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How to structure organizations, create products, distribute meanings, and make money – starting here with a radically new way to publish.
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June 29th Update:

In 6 days, we’ve raised over $5200 with the help of 70 people.

Amazing. Thank you.

But it’s not over. This isn’t the finish line, hell, it’s not even the starting line yet.

23 days left to go in funding – 23 days to plan the project, get a way for us to communicate off the ground, setup interviews, work on outlines, compile research, and the like; so that when funding is over, we’re ready to hit the ground running.

I have ambitious plans for members of the Editorial Board. I want to offer those supporters transcripts of my interviews as I complete them, chapters as they’re edited, and generally bounce ideas/questions off of them based on topics or people I’m about to sit down with. Are you game?

We have 23 days left to raise cash for travel, transcription, editing, design, production, distribution, and oh … writing.

Now this is a real boy. It’s going to happen. We’re going to write a book together (Are you excited? I’m excited). So if you think someone should join our Editorial Board, invite them to back the project at $100, and let anyone else know that they can become an Official Sponsor for $25.


This book will be for anyone interested in creating products that are not just market exchanges, but cultural exchanges – for anyone that wants to build or reshape an organization for doing business in a world gone digital – and for anyone just finding their footing in the marketing industry today. Ultimately, I want the book to serve as the how, not just the why or what, for transformational growth at a time when a commitment to strategic change will reshape the entire business landscape. At the core of the book will be ten new principles for creating, promoting, and distributing products in the future – my ten new commandments for brands and marketers.

And the book itself, from ideation, creation, and distribution will follow these new tenants – starting with this kickstarter project and you.

Update: I've posted a slightly longer description of my concept for the book at my blog.

About me:

I've been blogging on the topic of marketing, advertising, and culture for over four years and I've amassed a considerable audience in that time at I've also put my insights to action for the world's biggest brands, spanning industries and target audiences. After leaving my last position at a digital think-tank to take on a position at a new start-up, I began jotting what has become an outline for a book spanning the breadth of my experiences thus far – from my time before the first internet bubble to the growing social media bubble today.

I don't plan to achieve my lofty goals by myself. I need your help, your voice, and your commitment. I realize that what I'm asking is outside your normal book buying behavior – and I can only promise to deliver a product and an experience that matches this exotic request.

Why you should fund the production of this book:
– I have one of the most read individually published blogs on marketing/advertising today and I will partner with my network to promote the book

– I have a distinct voice and point of view (I've worked on the web through the first bubble to today as an entrepreneur, advertiser, marketer, and brand strategist) and maybe you're already a fan of both

– Most of all, your investment buys you into the process ... top sponsors will not only get the book for free of course, but they'll also have a say in how any proceeds might be reinvested, and they'll become editorial board members of the project, weighing in on topics covered, people interviewed, case studies examined, promotion, and even how the book should be offered to readers

I realize that I'm asking for real money and a real investment from you – and with your investment I promise a solid commitment of my time, energy, and passion.

What the money will actually be used for: an investment of my time (at a discounted rate) and the help and time of someone I trust to take on the role of editor for the project

If in the rare event donations exceed my expectations, I will be able to commit more of my time to the project which will mean a better product (more research, interviews, case studies) and perhaps an accelerated timeline for completion.

Anyone who sponsors the project will receive an electronic copy of the text.

Any thoughts, concerns, ideas, or questions are absolutely welcomed - email me or tweet me.

And if you can't offer funds right now, you can always help promote the project. Every tweet/blog post/email counts.

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