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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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How to build a settlement

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)

We're now at a little over 54% with 16 days and 23 hours to go! We're getting there! Also, we've moved to #36 on Greenlight, not sure if we'll move up fast enough to be included in the batch approved on April 17th, but we can all hope!

Today, we take a look at how a player can build settlements. First of all, all buildings need to be build on flat ground, so the player will need to flatten out the area that he wants to the building on. The central piece of a settlement is the control center building. The control center is the prerequisite for most of the replicable building prefabs. It comes with a shield that can be upgraded to a longer radius. The shield keeps the normal animals out of the settlement. The field radius also acts as a warning system to players away from the settlement, if enemies get near the field, a warning sign will flash on the UI telling players that their settlement is under attack.

After placing the control center, a few more buildings will become available, such as the power station, then the living quarters and the barracks. The living quarters is a prerequisite to getting NPCs to live in the settlement, each living quarters can house up to 8 NPCs. 

Another prerequisite for gathering NPCs will be the storage building. Since NPCs will need to eat and heal, the storage must be kept up to date at all times or NPCs might ditch your settlement. How to keep the storage full will be completely up to the player. He could hunt and gather or raid an alien town or plant crops and raise livestock.

The settlement will probably have it's own UI system to control everything, at the same time, we're thinking of adding in a moral meter for the colonists, so the player will have to build buildings such as the cafe to boost moral. At the same time, players will be able to build their own houses and defense positions around the settlement. Defense positions are very important, as aliens will be smart enough to exploit the weak points in your defensive line!

We're currently working hard on the basic town building, and we'll be able to present some of it in alpha 0.6 coming out in mid to late May, so please look forward to that!


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    1. Moris Borgar Rubeksson on

      Or some sort of black market/criminal building?
      After all why should everyone play along with the law? ;-)
      What kind of buildings you have could perhaps also influence the pvp status of a settlement?
      Anyone killing another player could perhaps be arrested if they enter a settlement with a sheriff and jail while anyone with valuables risk being robbed by thieving NPCs in a settlement with a significant underworld.
      Just an idea :-)

    2. Andrew C on

      @Markus Reipur Hannestad Apparently they are looking at Linux support, but the Linux version of Unity is a lot more rough around the edges than they expected, so they still have to figure out how much work they need to do. There's a lot more involved than just changing your make target to Linux and I gather Planet Explorers uses a lot of stuff in Unity that games like Wasteland 2 don't really touch. But I imagine that if Kerbal Space Program, which does stuff with Unity's physics engine it wasn't designed to do, can get running under Linux, Planet Explorers can eventually get a Linux release.

    3. Andrew C on

      Maybe you could add buildings that have affects the colonies morals as well as morale, like a bar and a police station/jail

    4. Collin D Stewart on

      This whole game concept rocks!
      You build one's whole community brick (module) by brick!

      I am very hopeful in the potential of this particular project.

    5. Angela Cheng on

      @Pathea: Oh, even better! If this were Facebook, I'd hit "like" many a time. Like like like!

      Thanks for all your hard work on making this happen.

    6. Markus Reipur Hannestad on

      Have you guys been looking in to if you can get it working Linux?

    7. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Angela Cheng Hopefully, we'll have a Mac version of a0.53 out next week.

    8. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      @Thomas Mundar Yeah, I saw the misspelling, but there was a time limit on editing, so nothing I can do about it now. :(

    9. Marius Moe on

      This looks great! And as others have pointed out, moral and morale are two different things. I'm guessing that being without a cafe settlers morale will be lowered and they won't be happy or not working so hard.

      Needing a cafe to increase their morals so they won't be evil, stealing, killing, plundering buttholes doesn't seem as fitting as the first one ^_^

      Awesome alpha guys, looking forward to additions and improvements

    10. Angela Cheng on

      Someone said this already, but the word you want is "morale", not "moral." They mean different things. Not a big deal in a Kickstarter update, but I hope the right word is used in-game.

      Really stoked for 0.6 though! I have a Mac, so it'll be the first time I'll be able to play! And settlements.. *drool*.

    11. gandalf.nho

      Nice update

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Missing avatar

      Thomas Mundar on

      I think you mean a "morale" meter instead of moral. Remember, the beatings will continue until morale improves. ;)

    14. Moreno Pierre on

      I really hope you could be greenlighted, this "almost" game seems to deserve this more than a lot of other games on the competition.

    15. Ben Steed on

      So excited, just increased my pledge :)

    16. Jalister on

      I didn't realize the game was going to have settlements. I keep liking everything I see.

    17. William Karavites on

      That concept art look absolutely awesome.

    18. Missing avatar

      bKg on

      Mass post to all my steam friends and ther friends to get it greenlightet !

      Hope we get a huge wave.

      Greetz from germany.

    19. Missing avatar

      zxzc77 on

      Awesome! i really hope this gets funded!