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Everyone in the world can code. Let’s start now!
Everyone in the world can code. Let’s start now!
3,342 backers pledged £493,795 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Pascal on

      Did you guys already see the new campaign for even more LiveCode greatness?

    2. 2MX Consulting, Inc on

      Great, thanks for the reply back on that - I'm looking forward to getting more out of LiveCode by having access to the source code. I don't know if or when I'll be able to be a contributor, but this will be a great help as a developer.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Empson on

      @2MX: LiveCode has been available as open source (GPLv3) since version 6.0 was released in April 2013 (shortly after this campaign ended).

      In effect there are now two parallel versions of LiveCode maintained by RunRev: the "Community" edition is open source, and the "Commercial" edition is closed source. Both are available from the LiveCode web site in their executable form. The source code for the Community edition is available from GitHub here:

      As with other open source projects, anyone can fork the community edition and make their own changes, provided they comply with GPLv3, i.e. any such fork is also open source.

    4. 2MX Consulting, Inc on

      I really don't understand what we bought here. What part of this is "Open Source"?

      I though the purpose of this project was to bring LiveCode into an open source arrangement.

      Was it merely to create the ability for other people to add open source components?

      To me, "open source" means the "source" code is "open", not that the complied "target" is open.

    5. Missing avatar

      Olivier Vigneresse

      Hi guys - Any update on the "hardware": T-Shirt, cards, sleeve, etc?

    6. RunRev Ltd Creator on

      @Tom we do respond to every email we receive - please check your spam filter then send us another message.

      @Sean eBook Academy progressing nicely, won't be much longer.

    7. Sean O'Connor on

      @Tom T. perhapse a gentle nudge might get the response you need, RR have had to work on their site at some point so it is possible your message might have got lost along the way.Don't give up hoe whatever you do..;-) oh and if you still have the original message you sent them stored in your send folder, point to that, that will be helpfull to the guys looking after the support requests. good luck and I do hope you get your backers badge sorted out.

    8. Missing avatar

      funder on

      I had an issue logging into the site after resetting my password, but never got a response, that's why I am posting here.

    9. Sean O'Connor on

      @Tom T, have you filed a support request to ?

      @Kevin Miller. great to see things are transitioning nicely., any word on the app academy ebook? with regard to the change in activation policy. that might help the mail servers a little( unless people choose to open an account anyway, which, I am sure many will want to do so that they can contribute in a meaningfull way).having user account creation as aptional rather than mandatory would most definitely be more to peoples liking.

      Oh heres a challenge for those up to it. how about redesigning the installer such that it pulls the necessary sopport files for android or ios deveopmenjt, thus saving people the time and effort of configuring the IDE for those specific platorms,granted it might increase the overall footprint of LC but thats a small price to pay for streamlied installation.
      I will close by wishing continued success to the Runrev team.

    10. Missing avatar

      funder on

      My forum badge is not showing. I just signed up to the forums, can you re-run the badge script?

      I am enjoying the community version! My faded memories of making HyperCard doodles of 20 years ago are helping make new things to day. I am so glad I helped make this project a reality.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shawn Fitzgerald on

      Has anyone received their software or ebook rewards like the PSD templates graphics and icons , external from the MergExt collection or Colin Holgate's ebook? Since all of this was electronic items I figured it would have come in the same form as the academy video tutorials.

    12. Sean O'Connor on

      oops typo Alert! Mat should be May,:-)

    13. Sean O'Connor on

      RR seem to be a wee bit behind schedule with the documentary on the making of love code which was tentatively set for release at end of Mat, the last I heard was rgar rge production was undergoing internal review, oh notice also that it is now possible to make donations in respect of the open source live code which would seem to indicate a possible downward trend in revenue ( not particularly surprising at the moment with the increase in the cost of living combined with reduced or frozen income for the majority of people.

    14. Mark Schonewille on

      Ricky, a new version of MobGUI is available and it is compatible with the open-source version of LC. Perhaps you could ask Colin to update the example stacks. (This is the reason why I kept all examples in my book very simple and brief, avoiding the need tor example stacks).

