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When Robert storms out of a seedy hotel room after an argument with his wife Diana, he doesn't know it may be last she sees him alive. Read more

Houston, TX Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on February 20, 2012.

When Robert storms out of a seedy hotel room after an argument with his wife Diana, he doesn't know it may be last she sees him alive.

Houston, TX Shorts
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About this project

Welcome to our Kickstarter project. You can be a part of making our passion come true!

“Take It Back” is a short film that deals with the theme of communication within a relationship and the importance of being aware of how you conclude the most important of conversations.

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The Story

In “Take It Back”, the main character, Robert Kliner, is the DA for an undisclosed city and is prosecuting a high-profile organized crime syndicate. As is his custom when prosecuting cases like these, Kliner has relocated his family out of his home and sent his children to his wife's parent's house while his wife joins him in an inconspicuous, seedy motel. Once they've checked into their motel room for the evening, his wife, Diana Kliner, takes the opportunity afforded to them by their seclusion to bring up that she is no longer happy with how the family works, citing her difficulties at work and the complications that accompany frequently having to pull the children out of school. Robert feels ambushed by this sudden revelation and lashes out, saying some hurtful things, and storming out into the parking lot to cool off.

Meanwhile, at the same motel, some hit-men from the very organization that Robert is prosecuting are there to “take care” of someone completely unrelated to the case and recognize him as he is pacing in front of his car, trying to calm down after the altercation with his wife. The criminals recognize Robert and capture him and it becomes a fight for Robert's life as he realizes that he cannot let the last words of his argument with his wife be the last words she hears from him. Will he make it back to Diana in time, or will the last thing she remembers be their argument?

Meet the Filmmakers

Brian Potter (Director, Writer)

Brian has been in the video production business for over 10 years. He worked at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas as the In House Media Director for 5 years, and produced and average of 50 videos a year.
His first film, "Fatal Illusion" was an award winner at the 168 Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. His desire as a film maker is to create films that inspire people to think about the way they live their lives and make a change for the better.
Ever since he saw "Dead Poets Society" when he was young, his desire to be a Director and film maker has been a consuming passion in his life.

David Black (Director, Writer)
David cut his teeth while working a variety of music videos. He was also responsible with creating a story out of the simple idea Brian came to him with for this film. His love is story telling and is an avid consumer of films.

Kerri Cobb-Black (Producer and Casting Director)

As Producer and Casting Director for “Take it Back”, Kerri Cobb-Black, a veteran actor, lends most of her talents to training both actors and corporate clients as the owner of Actors Unlimited! Studio (an acting, self-confidence, and corporate camera presence studio for students of all ages). She also enjoys the pleasure of teaching at Page Parkes School of Acting and Modeling.

Her areas of expertise and/or interest include acting, scriptwriting, voice-acting, casting, directing, and indie filmmaking.

Jaqgravan ("Jack") Sananikone(Visual Effects Supervisor, Assistant Director)

Jack has finally made his way back to his hometown of Houston after spending the last few years in California working on Feature Films, Television Shows, Music Videos and yelling at palm trees, where he specialized in Visual Effects and Post Production. His talents extend through all aspects of Post Production -- from Editorial, VFX Compositing, Sound Design, to Music Composition. He has worked closely in-house with Silver Pictures, Dark Castle, Green Hat, and WB, and still provides work for them to this day. You can see some of his work in Films such as "Orphan", "The Losers", "Unknown", "Project X", and "The Apparition" and on the NBC TV series "CHUCK", as well as Music Videos such as Weird Al's "Perform this way" (Grammy Nominated for Best Short Form Music Video 2011). 

Meet the Actors

Scott Pitney (Robert Kliner)

Scott Pitney is an actor and writer with many credits including features, shorts, webisodes, and commercials.  He’s very active in the Houston Film community and a member of the Houston Film Group.  He’s currently represented in Houston and Austin. 

Sara Gaston (Diana Kliner)

Sara Gaston has been acting over 20 years.  She has appeared in many independent films including “Lars the Emo Kid”, “Jacob” (with Michael Biehn)  and “Those Who Can…”.  Several of the films she has appeared in have won awards at various film festivals.  She is slated to appear in the upcoming “In a Mad Man’s World” and is doing publicity for the first two episodes of the web series “Behind Closed Doors”.

She has also performed in various theatres throughout Houston including the Alley Theatre, Main Street Theater, Stages, Unhinged, Mildred’s Umbrella, the Imperial Theatre and the Actor’s Theatre of Houston.  She has worked in almost all areas of the business including commercial, industrial, film, television, comedy, animation and voice-over.  She received a B.A. in Drama from the University of Texas in Austin.  She has continued her studies with various instructors including Annalee Jeffries and Todd Waite of the Alley, Jeff Perry (founding member of the famed Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago) and Dave Razowsky (Artistic Director of Second City, LA) and Guy Roberts (Artistic Director of the Prague Shakespeare Festival).

The Budget Breakdown

So we know what you're all thinking, “Geez, $6,500 is a lot of money.” However, in the context of movie budgets, even short film budgets, this is actually quite small. We have both been blessed over the course of our careers to have made some amazing friends and connections to help us with our production. Despite these excellent friendships, everyone has to pay their rent and so no one can afford to work for free. Therefore, just so you know that we aren't planning on buying a mountain of cocaine, here's an overview of how our budget breaks down:

  • Production Costs: $1,345
  • Cast & Crew: $1,500
  • Equipment Rentals: $1,500
  • Post Production Costs: $600
  • Film Festival Entrance Fees: $1,000
  • Incidental Costs and Buffer (because as a wise man once said "Film making is creative problem solving"): $555

Original Storyboard Art Reward

We are lucky enough to have Rico Schenck as our storyboard artist, production designer and a character in our film. While currently Rico is completing a studio fine art degree in painting, he began painting murals in restaurants, clubs and various venues as young as fifteen. His choice of medium is a varied palette centering around oil and acrylic on large canvas. Merging creative abilities with a passion for film and music, Rico is currently working as a free lance production designer, story board artist and art director for various studios and production teams including Vantage Point Productions (Seattle, WA) and Kettleblack Productions (Houston, TX).

Storyboard art samples

(Please note storyboard displayed below may not be one of the storyboards sent as a reward)

THANK YOU again for visiting our Kickstarter project. We are VERY excited to make this film and know that with your help our dream will become a reality. Please feel free to signup for our mailing list to receive updates as the film progress:


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