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By American Gentleman Magazine
$375 pledged of $20,000 goal

Why Women Just Say What They Mean??

"Are you mad??"  "No, I'm not's fine."

Mystery Solved!

Do you ever get the sinking feeling that you might not be in your lady's good graces? You ask if she is upset only for her to reply, "No, I'm not upset. It's fine."  Although she grants you these assuring words, you cannot help but feel that she is not being entirely truthful. When you sense that palpable air of disdain envelope your exchange, your suspicion is likely correct.  She is indeed upset with you.

Why don't women just say what they mean?? Well, as atavistic as it may seem, society has taught women that it is not particularly ladylike to express negative emotions such as anger.  In addition, woman is a highly introspective creature. Quite often her reluctance to immediately publicize her thoughts and feelings...

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