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A weird west tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG.
A weird west tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG.
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One Giant Leap for Hard West but One Giant Leap.. wait

Posted by PlayWay (Creator)
Hard West Key Art by Romano Molenaar
Hard West Key Art by Romano Molenaar

The tl;dr version

  • We have partnered with the awesome folks at Gambitious to help us bring Hard West to the market.
  • Everything is coming along nicely, we're aiming for a Fall release with very high confidence.
  • Partnering with a publisher doesn't change anything for Backers, you wonderful creatures, you. You'll still be getting everything you're supposed to and our undying gratitude.
  • The official site of the game is HERE and the Steam page is HERE (wishlist *wink*)

Gambitious has entered the fight

The incredible support you have given us here on Kickstarter has been invaluable and instrumental in making Hard West happen. While almost all of you have your copies of the game secured (in some cases for you AND your friends), we wanted to introduce as many gamers as we can to the unforgiving Weird West. This is where our friends at Gambitious Digital Entertainment come in. As a publishing label born in the same velociraptor nest as Devolver Digital and working closely together, they believe in the same approach to games: putting them first. In short: making games awesome instead of burying developers in PTS reports. With their help, we'll be showing the game to the media and gamers at shows like Gamescom and PAX Prime and focusing on improving the final gaming experience for everyone. Together we're aiming to release Hard West this Fall (or Autumn, if Downton Abbey is your thing). All Backer rewards, including a DRM-free version of the game, remain unchanged. There's a taste of some of them in this update but we'll have even more details for you soon.

A teaser page from the Hard West comic book by Piotr Michalczyk
A teaser page from the Hard West comic book by Piotr Michalczyk

The state of the game

The game has matured incredibly since the Aspirton Bank Robbery demo which you got to play in May. Many of us on the CFG team are experienced developers but it never ceases to amaze us just how drastically everything improves once several game systems all click into place at the same time. Naturally there's still a huge amount of work ahead of us, from polishing and tweaking to balancing the game, until it's ready for release but with each passing day it gets closer and closer to our vision which you helped kickstart last year. We're focused on making the game as presentable as possible for the media at Gamescom in Cologne next week, where we'll show the game to people other than yourselves for the first time. Then, at the end of August in Seattle, we'll bring Hard West to PAX Prime so if you're there, come visit us and take the demo for a spin!

An oil-drilling operation
An oil-drilling operation

Sounds good, looks good

As we mentioned in the previous update, the incredibly talented Marcin Przybylowicz (of The Witcher 3 fame, among other things) is creating the soundtrack for Hard West. You can get a taste of his work for us in the haunting sample piece called Nightmare Ritual.

Have you noticed the artwork at the top of the page? It's a Hard West poster created by Romano Molenaar and his studio Artking. Comic book fans among you will recognize Romano from his extensive work for DC Comics and Marvel. He was very excited by the possibilities of the Weird West world of the game and we feel privileged having been able to work with him on this striking piece of art.

Moving forward

We'll definitely have another demo for you, dear Backers, before the game's release. There's also a lot of exciting stuff to share and show, including backer t-shirts designed by our art director Remi, more information about the strategic map gameplay and details of our appearance at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA. Stay tuned and watch your back!

Take me to church
Take me to church
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    1. alcaray on

      Glad to hear that. And I apologize for the kerfluffle.

      I recommend GOG highly, as a DRM-free distribution point. They give wonderful customer support for people who have difficulty running their games. Also I have a definite animus to those who give monopolies to certain distribution points. Anyhow, I appreciate that no promises nor statement of intent were made during the campaign concerning distribution points used to sell the completed game (other than to highlight the use of Steam).

    2. PlayWay 19-time creator on


      A backer demo is a demo for backers. As in, the 'exclusive backer access' builds we have been providing. Those, as stated below, will most likely be limited to PC Steam.

      The game will, of course, be available DRM-free for those who are interested in such a version.

    3. alcaray on


      So on the campaign page where it says: "Per backers' request, the game will be released in a DRM free version as well available for all backers along with the Steam keys." this means Steam-only to you?

      And in their faq when they answer the question: "Will there be a DRM-free version of the game, or just Steam?" with the answer: "Yes, there will be both a Steam and a DRM-free version available to every back (sic) with Steam keys." this means Steam-only to you?

      Also, I had the following message dialog with them:

      Me: "What won't be available to non-Steam users? If you get the info out there now, you will have fewer screaming haters, later."

      Playway: "Well, steam early access for one, but I can't think of anything else :-)"

      Me: "Remembering some stuff from other Kickstarters that weren't equal between Steam and non-Steam...

      DLC unavailable.

      User generated content severely limited.

      Delayed patches and updates.

      Having to download an entire install package instead of just a patch for updates.

      Anyhow, I guess I will give it a try."

      Playway: "Thank you very much for the info! We'll look into that. That helps a lot!"

    4. Amanda Helstrom-White on

      @alcaray everything from the campaign indicated this was going to be a game released only Steam.

    5. alcaray on

      I'm not sure what a "Backer demo" is. I'm afraid I do know and I'm trying hard not to become angry. But let's just clarify: are you saying that the only way for a backer to get a copy of your game will be through Steam?

    6. PlayWay 19-time creator on

      Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words! While the Mac and Linux versions are planned for release, it would cost us a lot of precious time to also prepare demos on those platforms. We want to spend the maximum effort on making the core game great so we'll have to keep the Backer demos to PC Steam. Thanks for understanding.

    7. Missing avatar

      dhillr on

      A beautiful soundtrack. Thanks for the update.

    8. Andrew Tuckett on

      That music track is epic. Liking the screenshots too, good work developers!

    9. alcaray on

      And since people are touting their priorities: a non-Steam version that I can get my hands on please.

    10. Eugene on

      Congrats! Please, don't forget us, backers on Macs;)

    11. JL on

      Yes! I'll be at PAX, look forward to seeing you guys there!

    12. Radd Berkheiser on

      Also curious about Mac & Linux status moving forward.

    13. Peter Kelly

      That al sounds really great. Any word on a Linux demo for us Linux backers?