    15. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      Hi Mike, thanks for your comment. That's what I thought too, but then "matthias rebbe" said it worked for him for some reason......

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Bonner on

      @ricky: If you're using lc community edition, the problem with the example stacks is that they contain protected stacks. The password/encryption of stack scripts has been removed from lc community so it doesn't know how to handle the protected stacks.
      My assumption is MG test bed is mobgui, so mobgui would the the protected stack in question there.
      Not sure where the problem would be with the other part, but is still most likely a protected stack. I think mobgui is going dual license setup, but it won't help with stack files that already have the older versions of protected stacks included. If there is an unprotected mobgui, you'd need to use a commercial version (or ask someone else to do so), remove the protected stack, then open it in lc community and add in whatever unprotected/dual license stacks you need to replace the functionality.

    17. Mark Schonewille on

      If you backed this project and happen to be onb Facebook, you might want to visit and become part of the RunRev Developers Facebook group.

    18. Mark Schonewille on

      Because many people who are interested in the open-source version of LiveCode are also new to LiveCode, I'd like to mention my new book here. The book Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner can now be pre-ordered for 32 euro (USD 42). Look here for more information about the book and download the first 25 pages. We’re still working on the last few details and expect to print within 2 weeks. Note: we need orders to make this new book possible! Order now!

    19. Missing avatar

      matthias rebbe on


      I tried the examples here and was able to open them w/o an error. Try redownloading the code archive.

    20. Sean O'Connor on

      @jorma. I have lc community edition working nicely on 12.4 LTS now so all is well.
      @ricky. although the community edition of rlc had about 150 bug fixes on initial release , I suspect there are still a few issues that will need ironing out .( take a look at github, you will get a fair idea of just how complex the underlying codebase is)l ahyway, I do hope you get things working the way you would like.
      @Einar, INdeed this is a majot triumph for the open source community ( sorry to hear your computer gave up the ghost)
      oh and on a historical note. runtime revolution 2.1 can be had from the internet archive( mac or windows versions)I did a comparison between the two and the difference is truly astonishing!!

      heres the link for both virsions in case anyone wants to have a go.

      for the windows version go here;-

      and for all you mac users;;-

      have fun coding golks.;-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      Well basically, I purchased the "LiveCode Mobile Development Beginner's Guide by Holgate Colin", and the example scripts in Chapter 3 - "MGTestBed" or "LC Test Bed" don't work. When I open them, it just shows corrupted stack or something like that.

    22. Einar Petersen


      Huge congratulations to you - Now anyone can code for Android, Linux, Macintosh, iOS, Windows and all for free...

      This amazing Kickstarter campaign to set LiveCode free under a GLP3 license has finally come to fruition and you can not believe how happy I am for having had the opportunity to be participating on this amazing journey.

      The fact that you can now download v6.0 of the community edition of the development environment for free at - is just... well AWESOME!!!

      I urge anyone with a dream to create apps, be it for serious business applications or for creating the next big thing in entertainment to jump on the bandwagon and try out LiveCode.

      - You will not regret doing so!

      As for me... heh well when payday comes later this month I hope to be able to replace my computer that has broken down and continue my mission to create free and open source cross platform software for the disabled using LiveCode as I was before the grand crash, it has been great fun so far and the pre GPL version worked very well, and I have high hopes for working in the community edition.

      Oh... if anyone wants to donate a 3GHz system, or perhaps some of the funds for it (roughly 3500 DKK / 590 US$) so I can keep coding immediately feel free to do so ;) - Otherwise you'll all just have to wait - You can find my latest post on G+ on how to give a hand.

      But back to the issue at hand - This is truly a triumph for RunRev and the GPL.

      Thanks so much for taking this leap of faith, I wish you all great success in the future!

      Kind Regards

      Einar Petersen

    23. Missing avatar

      matthias rebbe on

      @Ricky about iOS: iOS deployment only works under Mac OS X as also Xcode is needed for that.

