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An app that gets you playing the perfect game with your friends: wherever you are, whoever you're with, whatever you're doing.
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QUESTION: what should our fifth game location be?

Posted by Hide&Seek (Creator)

Guys, important question: WHERE SHOULD WE DESIGN TINY GAMES FOR?

We know that - if we get to make the app, which is looking nerve-wrackingly touch-and-go at the moment - we're launching with five initial locations: the pub/bar; on a walk (country, city, park); on the road (car, train, bus); in the house (living room, kitchen, bedroom... maybe bathroom, depending on how the playtests go); and... one more place.

And that "one more place" will be chosen by backers after the campaign closes. But we need a shortlist.

We had our first ever public playtest last night (report to come) and there were a few possibilities that came up:

  • The office
  • At work generally
  • Shopping
  • The beach
  • With children
  • In secret - games you can play with other people, without them knowing
  • "Really serious places, like when you're at the theatre to see a sad play"

...but that can't be everything, right? If you've got an amazing idea, or a ridiculous idea that you secretly think might be amazing... let us know. We'll be having a vote soon after the campaign closes (again, if we make it), so this is your chance to get a suggestion to the shortlist...


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    1. Hashim Shah on

      "In secret"

      Yes please

    2. Mercedes (Mandy)

      1. Waiting in line (at the cashier, Disneyland or other theme park, ...)
      2. while brushing your teeth
      3. Waiting on the train platform
      4. at the post office
      71. Waiting at the doc/dentist/other medical facility
      20. Before going to bed

    3. Missing avatar

      Sue Cooper on

      How about when you're waiting for a demonstration to start (or get past Downing Street) - standing for maybe an hour on the Embankment, with your mates and hundreds of similarly minded strangers waving banners and placards?

    4. Kevin Makice

      If you go with 'in bed' -- maybe as a stretch goal, or future project? -- seriously consider bringing in Debby Herbenick as a consultant. She's an academic at Indiana University's Kinsey Institute. Her TEDx talk from 2011 seems in line with an app like this, in that context.…

    5. Paul Hollingdrake on

      I love the idea of games for in secret, or when you're in a queue/waiting for something, bus doctors waiting room etc.

    6. Ralfas Jegorovas on

      - In the car; for passengers.
      - Trapped in a lift, or perhaps more abstractly trapped in a space.
      - In an office meeting room.

    7. Daisy Swaffer on

      +1 for queuing!!

    8. Marie Lamb on

      Standing in line waiting for something, when you need to be entertained for a few minutes.

    9. Missing avatar

      nathanael watts on

      In secret and have the option of multiple people

    10. Ryan on

      Here's my suggestion:

      "Somewhere where you can hear music."

      You could have some fun games where the rules of the game change every time there's a song transition, or maybe a game where teams of players have to do something in rhythm together or whatnot.

      (Barring that, throw my hat in with whoever said "In the dark," because that sounds pretty cool.)

    11. Shanti Rao on

      A place where the kids can't make a lot of noise or run around, and need a way to stay busy.

    12. Chris Howell on

      I'll second both in bed and in the dark.

    13. Missing avatar

      Louisa Sullivan on

      -on public transport
      -while cleaning
      -in a foreign country
      -in the dark
      -in the water (pool, ocean, bath)
      -in a queue

    14. Thomas Hanrahan on

      I really quite like in Secret but I agree that's a meta-location which can be applied everywhere else.

      I'm with David : anywhere where you're just waiting for something (queuing, in waiting rooms, waiting to pick your kids up from school) could do with livening up!

    15. Missing avatar

      David Nicholson on

      In a waiting room - Dentist, Doctors, A&E, Hairdressers, Court ;)
      Anywhere that's boring and needs spicing up.

      IMHO SECRET is not a place it's an attitude - I'd love a subset of secret games to play ANYWHERE. Secret adds spice to any game.

    16. Musical_Jinn on

      Restaurant and Secret are great!

    17. Andrew Walsh on

      In a library - lots of hidden corners and material you can pick up and interact with.

      I'm an academic librarian & encourage people to play in my university library, but most public libraries would also be up for people playing in their libraries too!

    18. Colin C. on

      In a restaurant, either before you've ordered or while you're waiting for your food to arrive. Especially if the games are compatible with young children.

    19. Hide&Seek Creator on

      This is all brilliant, thanks! Over on Twitter we've also had "in bed" and "in a cave" as well...

    20. James Truong


      especially In a Meeting, ie over bluetooth, in a movie theatre, in secret on a date at a restaurant, etc

    21. Ryan Woodard on

      I like the SECRET idea posted above, but maybe the office/classroom or at a shopping store (TESCO, WALMART, whatever) as an alternate option.

    22. Chris Howell on

      Totally agree with Jen, in secret adds a very exciting dimension to the games.
      At work is the other place I'd want to sue the app most.

    23. James York on

      In class (from a teacher's perspective would be great)
      As would 'with children.'

    24. Jen Toksvig on

      'In secret' covers all these possibilities, and more. For me, it covers what the others don't, which is BORING places. You can play in secret in the theatre, at a conference, at work when you're bored but everyone else is doing stuff, when you're out shopping - just generally whenever, and wherever you find yourself being a player-amongst-the-pigeons. Those games, please.

    25. Michael Dalili on

      -On the bus/train/tube
      -In the classroom
      -In the car
      -On an airplane
      -In a park

      That's mostly what I can think of right now...