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A weird west tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG.
A weird west tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG.
A weird west tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG.
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Combat at a glance


Contrary to some opinions, the development of the game has been started, and contrary to some other, it has not yet finished.

While actually - it’s exactly where we said it is! :-)


To avoid misunderstandings, allow me to explain our philosophy of game development. We believe in quality over quantity, and responsible, reasonable design. This means that we innovate in areas that are yet untouched or require attention/have been done poorly in other games. 

We do not, however, force it and reinvent the wheel - the prototype combat system and corresponding UI are based on the best stuff there is - and that is, in our opinion, XCom (2012). 

What you see in the images is by no means final.


The temp UI presents mostly the style of the UI. Many buttons are obsolete, several are missing; the weapon images will be replaced as well (see the post on weapon images and perspective). Let us know what you think about the style!

The backbone is a 2 AP system (meaning: each character has 2 action points, all actions, including movement, cost either 1 or 2 APs). That is because it's the most elegant solution out there: it makes all the decisions more important, and the game clearer; you don't have to calculate APs; you never miss "just a few" APs to carry out your plan; you don't have reduntant APs remaining; the pace is faster because you don't get to tiptoe square by square (which is, after all, the safest and most reasonable tactic in most games that allow it). Also, it allows for controller support. And eventual console ports, maybe.

The game and the cover system in motion. Notice the hen. Do not notice the temp animations.
The game and the cover system in motion. Notice the hen. Do not notice the temp animations.

There's a hit chance, but usually it's either high or low. We try to avoid 50/50 situations or anything nearby, because they effectively lead to ineffective try and error, load-try-load-try and so on. We want to push the player to think about reconsidering his position more often than in the other games. 

Blinding sun

There's one key factor to the hit chance - the sun. Long story short, it lowers your chance to hit if you're facing it.

For all you nerds out there - an excerpt from the design-programming communication documentation:

Sun - global gameplay settings: 

  • min penalty angle - 0..180 (45) - angle at which penalty is driven to 0
  • aimpenalty_min - 0..100 (20) - the minimum aim penalty
  • aimpenalty_max - 0..100 (40) - the maximum aim penalty

Sun - per level settings:  

  • sun power manual override - bool (false) - if false, sun power is calculated from sun angle  
  • sun power - 0..1 (0.5) - determines the penalty that will be administered if the sun power manual override is on
  • horizontal sun angle - 0..360 - determines the direction of light (calculated from sun vector)

If shooter is not in shadow: effective angle = angle between shooter-target line and sun horizontal angle

if effective angle < min penalty angle:  

angle ratio = effective angle / min penalty angle

(int) blinded buff = (sun power x angle ratio x (aimpenalty_max - aimpenalty_min) ) + aimpenalty_min

Blinded buff is the penalty administered to chance to hit.


The ricochets demand a mention of their own.

There are three ways you will be able to use them:

Option number 1: you can select the ricochet ability, select an object, and the target - someone who has been spotted, but your line of sight is obscured. Fire and the bullet will bounce off the object and towards target, of course considering the chance to hit.

Option number 2: you can select the ricochet ability with manual targeting, aim off the ricocheting object in the direction you think/guess/hope/pray/predict the enemy to be. If you aim correctly (the raycast hits the target) a regular shot is fired.

Manual ricochet targeting off an object.
Manual ricochet targeting off an object.

Option number 3: to some, the funniest: load off a buckshot into a ricocheting object, and the pellets will bounce off and hit everyone standing nearby.


Oh, one more thing - you might notice a parameter that says: "1/2" (bottom left corner of the UI). That's luck. Try and guess what it does and how it works, I hope you'll give us suggestions of things we haven't thought about. Luck is quite an interesting mechanic and I'll leave it for a separate update.


We're also implementing tiny tasty features that will engage the player if he wills it. For example, there's an ability that some characters have that enables a minigame during reloading: if you play it out correctly, the reload takes no APs. For reference, you may recall the "active reload" element from Gears of War.

Comments? Questions? Ideas? Go ahead! What better place than here, what better time than now!

PS. If you wish to promote us a bit - go ahead and use this cutie as your avatar:

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    1. PlayWay 17-time creator on August 13, 2014

      Great :-)

    2. Zombra on August 13, 2014

      Interesting. I think I can live with that. :D

    3. PlayWay 17-time creator on August 13, 2014

      Most probably there'll be a set of qte abilities in character levelling - take them or leave them (as in: take the other ones).

