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How to structure organizations, create products, distribute meanings, and make money – starting here with a radically new way to publish.
How to structure organizations, create products, distribute meanings, and make money – starting here with a radically new way to publish.
212 backers pledged $18,591 to help bring this project to life.

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Backers and friends,

It's time to admit that I've failed this project and you, as funders. I can offer a 50% refund to any backer that requests one in the next 30 days. Please email me directly at with your Paypal email address. 

This project has been hell for me, if I'm honest. Writing has been excruciating. My own self confidence has been at new lows. During the time since you supported this project, my life has been anything but stable – two cross country moves, a two year lost battle with cancer in my family, and three new jobs. 

None of that is to say that this failure doesn't sit squarely on my shoulders, though. I apologize sincerely for not fulfilling my promise to you. 


Glacial & SXSW

Yes, glacial. That's the most accurate way to describe my pace of writing this book.

A few have voiced totally reasonable frustration.

One of you pointed out to me that I've been rather bad at communicating to everyone that, even though it goes slowly, the writing still goes.

Little Known Fact: Jurassic Park took Michael Crichton 8 years to finish. Just throwing that out there. I mean, c'mon. It sorta writes itself.

So, here's the latest:

  • Writing: I am 50% through with the first draft. I guarantee a final first draft in your inbox by April 2014 (more on that in a second).
  • Money: Of the $16k raised (after fees, etc.), I have $11k still sitting in the bank. $5k has so far been used on: books, trips for interviews, a great deal of a research assistant's time, and time in a hotel spent writing. I've been stingy on how I release funds to myself. Every penny spent has been spent toward this book.

Now's the more part. I'm going to offer you two choices. Two roads to walk down. A red pill and a blue pill. Here goes.

  • First choice: Continue your support and graciously vote for my SXSW panel dedicated to the topics of the book. It will put my feet to the fire to finish and it will test my ideas in front of a high-bar audience. Then, sit back and get ready for that final first draft to come right after the event.
  • Second choice: Say to hell with waiting and request a refund by emailing me, with your Paypal address. No questions asked. But this is the only time I'll offer it. I'll give you a week's time to get back to me and will try to turn the request around within 48-72 hours.

So that's it. After all this time, I really do appreciate all the support (money and beyond) each of you have offered. I never intended for this project to stretch out as it has, but well, life found a couple ways to kick my own predictions to the curb.

The SXSW panel link does a decent bit of explaining the current direction of the book, so dig into it if you're curious. 

Also, if you hadn't seen my slidehare on Digital Strategy 101, I think you'll dig it (and hopefully it pays back some of your original goodwill).




More than two years ago, you generously backed my efforts to write a book.

Said book has yet to be completed.

This is an update.

Just days after the funding ended, my girlfriend's mother was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. Britt (now my fiance) and I quit our jobs and moved to suburban Florida to be with her family. We spent a year there and I hustled freelance work to make ends meet. While I was there, literally living in a retirement community, I spent most of my time researching the book. I have collected hundreds of pages of notes, academic papers, and interviews on the topic. As her mother's health reached a long plateau and our sanity began to crumble, we moved to LA where I took a new job. In the year that I've been in LA, I've had little sustained time to focus on the book.

Consider this an explanation, not an excuse.

Lately, all of you have been weighing pretty heavily on me. I take my responsibility to you and your hopes for my work with extreme seriousness. I will complete this project.

Let me say that again, I will complete this project.

However, Britt's mother has run out of treatment options and she is entering hospice care.

Why am I telling you this? Because lately, when I find myself idle or when I wake up on the weekends, I am racked with guilt over this project. But worse, I feel torn between the very real debt I owe you and the need to be present for someone I love. I can neither accurately describe or truly fathom the hell Britt is going through. And when I try to choose between time to write versus time to spend with Britt, this project is a perennial loser.

This is all to say that I have to hit pause on my work, yet again. At least until I see Britt through this incredibly difficult time. I can't say for certain how long this will be, but it will be at least a few months before I can truly focus on this project.

I'm sorry. I wish I had better news. I wish I could manage both on my plate at once.

I did not specify a timetable for this project, but I am aware that at least a few of you are frustrated by a seeming lack of progress. 

If anyone would like, I am happy to refund your money. No questions asked. No hard feelings whatsoever.

Again, I will complete this project. But I cannot specify an end-date at this time. If you do receive a refund, you will lose the corresponding reward/benefit.

For anyone not seeking a refund, I am going to give you access to the private project site, which has loads of research, thinking, and conversation around the book. Consider it a small token of my appreciation.

So, that's it. Thank you for your support, patience, and understanding.



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Humbled, Excited, Anxious, and Amazed, Really ...

In one month, 212 backers contributed $18,591 for the development of a book.

(about $16,200 after kickstarter & amazon service fees, if you're curious)

It's not lost on me that for most Americans that's a majority of their yearly income and for most humans across the globe, that's more than they'll make in 3-5 years.

Your collective faith in the project and this money together amount to a considerable obligation to make this awesome.

After the funds clear in 14 days, they're going into a new bank account that will only be used for direct expenses related to the research and development of the book. That's a promise.

When I set up the Kickstarter page 30 days ago, crossed my fingers, and hit submit I had a healthy sense this might work, that there is far more value in our networks of friends and colleagues than we can possibly fathom right now, but I had no idea we'd raise this much together.

And frankly, I had no idea that this many people were this willing to put their faith in us (it's not just me, people were clearly inspired by the type of people supporting the project).

So it's a shared obligation - between you and I - to make this thing awesome.

Research is ramping up fast. Next week I visit Boston and Microsoft's New England R&D office. I'll be inviting the Editorial Board members into their private basecamp group soon, too (but it might take a little longer than I planned, I had no idea there would be over 110 of you).

Personally, I just want to take a second to be candid and tell you all how much this means to me. This is emotional for me. This outpouring of support has been more than enough to I think cure me of any remaining cynicism about people or life I might have been carrying around with me. I've been taking stock lately of my nomadic existence over the last 4-5 years, of the cities I've moved from, of the people whose names I have trouble remembering now, of the random tragedies I've seen befall people I love ... and in contrast, this thing the internet that I've poured so much of myself into with a deep feeling that somehow I was building something with all of those sleepless nights hunched over my laptop, obsessed with something new, obsessed with building relationships with the brilliant people the web brought me access to. After every move, I tend to pair down what I own. I'm down to just a few suitcases now, I even left my guitars behind in Brooklyn. But as I was pairing down physical things, I was amassing more and more connections to people, connections that flutter between transient awareness and then gushing support like this. It's a remarkable feeling to know that I carry all of you around with me in addition to my few articles of clothing, and I hope you start to feel just a little bit of what I feel after this experiment.