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An adventure inspired by Animal Crossing, Dark Cloud 2, Harvest Moon, and the works of Miyazaki.
An adventure inspired by Animal Crossing, Dark Cloud 2, Harvest Moon, and the works of Miyazaki.
3,708 backers pledged $146,697 to help bring this project to life.

New content sneak peek - Parties and a new mount!

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)

Hey Portians,

It’s time for a new content sneak peek!    

If you’ve ever wanted to host a party for your Portian friends, or take to the skies with a flying mount, then you’ll like what’s written below.  

It’s party time in Portia!
If you’ve been playing My Time At Portia for some time now, the chances are you’ve earned yourself a wealthy amount of Gols (Go you!). This raises the question, “What should I do with all this money?”. Well for us, the answer must be to throw an epic party! 

The above screenshot shows off some of the Portian residents socialising at a party. Keep in mind that you can only invite those who you’ve reached ‘friendship status’ with.

Before you can host a party, you’ll need to prepare! The first step is acquiring furniture. You can either purchase or craft the round tables for your guests. Each table can seat up to 10 guests, so if you’re looking to invite the whole town, you’ll want to have five tables. Oh, and whilst we’re on the subject of invites, you’ll need to buy those too!  

All good parties need tasty food, and as the host, that falls to you! A. You can have up to 20 dishes on each table, so that means you’d need 100 dishes for five tables. This is another area that will require some of your hard earned Gols.

What’s more, you can’t just serve up any old dish to your guests, the food available on each table will also affect favor points earned from the party. So, try to prepare the dishes that you think the Portians you invited will enjoy the most.  

As we mentioned in the last paragraph, inviting Portians to your party can increase the favor points you have with them and improve your relationship! This means that parties are a fantastic way to increase favor points in bulk – you could increase the favor point of 10 different Portians at a time, if you serve their favorite dishes.  

Parties will be one of the most efficient ways to earn the favor points between yourself and your fellow Portians. In order to preserve game balance, we’re limiting the amount of times you can host a party to two. You’ll also need to be aware that the townsfolk you invite won’t necessarily show up after they receive their invitation. Cheeky right!  

The higher the favor points you have with an individual, the more likely they are to attend your party.  

We’ve been doing some party-based number crunching and discovered that if you invite all possible Portians to your party, you’ll have to spend at least several thousand Gols.

What’s a few thousand Gols between friends, right?

The flying mount  

The gifs below can say more about the upcoming flying mount than words ever could. Keep your eyes to the sky when My Time At Portia leaves Early Access…

We hope you enjoyed our upcoming feature reveal! Which of the new features are you looking forward to the most? Parties or a flying mount? Let us know in the comments below!


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    1. Kikki on

      Hey, I saw word from Team17 as well as from your own Twitter and Facebook accounts that early access is ending on January 15th and will come to consoles this spring. Now THAT is news I'm very excited about! I hope you were able to complete the game to your satisfaction, especially as far as main story, characters and events go. All the cool but inconsequential details like flying mounts and so on are neat, but what I really care about is the core of the game :)

      Awesome news, anyway!

    2. Steven Rogers on

      Can we fly that flying mount to the party announcing the console release?

    3. Kikki on

      I'm not regretting that I went the console version, personally. PC is not an option for me to begin with, but on top of that...I don't want to play while the game is incomplete. I want to receive the entire, finished game and get to play through one big rich experience in one go. So I do understand that they're waiting until the game is absolutely complete before releasing console versions. I want that, too. Buuuuut...
      They did say in this update that we hope we enjoyed the update and asked which we were most excited about, so I answered with my real feelings, this time. That I don't enjoy updates any more at all, especially of novelty features like flying mounts and so on, when each new feature means there's yet another thing to be tested in early access before they'll call the game complete and can move that complete version to console, so that I can finally play it.
      If they give an update that says 'We've finished the story and all character quest lines are done, all festivals have been added, and this update has the last content we will be adding. All the work left is the porting!'...that'd be exciting for me, because then I'd know I was getting close to being able to play.
      Game development always takes longer than initial projections, ime, so I haven't been surprised that we shot past the 'August 2018' listed on our backer packages. But I definitely admit that this update with news of additions (that I think might be *nice*, but are totally inessential and I'd opt to drop them if they meant a further delay) kind of wear on me. I've kept quiet because I do know that game development is a complicated and lengthy process, but I guess I've just reached the point where I wanted to be honest and say that updates on little additions still being made make me unhappy more than happy, lol.

