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An app that gets you playing the perfect game with your friends: wherever you are, whoever you're with, whatever you're doing.
An app that gets you playing the perfect game with your friends: wherever you are, whoever you're with, whatever you're doing.
1,226 backers pledged £30,787 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. Glenn Rockelmann on

      Got my copy of Drunken Dungeon in Australia. :)

    3. Mercedes (Mandy)

      Thank you so much :) the packages arrived in Japan. Everything looks amazing!!!

    4. Robin Bates on

      Hi there. The app is lovely and all but when are we likely to get our Drunk Dungeon sets? Party season is almost upon us and it would be great to have in time. Cheers!

    5. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Hi all, if you're experiencing any problems, get in touch with us at tinygamessupport [at] and we'll get everything sorted for you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul McDade on

      Same issue as Sven and Cameron. No love from the email activation. Wondering who I should contact.

    7. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Thanks Telmo! That's really kind of you. We're taking a little breather before deciding what features go next, but we'll certainly take your ideas into consideration.

    8. Telmo Mendes Leal on

      Hi. Today I tested the app for the first time with another person and it's superb. Not all the suggestions are great, but most of them are really cool and funny. I also tried it alone but didn't find it as amusing. I already gave it five stars on the App Store and hope you keep improving the app so that future updates make it even better. If I may leave a suggestion, you should have an option to allow people to send you game suggestions. Soon people will start the have their ideas of games and that would be cool for you and the future of the app. Also, I don't know if you already do this but please create system that study which games are more popular, perhaps it would also be good for the future.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sven Becker on

      Got the same problem aus Cameron. Would you please send the mail with the activation key again?

    10. Missing avatar

      Cameron Esfahani on

      I wasn't able to unlock Tiny Games via the email you sent out a week ago. I sent you an email on the 24th, but I haven't heard anything back.

    11. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Hey Joshua,

      The werewolf files were sent back in August! Give me an shout on duncan at and I'll sort you out. The plan is to offer either the epub or the app to all backers, as the epub is intended for people who wanted to support the project but cannot access the app. We have no plans to release the epub outside of Kickstarter.

    12. Joshua Kaspar on

      1. Will the Werewolf files be ready by Halloween?
      2. Is it possible to get the Epub AND the iOS app?

    13. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Thanks everyone! We'll be in touch with the details about the rewards very shortly.

    14. Benedict Ng on

      Yay? Where's everyone?

    15. Benedict Ng on

      Hey there, I am a new backer of Tiny Games. Congratulation for hitting your funding goal and thanks for the very affordable DELUXE tier at £12. All the best (:

    16. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Awww, thanks Sinquetica! You guys are all SO NICE.

    17. Sinquetica on

      Hehe, I should definitely not start a lawfirm. I can't even win Tea Cup Monte (maybe I'm playing against the wrong people!)

      Congratulations again, this is some really exciting stuff. Usually I kickstart in order to make a preorder, but with Tiny Games I want to support something to make the world better. High five for that.

    18. Mercedes (Mandy)

      I'm glued to the screen :)
      This is such a fun and exciting kickstarter experience, and I've backed just over 100 projs so far. Go Go Go!! Let's make this one a great one!!!

    19. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Hi everyone, and thankyou for the lovely comments! Sorry we've been slow in responding. IAN SMEDLEY - just add the costs of the tiers you want together, pledge that amount and send us a mail with your request! ELEONORA - feel free to up your pledge to £16 and we'll send you the coasters instead SINQUETICA & INSOMNICRON - you should start a law firm together, also £12 definitely gets you the Tiny Games pdf and the BGRK pdf. Phew!

    20. Sinquetica on

      Congrats on a successful campaign! I'm looking forward to this.

      (I am a little unclear on how the pledge tiers work -- if I pick up £12 deluxe, will I get a pdf? I've also wanted a crack at the remix kit ever since I saw it on Kevan's site.

    21. Missing avatar

      Eleonora on

      Congratulations on getting this far! I want to help you make the stretch goal because, you know, you promised TinyGames for Excel! If I add £4 to my already pledged £12, would that bring me to the reward tier with the coasters (for £16) or is that me being inadvertently cheeky?

    22. Missing avatar

      Iain Smedley

      Maybe I missed this (apologies if so) but is there a way to add items on, e.g. if I have a T-shirt but also want a teatowel or mug ...

    23. Bruce H. Voge on

      This seems really awesome, I am just sorry I have an android, but I think in the long run I will be happy I have the PDFs of what promise to be some really cool games. Thanks for coming up with this crazy idea, and I am excited to check out the Board Game Remix kit.

    24. John Ousby on

      congrats alex and team! you should add another stretch goal for more tipsy videos from alex.
      good luck!

    25. Insomnicron on

      Well done!
      I just adjusted my pledge level up to all the tiny games deluxe (£12.00)
      I want the PDF as well so I added +£8.00 (taking my pledge to a total of £20.00)
      Did I do this correctly or is there another way to get the PDF as well as the apps (and werewolf and bgremix pdfs)?

