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Survive in inhumane conditions and come back home with the whole crew.
Survive in inhumane conditions and come back home with the whole crew.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Pepe TG on

      the impact effects have to be corrected. I mean, you are sinking a ship, when a torpedo explodes, this expands the water nearby and the explosion leaves a empty space who suck the ship to it for a milisecond but then its filled again and the water weight pushes the ship out… . the water gushes have scrap metal and dirt so its not white, the milestone on effects is the shock. You have to feel that you are sinking a ship.

    2. Gene Naftulyev on

      So where can the beta (or alpha) be downloaded? I was very excited about this game when I donated, but all I've seen are some images since the kickstarter ended. Did I miss getting a download link???

    3. xwormwood on

      @PlayWay: Sounds great, thanks for the info!

    4. Missing avatar

      NileX13 on

      I thought i should mention it. :)

    5. PlayWay 21-time creator on

      @NileX13 You are right. These torpedoes have a low visibility to AI, but that effect was just copy-pasted ;) We will correct that.

    6. Missing avatar

      NileX13 on

      "The T2 model of the G7e went in service with German U-boat fleets in 1936. In stark contrast with the G7a steam-driven torpedo, the T2 left no visible stream of bubbles to alert ships that they were under attack, and was virtually silent; however, these were the T2's only advantages over the G7a torpedo"

    7. Missing avatar

      NileX13 on


      I just realised one more thing: The Sub is firing G7e-Torpedoes and they leave trails in the water. I thought only steam-powered torpedoes, like the G7a, leave trails.

    8. PlayWay 21-time creator on

      Thank you for the kind comments. Apologies for delayed response.. Christmas :)

      @xwormwood We will *probably* add a second voice after our script will be completely closed. It's more budget-efficient to do it this way. We are hoping to cover songs on both sides of war. It's up to the Kaleun (player), if he will allow for American or British songs to be played on his boat like it was in Das Boot.

      @NileX13 We don't have time compression in the toilet (sadly) :) It's a fun idea though. So far it's not possible to use the optics on the deck gun as it's not that comfortable perspective at this time, but we have some ideas.

      @Lexrax Thanks! We are doing our best to release it ASAP. There are more or less correct guesstimates on Steam community forums, but we hesitate to point out any to not make it too official.

    9. Lexrax on

      I`m liking the updates and i CANT WAIT to play this !!
      Any idea on a guestimate of a release date ?

      I think the DEVS should give themselves a big pat on the back, for how the game is coming along, Aswell as some mince pies and sherry ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      NileX13 on

      Nice Update!

      Cant wait to play this!

      Did i see this right: The toilet is the time compression? :D

      The new fountains when an eel explodes are looking nice.

      Will we be able to use the optics of the Deckgun as well?

      Best wishes, gute Jagd and happy christmas.

    11. Missing avatar

      Zac Campbell on

      Christmas came early! Loved the update much improvements on ships sinking and show casing of the admiralty section of the game love the idea of a storage mechanic for storing food, supplies, equipment, parts. I Believe the game is going in the right direction and just polishing and minor improvements are needed. Looking forward to the day it is announced with a release date.

      Merry Christmas all and a Happy New Year!

    12. xwormwood on

      Thanks for the update, much appreciated!

      Looks all great!

      If you can, add some more different speakers for the crew. The one you got is great, but I guess the game could benefit from at least different voices when it comes to the order confirmation, as we hear them pretty often (Jawohl, zu Befehl). Don't get me wrong, the speaker ist excellent, but I guess the confirmations could gain from some variations (after all we command a crew, not a single person). Not so important for most of the spoken text, but the confirmations are the most heard ones.

      Second thought: not sure if the ingame songs of the new video will be played within the game. If they do, you might want to add some german songs, maybe some french ones, and, of course, the propaganda songs from the infamous Charlie & his orchestra band.
      Merry christmas, a happy new year, and keep up the good work!