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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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Species Report #2

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)

We're at #40 on Steam Greenlight now, and climbing. If we make it to above 30 in the next 14 days, there's a small chance we could get approved in this round of Steam Greenlight games. So keep telling other people to vote there! :) We're almost to 50% here on Kickstarter, thank you all, backers!

Spoiler alert!

Today, we'll look at the most important species on the planet of Maria, the so called sentient aliens. Who are they? How come the deep space probes didn't find them? How smart are they? What about the giant robots? Lots of questions surround these beings.

From scouting reports, we know the aliens, or as humans call them, the Reuzen, are divided into several affiliations. We're not sure about the relationship between the affiliations, but they don't seem to be fighting each other. Most of them live behind the long wall that practically divide the continent in half. Scouts have also observed them trading. Surprisingly, their population numbers are not very high. 

They are not just coming out of the iron age as first believed during initial contact. In fact, their technology level is hard to describe. The Reuzen seem to possess very advanced weapons such as the giant robots, mechanized walkers, flying machines, yet at the same time, very rudimentary weapons such as the rifles they carry. More investigation beyond the wall will be needed to determine how their civilization arrived at such a contracting position. They also seem to be highly militarized, every one of their citizens seem to be trained for combat at an early age. This might be a showcase of their state of affairs, or it just might be a cultural legacy. There are several types of militiaman that scouts often see, including the long range rifleman, the fast and agile fighter, the slow but powerful artilleryman, and the dangerous ranger.

The Reuzen has their own language, but since the colonists didn't bring a linguist from the Sol System, they'll have to learn the language slowly, if they even get the chance. Can humans live in peace with the Reuzen? That is the question players will have to answer. There are 2 possible outcomes, uneasy peace or all out war. Both can lead to the conclusion of the storyline. 


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    1. Moris Borgar Rubeksson on

      Hum, some pvp trying to defend them against other humans is perhaps one possiblity?

    2. Ben Steed on

      Oh gods, I'm so excited! :D

    3. Lord Drakonor on

      When is the next build due? I can see a lot of promise in the current build...sorting out some of the crippling ones in the forums would add a huge amount of polish to the alpha

    4. gandalf.nho

      These aliens looks dangerous