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Rewards - first images available!

Posted by Hide&Seek (Creator)

We've got some mockups of the Tiny Games coasters and mugs to show you! They're not absolutely finalised - there might be some tweaks and twiddles before they go to print - but they're here, and we're really pretty excited.


The mug features seven tiny games you can play during your tea or coffee break, and a SECRET EIGHTH GAME on the inside... They're going to be lovingly printed with nice bright printing processes, none of this "digital photoprint" stuff; they've got specially crafted mug-relevant games that reach all the way around, making them suitable for both left- and right-handers; and they'll successfully hold tea, coffee, other hot drinks, and even - probably - cold ones.


The six coasters feature six different games: "Coinflip Coasters", "That Wasn't Milk", "The Winning Coaster", "Acrononymous", "Starting Sentences", and "Coastdown". There's mysterious patterns on the back all come into play for different games... (but we'll keep the rules, and just what the symbols are for, a secret for coaster-owners).

Hold on for next week for a sneak preview of the teatowels and the t-shirts...


We're about a week into the Kickstarter now, and we're still on course to make it - but only with your help. Please, please - share news that interests you, tweet, blog, tell people about the project! Kickstarter prediction tool Kicktraq thinks we could end up with anything between £22k (which would mean everything getting called off) and £35k. Will it be dismal failure or stretch-goal heaven? It's up to us...


Like much of the UK, we're about to embark on a four-day weekend for Easter - we'll still be updating with games, goings-on and more, but if you fancy some seasonal games have a look at our blog post of Tiny-Game-style traditional egg games! It's a playful weekend, so let's make the most of it.


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