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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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Alpha 0.6 Development Update

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)

We're getting so close now! 99% and counting! Not only that, we're now at #23 on Steam Greenlight! This is all thanks to everyone's support. We will be adding the Paypal options (they're the same as the KS tiers) once we have hit the goal in another few hours.

Today, I'm going to tell you a bit about what we've been working on for Alpha 0.6, there are already some changes from what we planned. You've probably noticed we don't update this KS as much as some other projects, and yes, it's our fault. The reason though, is we're all spending our full energy on the game. Here's a look at a few of the key features and how they're progressing:

Base building - there has been a major change to base building. And it came mostly due to efficiency issues. We always discuss efficiency first, because in games with too much freedom, the player can quite quickly overbear his system. First change we made was to let the player build their own buildings in the creations editor, you'll have template parts, then everything else will be all you. The resolution for the houses will be 0.25 meters, at a max size of 25X25X25 meters. There will now be 64 colors available. The buildings will still be condition based, and now we've added a max count for created buildings based on the energy type of the power station. Right now, for a0.6 the order is Power Station > Admin Building > Power Relay Station > Storage > Living Quarters, if we add in any other building types for this build, we'll let you know. We've also added in a triangle reduction system to again, increase efficiency. So the mesh for your cars, guns, and houses will now have anywhere from 10-60% less polygons. If we have time, we'll also add in an level of detail system where if the player is low on framerate or ram, a lot of the objects will auto flip to level 2 detail.

The launcher - this thing's a tough nut to crack. Since we want to do all 3 versions (PC, Mac, Linux) by a0.6, it suddenly became a lot of work. The launcher doesn't just launch the game, it also includes the ability to update the game in patches (which means we have to reorganize our programming structure), registering the key with the computer, and the options menu. Most of the time will be spent on getting the patch updating correct...and getting this to run on Mac and Linux. Lots of work ahead.

Durability for all - yes, we are adding in a durability system, where you'll have to fix things or better things. That steel sword you made? If you add in more steel to compress it, it'll get better stats (to a certain point). If you use it long enough, it'll break unless you fix it. This system will act as a very nice balancing tool for this game. This will also apply to defensive stats for armor, vehicles, and houses.

Better personal system - a lot of people asked us to put in blocking as soon as possible so that they can survive better in melee, we heard you. We will also add in energy shielding for long range weapons (but it'll also put a dent in your own long range weapon damage). Lots of animation tweaks as well.

Smarter NPCs - we're quite aware that our NPCs are a bit on the...imbecilic side at the moment,  we'll be adding in more rest animations and logic to make them seem smarter. Also, better pathfinding logic will help as well.

Linux and Mac - so Mac turned out easier to conquer than Linux. All I'm going to say about Linux is Unity can support it better with better tools. Sigh. We're getting pretty close to getting the Linux build working crash free. Close, but so far away. 

Aliens vs Natives - We spent a long time meeting about how to do the native's bases. Point is, if the player is on bad terms with them, they'll continue to send troops after you until you take out their nearest base (at which point, they'll focus on retaking the base...and you). The logic in the native base design is pretty good now, they will have an outer perimeter where they have patrols, then several key buildings inside the base for the player to take out. This will be a balancing nightmare over the next several weeks. The natives will also get an update with several new types.

The story continues - the story stopped at the entrance of a cave in a0.53, in the next build, we'll move the story all the way to the redstone mountains (next to the desert). There will be many new faces to meet, several fun locations that we haven't shown to anyone, and quite a few new creatures. 

Graphical updates - the terrain will look better. We're working on a tool right now to paint voxel rocks and shapes into the terrain. This will make it look much better. The reason the land looks empty right now is because there are no interesting rock formations or land features, so we're aiming to change that.

Multiplayer - we're testing out the coop building every other day. It's got some bugs and latency issues for us to work out. Currently we're adding in enemy ai (it's a different from single player ai) so we can have coop adventure. We hope to add in base building for adventure mode, but we're not sure if it'll make it in on time. Don't expect versus anytime soon.

See, we're working hard. :) Right now, a0.6 is on schedule for mid-late May.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Harrison on

      Can you please if not in the core game, in the form of future update or expansion allow us to play as native even if there is no story mode.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tajin on

      Congratulations on getting funded. :)

    3. Micky Duncan on

      Would it be possible to have an option to turn off durability? Personally I find that sort of thing a distraction from the game

    4. Ivan Dubois on


    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      So glad this got funded. Gj guys :)

    6. Xavier Gilbert on

      I like playing the current alpha version. So, I'm realy happy to read your message. Bravo.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrey Smirnov on

      Introducing PP options after KS funding is over is a great idea! I would love to pledge more money than I already had pledged, but this is a bad time financially for me as I was out of my job recently and only yesterday has signed a new contract, so in a month or so after I'll recover from my current financial crysis I would be able to put on some more money.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Delehoy on

      'K, I have a question about story mode. I went all the way to that cave, and it told me that the next quest/action location was past the alien camp. I went there and found a couple more NPCs, and nothing else happened (obviously).
      So, when 0.6 comes out, am I going to be able to continue or would I have needed to not find them yet?

    9. Missing avatar

      iwishiknew on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal.

    10. Gonzo Oin on

      Congratulation !

    11. Hal Motley on

      Threw in an additional $25 (which is about the same price as Minecraft) into the mix. I hope we can reach a few of the stretch goals and get into the Early Access section on Steam. I really look forward to seeing how this game develops. :-)

    12. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Stormdancer You can post them on our board at (linked in game menu ;) ) or email

    13. Stormdancer on

      Congratulations on getting funded! I've had a few crashes while playing, I need to figure out where to send those! If you have control of the error message displayed when the crashlogs are generated, you might include a web or email address for them.

    14. Missing avatar

      Makimera on

      great update. and once again, congrats to reaching your goal :)

    15. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on

      Just wanted to say that I think this is the best update of any kickstarter I've ever read. You guys are way more transparent than most. It seems like most kickstarter games go south when during the campaign the devs act as though the programming aspect of development isn't going to be an issue at all, as long as they get enough money. Then they realize that throwing money at their bugs was not as useful as they thought.

      Anyways, I'm loving the alpha, bugs and all.

    16. Rudy Phillips on

      Woot congrats hope you reach 200k at least! This game is awesome!

    17. Missing avatar

      Smoodie on

      So glad you guys got funded (been checking everyday!), and with 5 days to spare!!! Are you guys still going to release a Mac version in May?

    18. Mytrandir on

      finaly it goes on :D

    19. Missing avatar

      Charkrid Pornpitackchaikul on

      Congratulations on the funding. Looking forward to 0.6 :)

    20. Casham on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal with five days to spare!

    21. Casham on


    22. darker70 on

      Boom there it is funded !!

    23. Manny on

      SO awesome. Can't wait for multiplayer!

      Let's push to get PE in the Steam hopper for Tuesday - share this link!…

    24. Missing avatar

      Jen-Chun Teng on

      Can't wait to see the next Alpha build!

    25. Richard Crockett on

      Definitely some good stuff in the works. Not only does it look like this game will meet goal but it will exceed it knowing how Kickstarter generally works. Right now we are seeing all of the holdouts pledging which will create a surge from now until the end of the campaign. Some of those stretch goals will be met as well. It all adds up to great things for the future of Planet Explorers!

    26. Vecha on

      Love these updates! So happy to see that we will 100% positively meet the goal :))))

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on

      cant wait mates, keep up the awesome work