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The first ever iPhone dock that connects directly to your iMac or MacBook. Easily view and use your phone while on your Mac. Read more

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The first ever iPhone dock that connects directly to your iMac or MacBook. Easily view and use your phone while on your Mac.

About this project

Sideburn is the first ever iPhone dock that is designed to physically connect to your iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air via the built-in SD card slot.  With Sideburn your iPhone becomes a literal extension of your Mac making it extremely simple to monitor and use your phone in conjunction with your computer while maintaining your workflow.

We only need to sell about 1,000 units to make this product a reality...we can do it Kickstarter!


The Problem

Put simply, when we use computers we are intensely focused on our computer screens. We often forget about our iPhone lying on the desk, in a pocket, or docked elsewhere.  Randomly checking mobile devices during the day can be tedious, inefficient, and distracting - computer users report often checking their mobile devices up to 5-10 times an hour.  In addition, most docks are either too space intensive or just plain ugly for many users.  

The Solution

Sideburn's patented attachment process brings the iPhone directly to eye-level while using an iMac or Macbook.  The iPhone becomes an extension of your Mac allowing you to easily monitor incoming mail, texts, calls, notifications, etc... With your iPhone in direct view there is no need for constant checking and recurring audible alerts.  

The Design

Sideburn uses a minimalistic approach becoming nearly invisible while holding an iPhone.  Zero desk space is used because there is no clunky base or support.  The base is constructed of machined, high-grade aluminum to match your Mac making Sideburn looks great...even without a phone. 

Using the Sideburn dock

1) Simply plug in the SD card shaped piece into your iMac or MacBook's open SD card slot*.  The dock has been designed with a shortened SD piece to rest nearly flush with a Mac's aluminum surface.

2) Place your iPhone in the aluminum dock base.

3) Adjust the dock both horizontally and vertically to the desired viewing angle and tighten dock pin to securely hold the dock in place.

4) The iMac and MacBook Air have their SD card slot on the right side while the MacBook Pro has a slot on the left.  To fit all newer models, Sideburn was designed to be interchangeable.  

To adjust for a MacBook Pro simply unscrew the main docking pin and flip both the SD card and base.  Plug the Sideburn dock into the SD card slot and use the reverse side of the aluminum base to hold your phone.

Simple to Charge

Enough clearance to easily plug your iPhone directly into your iMac using the standard 30-pin syncing/charging cable.


*Note: Sideburn is not compatible with Mac computers that do not feature a built-in SD card slot, such as the 17" MacBook Pro, 11" MacBook Air, and older models. 

Compatible with other smartphones 

Samsung Galaxy S2 shown in image



Examples and images featuring actual Sideburn dock prototypes

MacBook Air (13")

iMac (21")

MacBook Pro (15")


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