    4. Mellefly on

      +1 with the comments regarding the console versions. I don't see anything else to add apart that I'm feeling frustrating each time you're posting a new update and that there's nothing for us (almost make me feel regretting to have pledged for the console version).

    5. Angelique Krencius

      I'm in agreement. As a console backer, I feel like a red-headed stepchild. Every few weeks you're releasing another awesome new feature for the PC backers, while we still don't even have the base game. At this point, the game has been in early access for a year already, and seems likely to stay there for a good long time. Rather than waiting until you've got absolutely *everything* you could ever plan for done in the PC release (which could easily take another year or more), why not release the current version as a port, and just patch it periodically (it doesn't even have to be on the same schedule as the "PC master race" -- you can keep throwing them weekly updates and give us a mass one monthly or something) so that we stop feeling like we've been ripped off.
      Right now, I've reached the point of regretting being a backer -- if I'd ignored this campaign and just bought it on Steam when it came out, I'd have paid $50+ less, and been playing it for many more months. There hasn't been so much as a whisper of progress on the console ports, and if you're still sticking to the "no port until the game is 100% done", then that means it presumably hasn't even been *started*.
      If you're 100% set on not starting the port until you're done with the game, then I'll offer a secondary suggestion: either give us console backers a free copy of the PC game so we can get a chance to try it out (it's $15.99 on Steam right now, so that would hardly bankrupt you), or set it up so that if we pay our own $15.99 and buy a copy of the PC game, we can also have any of the rank-specific rewards added to our PC copy (while still getting them in the port if/when it ever happens). Either of those steps would go a long way towards making this right -- you don't want to alienate half of your community, or you'll have a much harder time getting returning backers for your next project.

    6. Kikki on

      To put it more simply (sorry my comments are so long, I always am afraid I won't be understood if I don't thoroughly explain my weird self) what I want to hear about now are not the addition of new features, but the completion of things. Like 'Look, the main story is entirely done, now!' or 'the cast is complete! (no more new characters)' or 'all NPC quest lines have been completed' or 'All house and museum upgrades have been added!'

      Announcements of things that are done and ready to go would be more exciting for me to hear of than announcements of more new stuff being added, is what I am trying to convey.

    7. Kikki on

      I do appreciate that you guys want to make this game the best it can be. But...every time I see more new features added, it feels a bit more like a smack than a kiss. Because new features means it's not done...that even more testing will need done...that console release is even further away than before. I just want to play the game and don't really care about flying mounts or parties. They're neat, sure, but just tiny little side perks to me. I'm sure news like this makes the folks who've been getting to play this since January are thrilled because it's a bit more new content for them added onto what they've already been playing for ages, but it's not like that for those who don't or can't play on PC. For us the continual addition of more new features is just a 'sorry, wait longer'.

      I certainly don't want to get all cranky at you or anything. You've been super active on places like Twitter, Facebook and Steam, so I know the game is receiving continual updates, often huge, and I know how much you've added and how big the game is at this point, very rich in content, which will be awesome to play. But at this point, continuing to hear about more new stuff added is making me more anxious rather than less, lol.

      An update I'd love to see is one that shows how all the updates are coming to an end because 'this' is finished and 'that' is finished and the whole game is 99% tied up and ready to go or...whatever would help me figure out when I'm likely to get to play, since the 'August 2018' projection on my backers package is long gone, and 'Fall 2018' is gone as well, and new features are still being added.

      The game does look great, though. Certainly not saying it doesn't, or that you haven't been working hard, just...I'm anxious.

    8. Pathea Games 2-time creator on

      Guys, we're doing the porting part. Cause you know, the console needs to be done based on the full game. :)

    9. Andrea Scattolin

      Me, and a LOT of other people paid for the console version. Nothing for us. As usual.

    10. Nedda Ren on

      so, where is the console version release????????????????????