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Survival Horror game set in Hell.
Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
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Our publishing deal

Posted by PlayWay (Creator)


Our latest news appeared to by highly commented by many of you. You have a lot of questions about our new publishing deal, so let us clarify most important facts:

- Agony will be released in boxes, globally, in most major markets
- Additional publisher DOES NOT have any rights giving him the ability to force even the smallest changes in Agony.

You can read more about it here for example: (Polish website),132329,21893883,playway-ma-umowe-dystrybucyjna-gier-agony-i-car-mechanic.html

Moving the release date was a difficult decision but we decided to do so because we know that it will have a positive impact on the project. Don't treat that change like a punishment for releasing Agony in boxes. Look at it from a different perspective. We have now the ability to expand the game, which will give you many more hours of gameplay now. Agony is not a game for 3, 5 or 10 hours. This is a long and unforgettable story, a world full of secrets, waiting for players to discover. We will give you boss fights, "Agony mode" with randomly generated levels, seven different endings in story mode, huge replayability and an additional playable character that you asked us about in hundreds of emails. We got a chance to refine Agony and we want to use it in 666%

Be patient, we are a small team with great ambition and determination. We want to give you the most refined product because we know that's what you expect.

We can also assure you that Madmind will never sign a contract that could harm our games. It is never easy to find investor who will not interfere with our vision, but we have never even considered other options. We want to create games for mature customers, according to our assumptions and a vision that we will always defend.

Also, take into account that we never gave a specific release date for Agony. We were aiming for the second quarter of 2017, but we had to change it because of the reasons we described above. We get hundreds of emails and comments asking about the release date, but for now, we can not answer them. For now, we can say that we aim to release it before the end of 2017. But you will have to wait for the official release date announcement, and it will only appear when we have 100% certainty. We do not want to give you a specific release date and later change it.

Anyways, Are you ready for E3? Because we are! :)

Have a great weekend!
Madmind Studio

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Linton on

      Game nor even the demo made it to the ps4 which was promised when I became a backer. They do t provide any real updates just messaged trying to get you to back other projects. You've been warned.

    2. Camerun Grant on

      Madmind Studio, you guys are great. :)

    3. Camerun Grant on

      "Additional publisher DOES NOT have any rights giving him the ability to force even the smallest changes in Agony."


    4. David Carter on

      *Cough. Halloween. *Cough. Was really let down by last years selection of horror games.

    5. River

      If y'all are indeed going to E3 I'm gonna find you and give you some cookies :D

    6. Jesper on

      Ah thank you for the follow-up post. :) Thanks for clarifying some aspects. I have faith in you guys, and I hope to see more footage and screens sooooon. Hopefully very soon!

    7. Missing avatar

      Akriloth on

      I'm still waiting for a reply in the pm or even email about an issue. I'd hate for the issue to be late to get resolved because nobody replied back.

    8. Justin on

      omg that is awesome news :) i came in today early to work and got me all excited seing this ...awesome!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Aaron J. Weber

      My level of excitement for this news is absolutely unquantifiable

    10. Missing avatar


      Nice for a change to see backers showing some understanding and creators being open and honest. A rather enjoyable thing for once. Anyway, just like the other, delay doesn't matter as long as you stay true to what you had in mind in the first place!

    11. Martin Bergmann on

      I don't back many projects on KS but yours is an exception, because it clearly showed great vision and no compromises. If that's still guaranteed I don't mind when the release comes. Just make the best game you can, and a game you can be totally proud of!

    12. JT

      I am ok with this and as long as you guys have total creative freedom. Please don't limit your game based on the publisher, push the boundaries and do what you feel you want. Don't dumb down the game for the masses, unless you can keep the original game (uncut) on pc and the cut one on console.

    13. Missing avatar

      Crush on

      I´m also for as much gore as possible. The time to make it ready is no problem - I can wait for years if necessary.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alex Xeno on

      I'm less worried about the deal you guys made and more worried by what hoops you guys will have to jump thought to not get adult ratings for things like the esbr and pegi. Do you have any worries about this or plans in place for this already?

    15. Stefan on

      I'd prefer you to take your time making it the mature game you have always wanted and we know, will be amazing.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dypsis on

      Madmind Studio, you have my full support. It's not often that you get an opportunity like this, and I know that it takes time to make a work as perfect as you can possibly imagine. So, even if it takes you until 2018 to finish Agony, I will gladly wait for it.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Chenette on

      I'm glad you folks had the decency to respond to the concerns. I just want to point this out though: I, at least, seriously don't care about the box. The box is the thing I throw in the garbage so that I can play the game. The pretty picture will literally end up in the garbage within a day or so of getting the package. Thanks for explaining what other game features will be put in during that time though. That part is genuinely good. I'm still not happy about this but it doesn't sting as much knowing that we're definitely getting a funding tier bump out of the deal. Instead of releasing around my birthday now though it just comes out "whenever" because of a box. argh. but ok.

    18. Edward Drummond

      Patience is a virtue after all. Please, take your time and refine it for us as the glorious vision you foreseen. Every extra day is a better/longer/less buggy end product. :)

    19. Threemoons

      What @Blossom said--I would like the opportunity to upgrade to a physical edition and not have to pay twice.

    20. Threemoons

      What @Blossom said--I would like the opportunity to upgrade to a physical edition and not have to pay twice.

    21. laracroft on

      Yes, take your time, the game will be better for it :)

    22. Missing avatar

      iceman on

      Lots of female demons please :D

    23. MannyLaMancha on

      Take your time. :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Douglas Cartee on

      @Blossom Kremer

      I rather doubt it. I can't speak for Madmind here, but the logistics of that could be especially difficult because they can no longer except money through Kickstarter. You'd need to pay with an alternative method, and that could get pretty messy pretty fast.
      It'd also mean Madmind would have to ship the products themselves rather than the publisher, and I kind of doubt they want to set aside any money to cover the potential overseas shipping fees.

      If this was like a limited run Collector's edition box, I'd be inclined to agree and say they should make efforts to allow their Kickstarter backers to reserve one before they release to stores. But since it's not, I don't think it's a big deal. I'd more than happily buy the game again for a physical copy.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tom W on

      Thank you for the clarification on the publisher and the impact they will/won't have on the development.

      Not terribly concerned about a release date. Take your time and do it right.

    26. Missing avatar

      Diederik on

      It's important that you take the time to make the game you envision. Forget about all the people who want the game as fast as possible, just make the most amazing game ever and have fun on E3 ;)

    27. Missing avatar

      Charles Cx on

      No problem, this stuff happens and people who expect a tight schedule shouldn't be on KS. It's good you are being as open as you can about what is happening though.

    28. anseme on

      IMHO you guyz better polish the game and especially VR version of this as long as you can to get most ppl to be satisfied for this gama.

      Prefer to wait a little more then get fast some pese of shit =) and wait patches etc...

    29. Blossom Kremer

      But the most important thing that needs to be answered is: will backers be able to get a physical copy/opportunity to upgrade to a physical copy? I definitely don't mind a delay as long as I don't have to pay for the game twice.