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Cooler Cannon: A remote controlled, can tossing cooler. project video thumbnail
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Get your beverage in style with the entertaining Cooler Cannon. With the touch of the remote, the cooler tosses your beverage to you!

Get your beverage in style with the entertaining Cooler Cannon. With the touch of the remote, the cooler tosses your beverage to you! Read More
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Hey supporters, thanks for checking us out!  As you can see, this is a wildly entertaining product and it’s even more fun in person.  Be the life of the party without moving an inch!  If you’re curious about some of the ins and outs of the cooler, see the How It WorksFeatures and Benefits, or FAQ sections below.Otherwise, read on to learn about the Background or the Status and Production Plan.

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The beauty of this concept is its simplicity.  At the core of the launching mechanism is a lever and a spring.  When you hit the RF wireless remote, the receiver activates a small DC motor powered by a 12V battery.  It makes one revolution and acts as a cam on the way down and then as a release mechanism tripping the latch on the way up, all in under two seconds.  You stack the cans in the magazine, add ice or ice packs in the dedicated cavity on the side and boom, you’re tossing beverages to your buddy with the touch of a remote.


At the heart of many great innovations is a bunch of college buddies sitting around thinking “what if we made _______that could______?”  At the time, those blanks were filled with coffee table and shoot cans out.  So I made the one and only refrigerated coffee table that had a button to shoot cold cans of your choice beverage out the top.

Students all over campus could attest that yes, it was indeed awesome.I always knew there was a business opportunity, but it was extremely challenging to make an inexpensive, beverage tossing coffee table that could also be shipped for a reasonable cost. I almost chalked it up to just another cool invention.Then during one last brainstorm, I thought it would be really versatile if the expensive refrigerator portion of the table was actually a removable cooler.Then it dawned on me, this isn’t meant to be cooped up in a living room.The fans for this product are outdoor socialites.The cooler solution would pave the way for a sure hit among tailgaters, boaters and backyard BBQers.And so the “Shoot A Brew Cooler” was born.Here’s a shot of the mockup prototype to prove it would work in a cooler.

By 2007, the cooler concept allowed for a much simpler design that I was able to patent in 2010.  At that same time, I enrolled in the nationally acclaimed Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UMKC.  This is where the business development really got some traction with a lot of great mentoring and business plan writing to get us to today.  We also transformed the name from Shoot A Brew to Cooler Cannon to be more attractive for licensing.  With a great business plan, some world class advisors and a few fellow classmates on board with the venture, we’re ready to get Cooler Cannon across the finish line.


So with a working prototype and a patent in hand, we’ve proven how awesome it is and how much the masses love it.  The design concept is dialed in, but we have a ways to go.  First we need to reduce the cost of the cooler for production.  The prototype proves the market potential and the concept, but as you can see, it’s not a polished consumer product ready for store shelves.  It needs redesigned for lower cost and higher volume manufacturing.  That’s why we've partnered with a design firm that has the consumer product design experience and supplier partnerships to get the Cooler Cannon to the next level while achieving the cost targets.  Instead of expensive aluminum and machined parts shown below, we will be using state of the art manufacturing methods to replace them with better, less expensive parts.   This includes many of the internal parts along with the components to allow the can to pass through the lid.

During this design phase, we will also modify design of the remote control as well as the lid of an existing cooler design.  This design phase will take about three months and be followed by a testing and manufacturing phase where we work with their manufacturing partners to finalize all the internal plastic and metal part designs and get final quotes.  The manufacturing along with the tooling phase for the new parts will take another three months.  After that, we will test the final production design and manufacture a small pilot run followed by the first production run with product arriving in Aug-Sep of 2014.  The parts will be shipped to our warehouse in the Midwest where we’ll assemble the cooler, fulfill the rewards and then begin full production and distribution.


This is where we need you!All the plans stated before take a large about of support and won’t be possible without a big response from you: the backers, the believers and the fans.We thank you for your support and encourage you to be bold and pledge.Don’t let tailgaters across the country continue to suffer with stale pre-game banter and boring tailgate parties.Pledge us to victory and hear fans across the country say “you gotta see this!”

Risks and challenges

Any good project manager knows there are risks. The key is to identify them quickly and mitigate their impact. A few known risks we have are as follows. One, being something new like this, the time to get the design right may take longer or shorter than we plan on. We have tried to plan for this and have given ourselves some time to react at key points during the development. Capital is a significant risk. Tooling in particular could cost us more than we anticipate. We’re trying to use as many off the shelf components as possible, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and pay for unnecessary development. Another financial risk is costs being more than anticipated. Having managed project like these for global brands, we feel we’ve made good estimates and can manage the obstacles, but no one knows the future. We’ve given ourselves a little cushion and have a few other alternatives to help cover minor overages. Lastly, suppliers and fulfillment can be a huge challenge. We have over 15 years experience in the consumer products industry and have partnered with manufacturers that are proficient in sourcing, assembling and fulfilling consumer products. I’m sure we may face bumps along the way, but we’re confident we have the right team to keep us on track.

We will undoubtedly face obstacles and challenges, but nothing we can’t overcome. Overall, we put our faith in God and rely on our fantastic support network with friends, family and a world of knowledge and resources through the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UMKC.

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