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    25. RunRev Ltd Creator on

      @ Ricky iOS Deployment should be working as should opening existing stacks (so long as they are not password protected). If it isn't please file a bug report at Product use questions like this one are best on as there are more people there who can answer them.

    26. RunRev Ltd Creator on

      @ Garykind Pluggable themes (one of the stretch goals) are on their way and will be built into the core as soon as we can. After that you won't need MobGUI. (You can still build a fully skinned mobile app without it now, it just helps if you want to have native looking UI elements as opposed to your own custom theme.)

    27. Missing avatar

      Garykind on

      Hmmm you mention you can build mobile apps with it, which *technically* you can but you need to spend an extra $50 on mobgui? You should really have made that clear as its pretty misleading.

      Sure its not alot of money and you've done well making the project open source, but you should always be up-front with people.


    28. Sean O'Connor on

      @Ricky, hopefully theese issues will be resolved when the next phase in autumn occurs. also to give people a heads up. if you are trying to install the community adidion on ubuntu 12.04 LTS( both 64 and 32 bit) it may not work( this has been reported to runrev so hopefully this will be looked into and approbiate fixes will follow). although I havent tried yet, I beleive standalones compiled for Linux are functional.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      Also, why is iOS deployment disabled? I thought it's suppose to be enabled for the community edition?

      And I'm not sure if this applies to every OS, but I was testing this on my work computer (which runs Windows XP) and the windows don't display the options properly. Imagine if you're using a netbook laptop that has a 10' display, and you open a program and tried to view the options or preferences. That's what it looks like for me. The difference is that I'm using a 27' monitor and running on desktop PC, so I'm not sure why I'm having this problem.

      Will try on my own personal PC when I get home, but considering I mostly spend time at my work, that's probably the only time I can play around with these.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      Downloaded v6.0 just now but couldn't open previous stacks. It says they're corrupted, any ideas? I've tried looking at the compatibility option under Preferences and tried switching to legacy drivers and it doesn't work either.

    31. Sean O'Connor on

      We got there before the servers get choked, so not THAT slow :-) ....time to have a poke around I think.

    32. Ruzu on

      I probably deserve to be called slow, but, I had to check the comments, the blog, and the forums before I tried looking at the main site to realize the link to the open-sourced version was there.

    33. Sean O'Connor on

      LC 6.0 rc1 was released at around 11;30 PM UK time yesterday. I' have just installed it. go grab it;-)

    34. RunRev Ltd Creator on

      @amigacooke The day is not yet over :)

    35. amigacooke on

      Has the code been released today as according to the blog?

    36. Mats Wilstrand on

      Dear LiveCoders!

      I'm proud to announce rGrid a spread sheet inspired grid control.
      rGrid is open source with a commercial license available.

      Main features:
      • Professional level, high performance.
      • Very customizable (for ex. text styles, colors, borders).
      • Sorting fully featured
      • Filtering fully featured
      • Set ranges of values or properties.
      • Use formulas
      • Freeze rows and columns
      • Click and Drag to hilite cells, rows, columns or a whole sheet.
      • Click and Drag to change column widths and row heights.
      • Consistent, readable syntax.
      • Import .xlsx with companion product SpreadLib
      • Additional controls (templates) easily inserted into cells and fully scriptable.
      • Click in cells and start typing (works for headers also).
      • Navigate through cells by Tab Return or Arrow Keys.

      An rGrid can be thought of as using four new objects: Sheets, Rows, Columns and Cells.
      Sheets, Rows and Columns can be referenced by ID or number.
      Cells can be referenced by ID, number or in a spread sheet style.

