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Little has been produced about the cultural or historic relevance of Sicily. But for crime, Sicily has gone unexplored.

Mark Spano Communications, Inc. is seeking travel funding for the production of a feature documentary entitled Reimagining Sicily.

Little has been produced about the cultural or historic relevance of Sicily. The most invaded place on the planet, the three-sided island’s story rivals both Greece and Egypt as a primary source for Western ideas. Sicily is more fascinating and more diverse than so many of the worn out discussions of regions in France and other parts of Italy. And, few of those “popularized” regions compare to Sicily for a story of authentic human struggle, the presence of cultural icons and the significance of so many important historical sites. But for crime, Sicily has gone unexplored.

The finished program will employ no special effects. The Team will explore the principal events of arrivals and departures and their effects on the people of Sicily. Sicilians are a people of strong family ties. How and why did this come about? What institutions held sway on the island? Which passed quietly or not so quietly into history and which remained to shape peoples’ futures and daily lives? And, what were the outcomes? Some not so positive, yet, Sicilians have made formidable contributions to art, architecture and the humanities.

And, then, there is food. There are Sicilian foods now that are not simply Sicilian, they are global. They belong to everyone. There are also Sicilian foods that few of us know. This story of Sicily will “reimagine” the ebb and flow of these varied and remarkable occurrences through the pre-Socratic Sicilian Philosopher Empedocles’ prism of Love and Strife.

The Team will include the following:
David Tyson (Videographer) is an award-winning writer, producer and cameraman with over twenty-five years experience in broadcast television. David was the first cameraman/editor for a full CNN overseas bureau, based in Rome, Italy. Coverage included such events as the civil war in Lebanon, the release of US hostages from Iran and the Solidarity movement in Poland, as well as interviews with Adwar Sadat, Richard Nixon, Lech Walensa and King Hussein of Jordan. In addition, David has freelanced for nearly every major network shooting news and documentary programs, and has shot publicity and press kit footage for over 25 motion pictures, such as Blue Velvet, working with director David Lynch. Credits include A&E Biography (Jerry Falwell), The History Channel (The U.S.S. Iowa Explosion), live national coverage of the Michael Peterson trial for Court TV; as well as national PBS documentaries such as The Guestworker, concerning immigration issues, and February One, a civil rights documentary.

Larry Gardner (Editor) founded Digifonics in 2003 by Larry Gardner, with the objective of bringing his knowledge and years of experience making the best use of digital media. His experience extends from broadcast engineering through feature film production. Gardner’s accomplishments in media creation include working as producer, director, writer, cinematographer, videographer and editor on numerous projects, including winners of Cleo, Addy, Telly, Silver Reel, and New York Art Directors awards. He also received the Silver Medal Award from the American Advertising Federation. His production experience runs the gamut: live network broadcasts, feature films, music videos, music recording, documentary and dramatic films, radio and television commercials, live and on-demand webcasts, infomercials,training and promotional videos, web site design and implementation, and much more.

Jeff Crawford (Art Direction & Design) has over 30 years experience in art direction. While in Los Angeles, he art directed and designed feature film video packaging and promotional materials for Media Home Entertainment, a video distribution arm for New Line Cinema’s feature films, as well as a distributor of foreign films under the name Cinematheque Collection. He spent several years at MGM designing video packaging and P.OP. for feature films before moving on to Columbia TriStar, where he art-directed independent feature film one-sheets, as well as their follow-up video packaging and promotional materials. After moving to North Carolina, he became Creative Director for Duke University Medical Center’s Office of Creative Services, an in-house advertising and design agency responsible for brand management and marketing communications for Duke’s system of 3 hospitals. He managed a staff of designers and worked with a team of writers and web programmers to design and create logos, publications, and marketing collateral. As a freelance art director, he currently develops marketing and collateral materials for the Duke Eye Center Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, the Duke University Graduate School and RHA Howell, a nonprofit organization providing for children and adults with disabilities.

The Team will build the documentary Reimagining Sicily from interviews of the world’s experts on Sicily and by meeting Sicilians themselves, by seeing the places they worked, played, prayed, governed and did battle, by witnessing how they go about doing the same today. We are presently choosing a composer to create a sound track that evokes the great diversity of Sicily’s folks and classical musical traditions. 

Employing both contemporary and classical approaches to photographic artistry and exploiting to the utmost state-of-the art, high-definition, digital technology, The Team will bring to life the great dichotomy that is Sicily. There are countless ancillary business opportunities growing out of this program. Travel, products, cuisine and other affinity marketing opportunities abound.

Sicily has been and remains a land of incoming immigrants; as it also has been a land that has sent immigrants from its shores. These cultural shifts have not always been easy. These very shifts are the principal source of Love and Strife throughout the island’s history. Yet, if beauty is the promise of Love for Sicilians; then, the island’s blended culture is the promise fulfilled.

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Right now, the only foreseeable risk is that the show might be delayed in post-production because of funding or by air date based on distribution. If either is the case, we may not be allowed to distribute DVDs earlier than they are made available in the retail market.


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