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Be a stranded colonist and explore a detailed alien world in this smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG!
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Species Report #1

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)

Hey everyone, we're now at almost 38% of the way there in a little over a week! Now that GDC is over, maybe the gaming press will have time to shine some light on Planet Explorers (thank you RPS and Destructoid!). We are also now at #48 on Steam Greenlight and moving up at around 400-500 votes a day, so PE's doing great there.

Today, I'll show you two up coming species of animals that will be in the game soon. First we have the Blindatillo:

The Blindatillo is a very massive species that live in the southern forests of the Galileo Continent. They are omnivores that eat small rodents and an assortment of plants. They are very territorial and aggressive to most other species. The Blindatillo has huge foreclaws as well as an extruding mouth, it has very string armor plating around its body. It will also release some form of poisonous gas from its back when threatened.

The next animal is the Ostrov Shark:

The Ostrov Shark can reach up to 50 meters in length. Despite its peaceful look, this is a very dangerous species that likes to swallow things whole. It will uses its bony plates on its back to swim up against an unsuspecting prey causing much harm. The shark lives in the waters off the coast in all areas around the Galileo Continent. Only advice is to stay out of the water!


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    1. James Moss

      The more I read about your game, the more I realize the limitless possibilities and directions you can take this.

      For now, you're working on one world (with maybe some moons), but imagine the future possibility of limitless planets, all different and ready to be conquered by every individual player.

      I see this as the beginning of something completely addicting and amazing. I can see updates like this for fantastic new creatures for any number of expanded new planets in the far future.

      This not only deserves to be funded, it demands to be funded.

    2. gandalf.nho


    3. Missing avatar

      Eroing on

      I do believe this is worth another $5 added to my pledge! Use them well, you've earned it!
      Keep up the excellent work! /Eroing

    4. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I like the pictures of animals, so creative!

      I think this game gonna be a bomb...

    5. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      > #48 on Steam Greenlight and moving up

      That's great! Show em all who's the boss! :)