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BLACK ROCK written by Mark Duplass directed by Katie Aselton's video poster

Three childhood friends go on a girls' weekend getaway to Black Rock Island. When they get there they soon realize they are not alone. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 5, 2011.

Three childhood friends go on a girls' weekend getaway to Black Rock Island. When they get there they soon realize they are not alone.

About this project

We made our goal!  YAY!!!!  


Now we can get BLACK ROCK in the can looking every bit as good as it possibly can look, which is thrilling.  But we’ve still got 17 days left of fundraising to go!  We'd like to set our sights on improving our post-production process…  We are making a thriller, which, traditionally speaking, relies heavily on music score, sound-mixing and color correction to take it to the next level.  We'd like to go bigger and better with these elements, just like we did with the camera, and we could really use your help.  

We’ll use every last second we have here on Kickstarter to make this project as amazing as it can be.  Every dollar donated will make BLACK ROCK better.  Every single dollar.  Please, keep spreading the word, keep reposting, keep tweeting and let’s make this project EPIC!

If you're new to BLACK ROCK'S Kickstarter page, see our initial goal and learn more about the project below:

This idea of making a girl-based thriller has been banging around my head for a while now... Which is interesting because I'm not actually a huge fan of the genre.  Or at least what the genre is today.  The thrillers I've loved are the ones like DELIVERANCE, CAPE FEAR even RIVER WILD… Where the threat to the characters is real.  Very real.  And, while you hope it never happens to you, the possibility that it could happen to you is almost just as terrifying as the film itself.  No little white albinos crawling out of crevasses or long hair coming up from bathtub drains… Just the real deal terror that makes you look inside yourself and hope to hell there is a sharp-clawed survivor in there.  Exploring that kind of movie really excites me as a filmmaker.  So the challenge I have posed to myself is this:  make a feature film, following all the rules of the thriller genre, but do it on my own terms and make a film the only way I know how, which is simply and honestly.

Sooo, it was over the holidays this past year that my husband, Mark, and I went to visit my family where I grew up on the coast of Maine.  One evening, we drank some wine and took a walk.  And everything was so beautiful… the water, the rocks, the trees… it was just insanely gorgeous.  And we started talking about this idea I had of this girls' trip gone awry… how I wanted it to be brutal and ugly and real... and beautiful.  Then we looked around and it struck us:  What better place to set these girls in a life and death struggle than on the rocky, harsh, yet utterly breathtaking coast of Maine?  And that’s where BLACK ROCK was born.  Mark flew back to L.A. and, thanks a to blizzard-induced 12-hour layover, landed with a rough draft of the script. 

And here we are now, one month out from production.  It has happened so crazy fast!  We have an fabulously awesome cast: KATE BOSWORTH, LAKE BELL, JAY PAULSON, ANSLEM RICHARDSON, WILL BOUVIER… and me.  We have an amazingly talented crew that will be out there, helping me.  And what was once just an idea banging around my head is now very real, with incredibly strong momentum behind it...

Which brings me to you.  We want this move to LOOK gorgeous.  In the past, the smaller films we have done have all had a similar, lo-fi look to them.  And, while they are all visually interesting in their own right, you can only do so much with a low budget camera.  I believe BLACK ROCK should look different, better.  There is a new camera out now called the ARRI ALEXA and it can do amazing things like shoot really well in exterior low light situations (like maybe an island in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night with no electricity) and it can shoot fast motion (like maybe girls running for their lives through the woods) without any of the bizarre digital quirks from other cameras.  With this camera, our little movie will look as good as any big budget Hollywood movie.  And, being able to work on this level opens up a whole new world of opportunities for a smaller film like ours.

So, I ask/beg/implore you to help us out…  This film may have started small, but it has a big heart, and with your help, the potential to be ginormous!  Be a part of it!


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    Our love & gratitude. And they say money can't buy you love...

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    Our love & gratitude plus a postcard from Milbridge, ME signed by the six cast members. Wish you were here!

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    All the above and a mix CD of the music that's keeping us kicking ass on set curated by our music sup extraordinaire, Maggie Phillips, so you can BLACK ROCK out.

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    All the above and a thank you in the credits and signed cast photo just for you (or for a person you like a lot) and an actual BLACK ROCK hand picked with love from our shooting location.

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    All the above and an official cast & crew t-shirt designed by t-shirt designer extraordinaire, Ora June Duplass.

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    All the above and phoner with Mark Duplass and Katie Aselton talking about their BLACK ROCK experience (or anything else that might be on your mind).

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    All the above and two fresh Maine lobsters shipped to you (within the continental US). Katie, a Maine-iac born and raised, will call you and talk you through the cooking process.

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    All the above and a meal with Mark and Katie in Los Angeles. (They'll pay for the meal if you get yourself to Los Angeles).

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    All the above and an associate producer credit. Who says you can't buy your way into a family?

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