like anime =o

    14. Moreno Pierre on

      I think the chara-design perfectly fit the univers, so I hope there won't be any change about it.

    15. Vecha on

      A lot of "hate" in this comment section. ;)

    16. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      The armor sets look great. And I also agree about an anime look. Stay away from that, please. :)

    17. Jeramie on

      those armor sets look legit

    18. J.L. on

      @ Tom, Bill etc -- I too agree, that style is so not for me. No idea why, just don't do it for me. |c:

      The more realistic the better, I feel personally, thus smaller eyes still. And hopefully a eye-size slider for those who like the big-eyed look. (c:

    19. Missing avatar

      Nikolaj Jørgensen on

      I'm happy they left that style as well. I dpn't get why anime/japanese style has become so popular. Glad it's more realistic.

    20. Jalister on

      I agree with you Tom, I hate anime. I've passed up so many games because they went with an anime look, or that other japanese crpg style art.

    21. Richard Crockett on

      Very nice update! I was hoping you were going to redo the armor somewhat as right now the bronze armor looks a little "meh". The new designs look great however. Hopefully you are redesigning the stats on armor as well to make it a little more worthwhile in upgrading. Right now you die just as quick in Bronze as you do in Leather so there is not enough difference in the different types as far as the player is concerned. Overall a very good update!

    22. Cameron J Dufton on

      I like the larger eyes, but the new eyes are definitely more realistic. Maybe a size slider or some eye options would be good.

    23. Missing avatar

      Bill Brewer on

      @Tom Palmer- Amen, brother! I'm liking the look of this game- except for the "Sailor Moon" eyes everyone seems to have.

    24. Esli Stopato on

      I like the changes. Looking good!

    25. TheCrankyOldGamer on

      As long as it doesn't look like anime, I'm happy. I freaking hate anime.

    26. Missing avatar

      John Williams on

      Great work guys :)

      Is there a timeline for 0.6 just out of curiosity, I don't usually ask as I'm a believer in "it's ready when it's ready", as an Nvidia linux user I feel obliged to enquire this time though ;)

      I increased my pledge with the last blog update, thanks for replying and updating that time.

      On that note, will you be using the name shown on Kickstarter for the name in game and credits (I did $40) or can in game names be usernames/handles?

    27. Jalister on

      I prefer a more realistic look. I agree, the black and red looks great.

    28. Casper van Heck on

      I kinda liked the large eyes:(
      But the red/black armor set looks sweet:)