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An adventure inspired by Animal Crossing, Dark Cloud 2, Harvest Moon, and the works of Miyazaki.
An adventure inspired by Animal Crossing, Dark Cloud 2, Harvest Moon, and the works of Miyazaki.
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Hotfix for Autumn Festival Update

Posted by Pathea Games (Creator)

Hey guys, 

Thank you for all your feedback on the Autumn Festival update - we hope you are enjoying the new features!

We've seen some reports of players experiencing crashes when running the game on low specs. We'd like to address this issue as quick as possible, so if you encounter this issue please can you let us know, with as many details as possible, on the 'Report a Problem' sub-forum, or here. Thanks!


  • Decreased the difficulty to unlock the "The Advertiser","Rock Paper Win!" and "Astronomer" achievements.  
  • Fixed the bug preventing horse and llamas from jumping over fences.  

    Fixed some script errors.  

    Added a tip showing that you need an automatic assembly station in the factory.  

    The grass can now be hidden when you select the lowest grass quality setting.  

    Fixed the bug causing there to be only two commissions on the commissions board when your workshop is rated S.  

    Fixed the bug that the production speed of factory is slower than any other machines, even when you have the max mechanical capability.  

    Added furniture for two people in the store.  

    Fixed the bug causing the number of dried apple slices made from an aroma apple, to be inconsistent with the number described. 

    Production time for this has also been increased.  

    Fixed the bug where monsters will not generate the next day when you load your save file.  

    Fixed the crash occurring when using a controller to scroll through the pages of a storage box.  

    Fixed the crash occurring when players try to enquire about recipes from Django.  

    Fixed the bug causing players to get doubled items when retrieving items from furniture.

    Fixed the bug preventing players from placing items in a display case.

    We have temporarily removed the Yoga mat as we have identified some potential bugs with the item. 

    We will re-add this to the game in the next build.  

    Fixed the bug that occurred when players tried standing on the heads of NPCs, they'd fall into the ground.  

    Fixed the mysterious bug that caused players to sometimes teleport to a random location when using the boxing gloves.  

    Fixed the crash bug that was related to the workshop machines.  

    Fixed a bug that caused the player to move away for no reason when petting animals. Pet away!  

    Fixed a bug that caused items models to remain when Ack or one of your companions were helping to collect items.  

    Fixed a bug that caused players to stop moving when using the sword or hammer to dash.


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    1. Andrea Scattolin

      What about the console version? You said about the end of the year.