    26. Mercedes (Mandy)


    27. Missing avatar

      janani sreenivasan on

      @godly Creator: sorry to be so lumpen, but i have combed every millimeter of the screen and can't find a "ship to the UK" button. it still just gets mad at me. i'm trying to give you more money for a Surprise, but it wants 55 pounds instead of 45! zoinks!

    28. Simon White on

      Is it okay to swear on Kickstarter comments?

      Because, fuck yeah 25k raised!

      Congrats. Can't wait to get my surprise!

    29. Robert Lockhart on

      Wooo! Congratulations!

    30. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Hi Janani, in the bottom left of the pledge screen change it to say "ship to the UK". That should sort out the issue, and we'll ship it to the US address you supply.

    31. Missing avatar

      janani sreenivasan on

      Hey there! Sorry to repeat a comment from above, but I'm also in the US and was made to pledge 27 pounds for the 20 pound tier; it didn't let me opt out of paying shipping (i.e. I couldn't advance to checkout unless I pledged 27 - Kickstarter froze up). Any solutions?

    32. Kim Åge Martinussen on

      Can't wait to see the final result, now that this is definitely getting backed.

      Will backers get the android version once that is finished, or will it need to be purchased for full price?

    33. Mercedes (Mandy)

      So exciting!!!
      Let's push it to the goal!! :)
      I'm glued to the screen but I'm meant to go to bed :)

    34. Mercedes (Mandy)

      I also upped my pledge to include Drunk Dungeon :)

      @Joe you can add another copy by adding the tier again, I think. It says in the FAQ.

    35. Joe Williams, Little Rock Games on

      Hey you guys,
      Nice work on this! I'm just wondering if there's a way to pledge twice for a particular tier. I'd like to get two copies of drunk dungeon, and I'd happily pledge double. Any way to do that?

    36. Chris Theophilus-Bevis on

      Considered yourselves well and truly backed - just the bestest idea ever. All kinds of win!

    37. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Thanks Mercedes, thank Glenn, thanks Dan! We can do this! Not there yet though....

    38. Missing avatar

      Dan on


    39. Glenn Noy

      Found this project through Scott Nicholson (…). I've chipped in, and wish you all the best!

    40. Mercedes (Mandy)

      This is such a great idea, I can't believe I didn't see this project earlier :) I'm usually on kickstarter daily :)
      Backed, and I hope you make it to your goal :)

    41. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Hi Jonathan, and thanks for your comment. We'd really love to bring Tiny Games to both iOS and Android and that is absolutely the plan. The big question is when. Right now, we're kickstarting to raise funds to complete the iOS app, with a stretch goal for Android. The sad reality is that developing for both iOS and Android in parallel adds significant cost to the process - Android is a complex platform to develop for, due to the variety of operating systems and devices it contains. We are a small studio that's already developed for iOS, so it made sense to start there for us. Regardless of whether we hit our funding stretch goal, it's still our absolute aspiration to bring Tiny Games to Android - it might take us a little while to get there is all!

      If you'd like further info about this feel free to message us - happy to talk further.

      All best,
      The Hide&Seek team

    42. Jonathan Bolton on

      I certainly don't mean this in a "whiny child not getting his way" sort of thing but I'm slightly disappointed you seem to have decided that ios users are more valuable to your business than Android users, i have been thinking about this since i backed and i know far more people with Android phones than iphones. On this thought i googled some stuff and although iphones are more popular than Android in the USA, almost everywhere else, Androids rule the roost.
      Are Android and ios apps that different that you aren't going to release both?

    43. Hide&Seek Creator on

      Thanks Sarah!

      As to the US issue, Kickstarter only allows us to set free shipping for one country, so if you're from the US and try to back us for a physical reward, you'll get a pop-up asking if you want to add shipping. Rest assured that we do really mean it when we say shipping to the UK and the US is free! So if you're in the US, then when the popup comes just say "no, don't add any shipping costs", and we'll take it from there.

    44. Sarah Best on

      Hello, happy to support but it doesn't seem to give you the option to say that you're in the US. Kickstarted made me add extra money to my pledge to get the reward I wanted. So not sure that the free shipping to backers in the US works with how it's currently set up. But I'm so happy to back your Kickstarter!

    45. Scurra

      Not being able to edit existing rewards is clearly one of those paradox things with KS - it's obvious why they can't allow it, but ironically it is also one of the most essential needed features for projects that evolve as the KS proceeds. I know that I have missed out on some things with projects I have backed for this reason (and vice versa.) Again, I realise this isn't anything to do with you, but it's an issue that needs to continue to be raised with KS.
      But hey, let's see how this progresses anyway. I'm sure it will all work out in the end.

    46. Missing avatar

      Attila Szász on

      It would be awesome to see you working on an Android version!

    47. Rachel W on

      Just to muddy the waters further... ;) I'd really love the coasters AND the tea towel, but obviously not two lots of everything else (already have the boardgame remix kit as it is! but will happily gift to a friend :)
      any chance that combo would work?

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