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Survive in inhumane conditions and come back home with the whole crew.
Survive in inhumane conditions and come back home with the whole crew.
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      MG3 on

      Personally I would enjoy being able to extend the war and it wouldn't be too far fetched. This is because a submarine would be able to take out extremely important shipments, and if we were good enough it could make a large difference.

    2. Gerd Schreiber on

      @DWS I'm curious to know what the convoy battles will be like. What can we expect from the AI uboats for example?

    3. Gerd Schreiber on

      Extending the end of the war by being a good captain would be controversial. I’m sure most of us will agree with that.

    4. Missing avatar

      Zac Campbell on

      @Jeff M I agree with Jeff, after reading that I think it would be neat to have the ability for it to be toggled so those who want to try it can and those who want it to follow history as it happened can also play that way. Yes it would be a bit of extra work but I think it would help broaden the audience reach also those who would want an alt history experience can play with a mode that allows that. Those who would rather it follow history as it happened and do not want to have it possibly change can have the setting off I believe though it will gain attention to the great what if the Uboats did win in the Atlantic and for a some did blockade Britain how far would the allies go to break the blockade and how much granted like @DWS said you would have to hold the reputation and be very good at micromanaging to achieve such a feat but

    5. SD

      This looks FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work! As long as you're working on it and it's not going to be vaporware, I can wait a few more months!

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      Jonathan Beck Jørgensen on

      As an early backer of Star Citizen I subscribe to the idea of development being done by people with the passion and as a long time friend of Neal, I wish you all the best!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Beck Jørgensen on

      As an early backer of Star Citizen I subscribe to the idea of development being done by people with the passion and as a long time friend of Neal, I wish you all the best!!

    8. Gerd Schreiber on

      Groundbreaking, subsimming will never be the same. I like the way you can zoom to the overview map and be in charge of the wolfpack. Some very nice new gameplay features.

    9. Tokachirikato Mi Zushimomeito

      In terms of deviating from history i wouldn't expect much of a change if all you did was the bare minimum in navel hunting like sinking cargo ships and what not. Since all that will do is inconvenience the Allied powers while they smash the German war machine.

      But if you did something major in the form of secret operations unless you read a history book and happen to be around important historical events. like sinking the all the transport ships moments before D-day completely ruining operation Overlord thus spearheading the invasion of the UK. Or assisting the Japanese in Pearl Harbor and making it a total disaster for the USN making the IJN unstoppable in the Pacific theater. Then yeah i would consider that a huge deviation in history for the game

    10. Jeff M on

      You guys are doing good work, keep it up.

      Regarding how much you can change history, may I suggest a toggle? Can you add a selection switch during the start of a new game to set the game to either low-impact near-historical and high impact alt-history.
      The first option would limit the amount of change you can apply to history and would be good for hardcore history buffs.
      The second option would allow you to bring in more prototype devices, weapons, and ships along with heavily influencing the war's direction as your update discussed.

      Just a thought.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brendan Moylan

      It's looking really good. I'd support @Oskars suggestion around other ships trying to rescue crews. I believe the Royal Navy had to forbid it on some convoys because the U-boat would wait until the destroyer was stopped alongside and then torpedo it as well. Happy for the game to be delayed by a couple of months. Are you able to give us a more specific timeline that that?

    12. Missing avatar

      Don deCourcelle on

      Periscope and target ships look very good. I'm glad to see a what looks to be a Staimeter and Angle of Bow adjustments... starting to look like a TDC facility... that's awesome and very very important.

      In terms of convoy hunting, I would like to determine the speed of the convoy by chasing it on the surface, out of sight. Getting ahead of it then driving down the middle of the convoy submerged or attacking from the side allows multiple targeting oportunities... with the trick being to get all torpedos to strike near the same time, before all boats change course and speed. Drawing tools for the map, placing marks, ruler lines, compass circles, and measured angles allow for this, and other tactical strategies.

      I'm not sure you can go on the conning tower in the game. In SH5 I enjoy the views from up there, during storms and to watch flaming targets sink, especially at night. I know it sounds dumb but I often look for survivors. I know I can't save them, but its helpful to know there are some, in life boats or rafts.

      RE: Cameras. It would be very very helpful if I could position fixed following-camera locations around the sub and quickly choose from among them from a menu. Usually one or two above, rear, side, one near the torpedo tubes, etc. Another set of Cameras following Behind the torpedos, and some free ones you can position anywhere to take screen shots. The idea is to quickly view the action, sub, torps and targets via quick menu selection.

