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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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I don't believe in stretch goals!

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)

First, we're at 77% now, with 10 days and 22 hours to go, so looks like we will make it! Maybe! Haha. Second, we've moved up to #27 on Greenlight, so things are looking good there as well. If we just get a boost from an IGN or a Gamespot or a Youtuber, we'll be in really good shape on both accounts.

And an update on the Linux version. It's not as easy to port it as we originally thought (which was to click package and be done), since Unity support for Linux isn't as complete as we expected (for one thing, since there isn't a specific Unity for Linux, we can't tell the specific reasons for crashing, we just know the general area of concern). But we are working on it and we sort of have a working build (it's still crashing a lot). We will have it working by a0.6.

Now, I was going to post the stretch goals when we hit 80%, but we're close enough, so here we go. Before that though, I just want to say...what is up with stretch goals? We're doing them only because everyone else seems to be doing it and people expect this. But I don't believe in stretch goals, I believe in you do it or you don't, there is no try. :) Everything listed on our "stretch" goals, with the exception of the last 2 maybe, we plan to do anyway once we have the capacity, doesn't matter if we make the goals or not. But just for fun:

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    1. Valdrrak Draconis on

      Yes it would be nice to play as a native, I hope down the line you guys implement that. With the Physics, as long as they have some sort of basic physics it doesn't really matter =P

      But if you guys plan on adding everything (besides the last 2) that is still A-OK, there is some great stuff in there. Also with the Riding animals, would that also count towards getting your own pets?/combat pets

    2. Moris Borgar Rubeksson on

      Hum, playing as a native, now that sounds interesting :-)
      I hope that'll be implemented one day ^^
      But it's not something that should be added to the core game at launch.
      Perhaps at most try to make a code that don't make it harder to implement this later when making the core game now.

    3. Missing avatar

      Evan Carter on

      Achievements don't add to the fun factor - they're just something to challenge you. They don't need to be in a base game. Lava and water physics, while amazing (And I'd love to have them), are pretty hard to code well on a small, indie style budget. Nothing in there stretch goals SHOULD be in a base game - and since they plan on adding most, if not all, of the stretch goals regardless of what happens, there really isn't anything to complain about. Not many projects add stretch goals that don't get met.

    4. Artur Gadomski on

      Achievements should be in a base game.

    5. Ivan Dubois on

      You should put wáter and lava physics in the core game...


    6. Torge Witt on

      The Alpha is pretty awsome, yet.
      I cant wait to play the final Version.

      All the "stretchgoals" sounds fantastic.
      I'm really looking forward to play as a badass alien :D

      This could become the game i'm waiting for.

    7. Marius Moe on

      Designing shields and armor are things i really hope will happen. Procedural multiplayer with all of that will be awesome.

    8. Avarchillion on

      Woah, those stretch goals are quite insane. :-)

    9. Belsameth on

      I don't believe in stretch goals either, so I am very glad to see these will come regardless (most likely) :D

    10. Benjamin Goff on

      I think both marry a NPC and ride animals should be in this by default :3

    11. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Remi D. Finjord We shall see, depends on many things.

    12. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Creston Olson It's also something very very hard to do in vast amounts while keeping a decent framerate, especially considering everything else the engine has to do for this game. We'll take a look at it once we're done with other major systems. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Creston Olson on

      You should consider lowering the water and lava physics goal it seems like something not that impossible to do that would VASTLY improve any voxel based game.

    14. Lyneus on

      Oh yeah need achievements !!

    15. Missing avatar

      Remi D. Finjord on

      So, Oculus Rift support at some point perhaps? :)

    16. Christopher Thompson on

      Ability to reproduce???? That sounds both amazing and creepy

    17. Missing avatar

      Reliant on

      I like that you didn't launch with stretch goals. When I see projects that launch with large budget sizes and stretch goals from day-1, I think it looks arrogant and greedy. Not the type of plan I want to be funding. What I like about seeing stretch goals is that it's not so much about attaining them but that you get to see the imagination and what-if of the devs on things they'd like to do if it was possible.

    18. Gordon Sturrock on

      I can't wait to explore the "abondoned" underwater city.

    19. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Love that million $ goal. And I want to tame and ride animals! :) (and have them fight for me)

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    21. Missing avatar

      Zenobius Jiricek on

      Just saying. I only pledged because you said there was going to be a Linux version.
      Don't be bad.

    22. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @John Williams I just edited above to add in the Linux update.

    23. Missing avatar

      John Williams on

      How is the prospect of a Linux port coming on?

      I've paid in, but with a Linux port I'd probably chip in some more. I wonder if other Linux users maybe thinking the same.

    24. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Makimera If our schedule's right, you'll be making your own building in a0.6. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Makimera on

      Love the fact that your clearly stating that your in for making a great game, not just to milk us for every singel penny. For that you got my ethernal love! (and almost at the point at where i look at my wallet and if i got room for an increased pledge)

      however what i miss on that list is expanded ability for the hole colony part.
      Im really hoping we get a deep and expanding experiance with the colony mangement.
      Like kieron mentioned, reserch and multiple building, maybe even let us construct our own building?
      offcourse we don't know what you have planned from now to the release date.

      So keep em coming :)

    26. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @onyxhammer Yes, we do have a level editor in the plans. It comes down to time and money, so if the game's successful, we'll be adding a lot of things to it.

    27. Ryan Holland on

      if i had 1,000,000 to give you i so would this game is grate

    28. Steven Grimm on

      Without stretch goals some people will look at your Kickstarter page and say, "Oh, I see it's past 100% already, so I'll just wait until it's released and buy it then." Whereas with stretch goals (even if you're planning to do them anyway) people will say, "That added feature sounds like it'd be worth having in the game. I'll back the project to help the developers get there."

    29. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Daniel Smith That would be beyond our capability right now. This game and the creator wasn't designed with living things in mind, but we're always on the look out for new ways to do things. :)

    30. J.L. on

      @ Barry Pitcher

      New Game+ is basically starting another game with benefits carrying over from the previously finished game (whatever this exactly entail varies from game to game). (c:


      Looks interesting. Hope we break them all, ha! Don't have to believe in them, just do them, right? (c;

    31. Missing avatar

      onyxhammer on

      Someone below mentioned designing our own creature. Is there going to be an editor so we can add content ? That would be fun. Here's hoping we make at least to the $110K mark.

    32. gandalf.nho

      Nice stretch goals

    33. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Barry Pitcher New game + is where the player retains all the items from the previous story mode, then the game becomes a lot tough the second go around.

    34. gandalf.nho

      @Barry, New game+, starting a new game carrying some things (items, bonuses...) from the last gameplay

    35. Tomas Silhanek on

      You guys are true professionals, many devs should take an example of you.

    36. Ben Steed on

      Oh wow, from a native's perspective would be AMAZING! I hope you get at least some of these!

    37. Barry Pitcher on

      $140,000 new game?

      What does that mean?

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on

      How about designing a new species of creature :P, or access to the same tools you use to make them eventually ;)