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A photo book and fictional history of the 20th century's most notable dogs
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A new sneak preview for you!

Posted by Winnie Au (Creator)

Dear backers,

It's been a while and we know you've been patiently waiting for your books to arrive! So sorry we've been silent on the radar - we've been hard at work making this book the best it possibly can be. And we've learned that book publishing takes a bit longer than we originally anticipated.

So what in the world have we been up to?

We've been retouching images, color correcting, working on layouts, redesigning layouts when they weren't good enough, and editing stories. We printed an early proof of the book in May on our own printer at home (photo below!), to start to get an idea of how everything was looking. At this point the stories were not completely finished, so there were still some holes in the layout, but for the first time, we got to get a feel for what the final product will look like. We were on a family trip in May so we had the chance to all sit down together and go over what was working and not working in this draft of the book.

Using that proof as a jumping off point, we figured out what changes needed to be made, both with imagery and layout. We recently sent the final stories off to a copy editor. Now the stories are completely copy edited, which means we can finalize every tiny part of the layout (spacing, how the words look on the pages, etc). We're going to do one last round of color correcting/matching on the imagery, and then we'll be handing off a pdf of the book to our printer to create the first proof from the printers from Berkeley. We also recently finished making limited edition c-prints of Arthur (photo below!), These prints will be part of the rewards for some of you, depending on which reward tier you backed.

So we again thank you for being so so patient and promise that the wait will be worth it! We want to show you another one of our layouts/stories so you get an idea of the fun and cuteness that awaits you. This one is about two little dogs named Willy and Leo...

Hope you are all doing well,


Winnie, Cindy, and Alice

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    1. Winnie Au Creator on

      Hi Alex
      Thanks for checking in! We will be posting an update very soon. We've been prepping our final book file to get ready to go to the printers for the final proof. So once that file is off I'll post an update to report back with how the proof looks and when we'll be receiving the final book to ship to you. Thanks again for your patience - believe me we are just as eager to see the finished book too!

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexander Davis on

      Any further updates on this? Very eager to see the finished book! :)
      - Alex Davis