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After his sister is violently raped by an internet predator, Haze, begins posing under her internet alias in hopes of getting revenge.
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Jake Caro

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General Update

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A lot of people have been asking us if Anonymous Agony is cancelled due to our website being down and the delays, the answer is no. Quite the opposite actually. The quality
target for each Anonymous Agony episode was raised much higher after the planning phases, each episode has a length of 5-6 hours, and we will keep that range for all episodes. 

We have a huge number of features that haven't been revealed or seen yet, so stay tuned for the release of File #1! Here's some screenshots our the new interfaces though!

Our website is back up by the way!

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New Graphic Designer.

Another talented individual has joined our team! Jordan Limbach brings his graphic designing talents to the table vastly improving some of Anonymous Agony's menus
and interfaces. Check out some of his work below!

The foundation work is nearly completed, and we should be able to start a solid
release flow soon.

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New Chat Preview!

File #1 of Anonymous Agony is currently in the playtesting phase, we know it's taken some time, but we wanted to deliver a polished experience! These first two episodes require much foundation work and we're still learning the best and most efficient ways to do everything. 

Regardless, we're well into File #2 work while File #1 undergoes playtesting. 
It was hard to analyze at first, but expect each Anonymous Agony episode to be 5-6 hours long.
Very early on we decided we would only put content in we felt belonged, and would not stuff the game with things we didn't think would fit. Happily, once everything was put together we still had a very long game. 

Here's a small sample of some of the main chats available in Anonymous Agony File #1!

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General Features Update.

Anonymous Agony adopts a unique way to credit it's voice actors and actresses that
lend their voices to the characters. On top of the default name in the credits, they
also appear inside the in-game "Acting Agency" Starlit Ladders.

You'll find more than just a name inside of Starlit Ladders, you'll find a full profile for the actors/actresses! A profile defined by them their selves. 

After all the hard work they have all put into this project they deserve more
than just a name.

Release delayed. Recruiting team members!

We've decided to try to release File #1 and File #2 at once, or no more than up to two weeks apart. The release of File #1 will be sometime in Early 2013.

Additionally we're recruiting Graphic Designers, Pixel Artists, and Regular Artists of various styles. 

Graphic Artists will need to be able to produce flexible logos, game menu graphics, and various types of buttons. 

Pixel Artists will need to be able to create and modify characters, and modern day items, as well as environmental pieces. If you can do any of these things then you apply. 

As for Regular Artists, we're looking for people that have good coloring styles, people that can easily line illustrations, as well as sketch full illustrations. 

 If you, or anyone you know fits these requirements and are interested in a position on our team send us an email at -

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