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Posted by Hide&Seek (Creator)

We're INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce a new reward for the Tiny Games Kickstarter: a set of Drunk Dungeon cards and props, for all your game-at-a-party needs.

Drunk Dungeon is the world's most ornate drinking game, designed by our very own Margaret Robertson for NYU's prestigious No Quarter event. It ran at Juegos Rancheros, IndieCade and a plethora of other awesome game events. Ben Kuchera of Penny Arcade called the game "genius in its simplicity... as a wallflower myself, I raise a glass".

We've been fielding almost-daily emails since the game launched from people who want to play - but it wasn't until we hit upon production partnership with intrepid print geniuses LEFA that we figured out a way we could bring you a five-hundred-tile game at a non-abominable price.

The crucial difference is one of size: rather than beer coasters, each card/tile will be two inches across. They'll be printed on 350gsm card, matt-laminated on both sides. This helps both with cost and also playability, as you'll now be able to play on a normal kitchen table, instead of needing three massive trestles pushed together.

This exclusive backers-only edition is available at a £40 reward tier, and will include everything you need to play the game: five hundred cards, rules, setup instructions, scoring counters, and team-indicating shot glasses. All you'll need to provide is a bunch of playful friends.

We'll be honest and say that this is the first iteration of a consumer version of Drunk Dungeon. If you go with us on this journey, you'll be trying it for the first time. Set against that is the ridiculous exclusivity of this reward. Nobody else will get a Drunk Dungeon set in 2013.

As a bonus, we're also making a pdf version of Drunk Dungeon available as part of the All The Tiny Games Deluxe Reward tier (and every tier above), ready to send to your print-on-demand card provider of choice.

There's only ONE WEEK left of our Kickstarter, so if you want to play Drunk Dungeon - and it's really pretty great - then act now.


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    1. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Hiya - we won't know for sure until we discuss it with the Surpriser after the Kickstarter closes! We don't think that Drunk Dungeon will be in the Surprise Pack, but we don't know for sure...

    2. Missing avatar

      Karl Sabino on

      Drunk dungeon looks awesome: I'm already in for the surpriser: do I get DD with this? If not, I might want to change down...

    3. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Hi Samir! Thanks for clarifying this - we meant to put it in the update but we forgot. We're weary... If you'd like your existing reward PLUS Drunk Dungeon, then just combine the price of both reward tiers. Please don't forget to add shipping for both items if you're outside UK / US.

    4. Samir Talwar on

      How do I get Drunk Dungeon *and* a t-shirt/mug/tea towel? I want DD, but not at the expense of losing my t-shirt!