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Through arguments, confusion, reconnections and a little understanding this group may all realize that family isn’t defined by blood.

New York Christmas Party

By Daniel Farmer


On the eve of Christmas Will is dealing with the impact of a recent divorce as he makes his way to a party celebrating the holiday.

In attendance is a Mentor, several lost ex-pats and an old flame.

Through arguments, confusion, reconnections and a little understanding they may all realize that family isn’t defined by blood.


New York Christmas Party takes a look into the struggle faced at one time in the life of a New Yorker when family seems so far away at moments when we feel the strongest need to be close and the realization that in a place of such scale the friends around you can quickly become an urban family.

Differing cultural interactions continue to be of great interest and with this next film the continuing expansion of global culturalization and the way we all interact together especially in times of cultural importance are at the heart of this film. but as in life it's the small issues that define our characters.


So first up I always had the idea in my head to shoot this film so it had that wonderful old nostalgic look but still held the quality of modern pictures. That being said a few things have fallen into place this week and I've gotten my wish as we will be shooting this on Super 16 film. Yet another thing for me to be thankful for, that in turn means delivering you all something extra special! After all it's what you deserve.


An acronym for Director of Photography also meaning that I have been able to secure my friend and collaborator, Heixan Robles for the job. You can view some of his work at the following link:

And a brief message from him:

Viewing Pleasure

My last project "Dream of Vermilion" on which I worked with Heixan is available to watch here:

This was shot entirely on location in Puerto Rico, Heixan's native land and was another large undertaking on a tight budget.

So I hope you all enjoy and thanks for being part of the journey!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

For a single location, character driven piece $10,000 may seem high but I will break it down for you.

The budget that was put together came in around $60,000 which included all rentals and full crew fees. This should give a good indication of how much will be 'in kind' services and so with your help we can get the final pieces in place and get this film made.

The financial aspect really comes in when looking at taking care of the people who generously donate their services.

For the most part the money received will go to insurance (for equipment and People!), location fees, transportation and catering.

It's these elements that ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for people who are dedicating so much for the sake of telling a good story.

One of the greater challenges for this project is finding the appropriate location. Whilst the film is set in a dinner environment inside one characters apartment there is an aesthetic that needs to be achieved for the story. As well as getting the look of the location right it has to have enough space to comfortable house the cast and crew for a 4 to 5 day shoot as well as be a safe environment to work in. This means paying location fees as well as location insurance. If the location proves particularly difficult then a location scout may need to be hired.

For set dressing, including potentially moving large items such as furniture in and out a location with a freight service would be ideal which again makes it a more challenging location to find. This also adds the additional cost of renting furniture and other set related items which can become costly in itself.

Now some of you may be asking why I don't just ask around with the people I know but believe me I have. Again it is also hard to find find an apartment in the city capable of easily housing a dinner party surrounded by lights crew and cameras.... And again above all keeping it safe!

Transportation in the city can also be quite an issue and with this shoot planing for mostly nights ensuring people, equipment, catering and parking are well taken care of on top of vehicle rental is a necessity.

If the funding is successful and goes beyond the requested amount then those funds will be distributed to as many of the people making the film with me as possible.

Another challenge for the project is the timing. Now is the perfect time to set this up as to shoot around Christmas or even early January means that any exterior looks will be accurate for the season and finding things such as a real (live) Christmas tree are possible without wasting extra money on effects.

I'm completely open to any questions and look forward to hearing peoples thoughts.


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