    4. Zombra on August 13, 2014

      Hmmmm. So we'll be able to turn the QTEs off? Will that mean no instant reload for players who choose not to enable them? How will that affect game balance?

      I mean, I like the sound of no QTEs, but I'm concerned about the possibility of a "split design". A design with a single, coherent vision inspires more confidence in me than one with numerous throwaway options.

    5. PlayWay 17-time creator on August 13, 2014

      Fear not, dear fans! :-)
      Just as we will not force the minigames, qte's and other such elements on players who want to take their time, we will not force a downtempo into those wishing to take their game pace up a notch.
      Also, do not be afraid that these elements will take our firepower away from the real issues. Just as this one, they'll be cheap tiny bits here and there.

    6. Zombra on August 13, 2014

      And to touch deeper on QTE ... I don't play turn-based games for twitch elements. "Active reload" may have worked in Gears of War, but Gears of War was a real-time game, wasn't it? QTE seems painfully inappropriate here and "breaks" the thoughtful pace of TB gameplay.

      The TB combat looks like it will be interesting on its own - please don't jerk me out of it with minigames, and please don't give me infinite ammo.

    7. Zombra on August 13, 2014

      QTE? Instant reload? Seem like horrible ideas.

      Instant reload is especially bad. Ammo management is a staple of classic Westerns. I hate the idea of steamrolling a map with my shotgun that never runs out of shells. Come on, even XCOM made you take a second to reload.

    8. Aonghus Collins on August 12, 2014

      I really like the sound of the fast reload, seems like a great feature.

    9. Missing avatar

      James on August 12, 2014

      This sounds generally pretty good, many of the systems in XCOM worked very well and I like the sounds of the richochet and sun mechanics you've introduced. I'd have to agree with the others that mini-game based reloading sounds like it just doesn't fit with a turn-based tactical game at all.

      The UI design does look a bit too much like XCOM. The HUD isn't too bad as it at least has a western style but the bits of UI (HP bar and cover indicator) are essentially identical. This should at least have style to match the game and IMO the layout isn't absolutely perfect anyway, so surely your designer can come up with something that's at least as good and more unique (and yes, that is a challenge :) )

    10. Mitch on August 12, 2014

      I really liked the 2 AP system of XCOM, so I am happy you go with that. On the other hand I don't like QTEs, especially not in an otherwise slow paced game. :)

    11. GI Joker on August 12, 2014

      Xcom (2012) was probably my favorite game that year. I still play it with mods today. I agree that older games like Fallout (my favorite all time game) had more tactical depth, but the 2 AP system is very elegant and reflects the mechanics of more tabletop war games. On top of everything else, Weird West is probably my favorite genre of anything. I'm super looking forward to this.

    12. Stephen "Stoibs" D
      on August 12, 2014

      Eww 2 action point system. Yuck..
      Was hoping for something more along the lines of Jagged Alliance or Fallout or something.
      Damn. =(

      Looking way too much like the Modernised Xcom game also. Heh, I hope some of those things like the cover indicators and Hp bars are subject to change.

    13. Frank on August 12, 2014

      You're joking about active reload, I hope. I've never played Gears, but QTE are anti-fun. QTE for quick draw (instead of reloading) would at least make sense.

    14. meganothing dread bard of torment BOSB on August 12, 2014

      I think XCOM(2012)s system has room for improvement. But if you want to use it, fine. Just add enough of your own makeup so that players don't have the feeling they have exactly the same choices. A new game should feel fresh.

      If the reloading mini game has reaction-based elements in it then I'm very happy that you want to make it optional ;-)

    15. Stian on August 12, 2014

      Yeah - the XCOM system is great and I played with a controller which is great for couch gaming :) Please make everything doable with a controller.

      It does look a lot like XCOM though, to the point someone could accuse you of plain stealing the ideas but hey that's up to you ;)

    16. Kyle Akers on August 12, 2014

      My guess on luck: increased chances for critical hits?

    17. fdisk on August 12, 2014

      I will admit that I had my doubts about you guys; but the last two updates have completely cleared them out.

      This update in particular, man, I also subscribe to the idea that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."; I agree that XCOM's system is fantastic and I am happy that you guys are not trying to re-invent the wheel but rather focus on other aspects of the game such as content and little touches like the reloading mini-game.

      After this update I've gone from "neat" to "Oh man, I can't wait to play this!"