      Will I be able to slow/stop TIME? I realize its unrealistic, then again, in other Sub games I find it reduces pressure and increases enjoyment, knowing you can plot lines, measure angles etc with great care. I like this.

    13. Harag on

      Awesome news, the game is coming along great. Sure take a break over this period of time and come back in the new year fighting fight and raring to go - ploughing on the through the night doesn't help anyone. Can't wait to play this... but saying that - I'm actually happy with waiting for something we backed because we want this to succeed! So take as long as you need!

      Have a great break and keep us posted on progress!

    14. Missing avatar

      Garm on

      Love that you are considering letting us change the course of history by playing well and I would love to see a feature like that. Even at the height of their production, the allies could only make so many ships. would be awesome if we could slow down such production by attacking cargoships. And high rep could lead to the allies starting to hunt you down like the soviets put on entire operations just to kill the white death. On a final note regarding the video, I think it would be great to see enemy sailors abandon ship when sunk and possibly other ships trying to rescue them.

    15. Missing avatar

      Zac Campbell on

      @Nilex I should have added get a reputation that if you ask for other uboats to join you in a wolfpack. You lead the wolfpack and can effectively do what Donitz could not because. You are their he was in was it Kiel? Leading the wolfpacks which took time for transmissions to send and recieve then decrypt. Sorry having to pick up the house switching tv providers I was typing that quickly to get it finished before they arrived. Maybe have an area of the Atlantic that the convoys will reroute around because a good number of ships where lost in such a short time. Say the PQ convoys taking lend lease to USSR. Turn it into an area that the loses outweigh the rewards so what do they do move further up North into the artic. Or divert and go around Africa into the Med through the Suez and into Crimea that way.

    16. NobleBrutus on

      Nice! I'm happy for you to implement features as you see fit. Dont let the ideas run off but prolonging the end of the war sounds fun as long as it is not on easy achievement, it should feel like a big deal.

    17. Rupert Fuller

      Looks great guys, loving the progress. The only thing missing for me visually is a ship/uboat and torpedo wake.

    18. Missing avatar

      NileX13 on

      The Iron Man Section of the Video is extremly tense! Well done and nice idea!

    19. Missing avatar

      NileX13 on

      Hey DWS!

      The Update is great and, as Zac already mnetioned, one can see and feel the love for details you guys developed! The new engine room is great, as is the Periscope UI !!

      For your thinkings about the prolonging of the war: As cool as the feature sounds, i think it feels unrealistic. I dont think the duration of war can be dependend by the actions of a single uboat-skipper/uboat.

      And for taking some more months of development: I think you should take as much time as you need to make this a great game! :)


    20. Missing avatar

      Zac Campbell on

      This is an awesome update! Awesome work @DWS! You all are doing a phenomenal job here. This is my take because as of late I have been playing some Payday 2 I know off topic. I almost would like to see a bit of you can get so good and make a reputation for yourself. In doing so you can delay the war maybe not by much but enough that it will have dragged on and taken a bit longer such as. No Operation Overload the uboats where so effective that they lost a third or two thirds of the transports and troops. So it is delayed a few months or even pushed back until 1945 because. All the uboat games all follow the same story you fight and despite. How much you sink it has no effect on when events happen as they did in history. I would really like to see that happen give it that what if sceanrio it took longer and. More ships then it actually did to beat back the uboat menace and just an example. The year is 1940 all that stands agaisnt the Reich is the United Kingdom you have been able to amass huge losses agaisnt Royal Navy. In return you see less ships around Britian and transport ships for a few months as more are having to be built to replace those ships lost. I think it would be a neat endeavor to go with such as feature as making it possible to delay the end of the war and events because as Winston Churchill quoted. The only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the uboat peril. It could be brought to life and shown that if the uboats where more effective how they could have changed history and made the war drag out longer maybe even to late 46 early to mid 47. Speculating because by 44 most of the oil that the Whermact and Kreigsmarine had was dangerously low. I am saddened to hear about the delay of the game but at the same time I can accept it. I would rather the game be delayed to continue work on it then released in a state that is unfinished or still needs work.

      The work you do shows dedication and I believe it will make a massive name for your company in the game industry that other companies will want to follow dedication, hard work, and that sub sims are not dead they can be a great genre to play.

      Zac Campbell