      Code Examples:
      set the '["backColor of cell A1"] of grp "rGrid" to "brown"
      set the '["value of cell A1 to B2"] of grp "rGrid" to "A1;A2;B1;B2"
      set the '["backgroundColor of cell A1 to B2"] of grp "rGrid" to “green”
      set the '["textStyle of row 1"] of grp "rGrid" to “bold”

      All feedback is most welcome!
      Please download rGrid from here:

      With my best regards,

    37. amigacooke on


      Sounds reasonable, I'll sit and wait. Thanks :-)

    38. Ruzu on


      I also pledged at the 22 Euros level and see no reason for a survey. To the best of my knowledge, surveys are used primarily to get shipping information. Since there are no physical perks at the 22 Euros level, it would be weird if you got one. As RR has already said, they are compiling a list of who get's what, and for the digital goods, they will be given to us via the RR forums or through our kickstarter e-mail.

    39. Einar Petersen


      Consider for the repository, it is free as long as youre doing it as GPL - If it is commercial however there is a fee, but it seems like an interesting platform to use as a repository... And read up on git

    40. amigacooke on

      Should those who backed at the £22 level be getting a survey?

    41. RunRev Ltd Creator on

      @ricky The issue with starting fulfilment now is that we don't yet have a complete and accurate list of who is entitled to what. We are compiling it, but in its current state there is a risk of giving out the wrong rewards and having to make corrections later. We were able to start fulfilling badges because they are very simple and easy to change/continue to add. Academies are more problematic, I do not want to be in the position of telling someone oh, hey, we gave you that by mistake, sorry, taking it away again now... As soon as we have that list compiled, we'll start fulfilling the rewards, starting with the ones we don't have to engineer. This will include the existing Academies, because as you rightly point out, we already have them. I expect us to be able to start putting these in accounts towards the end of next week.

      @M.S. Send an email to and we'll arrange it for you.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      BTW, anyone out there interested in game development might want to take a look at this Kickstarter project, it seems really promising:

    43. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      @M.S, how is that an "upgrade"? More like a "downgrade"......@RunRev, I know I've asked this before and I really don't want to put pressure on you guys or anything, but since you guys mentioned in the latest UPDATE that you run scripts to enable forum badges for us Kickstarter backers, wouldn't that be possible to enable the academies for us as well? I remember someone asked about the delivery schedule for the rewards, and you mentioned that it'll be sometime in September this year, where the rewards are delivered with the open source version of LiveCode.

      But it doesn't make sense, because the Game & App Academies have already been produced since 1~2 years ago, it's ALREADY available. I think it shouldn't be a problem releasing it NOW by sending the required logins to backers, using scripts to do it for you automatically, similar to how you used it for creating our forum badges.

    44. Missing avatar

      M.S on

      can I upgrade to £33 from £22?

    45. Missing avatar

      Heather Laine on

      @Ellery Addington White - You can download the trial here:

    46. Missing avatar

      kresten bjerg on

      I would like to introduce a theme for discussion amongst the nuclear next generation developer team:
      It is evident, that your own interface and documentation on all levels is - and will for a long time remain -english.
      But I - for one - is developper of a freeware application, which I will put all efforts into getting its present english user-interfaces translated into (the priorities not fixed): danish, hindi, chinese, spanish, japanese, russian, french.
      But as the concept of this application is its further user-driven development, it would be important, that such new scripting could be performed in the basic english version and/but be implemented in the other language-versions, so only minimal further interface-language translation would be necessary e.g. new button names and tooltips. Have you established a forum, where such discussion could take place. If you know my app Phenomenalog, an early prototype for a global citizen diary, where the development and use of glyphs for personal body-,home- and information householding is central, you will understand my need to implement such leibnitzian dream - see

    47. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      @Andrew, thanks and I got it working using an alternative method. I simply connected my phone to my PC through ADB, and then click on "TEST" in LiveCode to test on my device directly. However, I would still like to use LiveCode to create my program in .apk file so that I can test it on other devices by installing on the devices instead.

    48. Sean O'Connor on

      @Ellery Addington-White, try the link below. just half way down the page is the link for signing up for the 60 trial of LC

    49. Ellery Addington-White on

      @heather where can we get the 60 day free trial?

    50. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hedges on

      @Ricky Probably best to take your problem to the support forum at… where people who actually know about this stuff hang out.

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