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Survival Horror game set in Hell.
Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
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Agony Cover Art!

Posted by PlayWay (Creator)

Hello, world!

Today we would like to share with you an amazing news. We have managed to make a deal with an additional publisher, which give us an opportunity to distribute Agony in physical form!
Therefore, we ask you to help us choose the cover of the game. We have prepared four versions of Agony's cover and we are sincerely looking forward to Your feedback. Your votes will help us choose cover You can proudly put into your games collection!

Log in to Facebook and vote. The vote will end on June 11, 2017

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Due to the fact that Agony will be released in a boxed version, all game content has to be submitted much earlier, than in a case of only digital version. (Sending marketing materials to stores, creating thousands of physical boxes, and many other changes in the game itself, which must meet the additional requirements of the box version). As a result, we decided to postpone Agony's release for several months.
This will also give us extra time to polish and expand the game. We decided to take advantage of this opportunity and give Agony fans something they fought during the Kickstarter campaign and what was unfortunately not financed - more playable characters! Many of You have asked for it, so expect something amazing and hot in this respect!
We have also added a number of different endings to the game, which will be an award for the most hardcore players, who will take their time to find all of the secrets, hiding in the shadows of hell. It is also worth mentioning that all seven endings joins together, and creates one complete story!

Please have a moment of patience and support. We do what we can to meet your hellishly high expectations and give you a long and engaging game with a vibrant, living world!

/ Madmind Studio


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    1. Julian Vactner on

      Hard choice! Top left or bottom left.

    2. Camerun Grant on

      Top left or bottom left.

      So happy Agony is getting a physical copy! Guess I'm buying another copy then, it's worth it to have in my collection. :)

      Also, great job, you guys seem to have been working hard!

    3. IGotGreatTaste on

      top left and top right grab me the most

    4. Justin on

      I dont have fbook either anymore.

    5. Justin on

      #1 or , #3..... def not #4

    6. Missing avatar

      Jesse Blackham on

      I hate to say it, but to the people voting here, I don't think they're counting votes in the comment section. I don't use Facebook either and it seems a little odd to have the voting be on that site and not here, you know, where people came to put money toward the game. I'm a bit curious though as to how many kickstarter games end up getting publishers. It seems to defeat the purpose of kickstarter. Certainly you could use the money from digital sales to pay for the cost to make physical copies and not have to share a cut with a publisher. So, the backers would get their digital copies and the people that didn't back and want physical copies can be the ones that have to wait. Just a thought. The delay doesn't bother me though. I have a backlog of games I need to finish first.

    7. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      I believe publishers can end up ruining most games actually. They force developers to do things that could ruin aspects of the game. Agony could end up getting censored if the publishers don't like what they see. I have asked questions before on the Kickstarter page and have never had them answered. I have seen this happen to others too. The only reason they are adding more stuff to the game now is to try and justify this huge delay that was caused by the physical copies. On the subject of the physical copies, two of the cover arts don't look like they stand a chance of being allowed on store shelves.

    8. Eric McElroy on

      I don't have a Facebook anymore! Cutting back on social media.

      So, please take my vote here.

      I vote for the Top Left cover

    9. Missing avatar

      Christian Middeldorf on

      I don't have facebook anymore. Therefore I'm writing down my choice here: Top left.

    10. Jesper on

      Connor White: More publishers means more money, meaning a better game in the long run. It's not the end of the world to wait a few extra months to get an even better game, is it? And even though I don't use facebook, they seem plenty active on their agony page. Physical may not be what people wanted, but it's gonna benefit them in the long run. More sales might even give us Agony DLC in the future.

    11. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      How can you still defend the devs every decision? The devs have shown quite poor communication with backers this entire time and then suddenly out of nowhere the game is delayed by several months. And not even for a good reason! How can anybody not be disappointed with this announcement?

    12. Missing avatar

      Ray izquierdo on

      How do I get a physical copy?

    13. Koochi on

      @lara, yea but those ppl who feel butthurt saying "so I gotta wait for something I didn't back...blablabla" will say "why should I pay more money because the devs want to include a physical edition of the game that wasn't available from the beginning of KS and where I have spend extra time waiting to get my game for"... You know it :P and I can see their point there.

    14. laracroft on

      @nascimento, As Koochi says, no slang, just keeping it PG-13, so wallet... With teeth it is :P

      Really think the devs should use something like backerkit (or the Agony official website), and introduce a new KS "Physical Copy" tier to allow existing backers to get a physical copy of the game if they want one. This would also allow backers to up there pledge to cover it if that's what's needed.

    15. Missing avatar

      gertschi on

      Facebook sucks...
      As for the vote - top left is my favourite.
      I like the contrast of the hellish flames and character to the dark background.

    16. Missing avatar

      Zachary on

      Excellent news. Really glad to see the multiple characters being worked into the game; always gives a good increase to replayability.
      As far as the cover art (I also do not use facebook) the fiery Onoskelis looks solid.
      Hell is looking brighter.

    17. Eduardo on

      The first one is the BEST

    18. Koochi on

      @nascimento, haha nope, no slang. We're just keeping it PG-13, so wallet... With teeth it is :P

      ... The refunders have arisen in lieu of this update. Well, it was to be expected...

    19. Seppo Seppälä

      Bottom left for me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rémi Claret on

      the first cover art is the best. But how long must I waiting to an answer about corpse name from your previous update ? I'm worried

    21. Missing avatar

      Nascimento on

      As far as I am concerned, take all the time you need to make a great game.
      Just try not to lose your soul (wink wink) by censoring your artistic vision on the "boxed version" altar.
      Top left picture has my vote (or bottom left as a second choice) ... I think that makes me a leftist without a facebook account.
      To Koochi and laracroft : an open wallet maybe (is that slang ?) ... but with teeth ^^

    22. Missing avatar

      Chris Chenette on

      What does "several months" mean and do I read this correctly to mean that "expect something amazing" means the next Kickstarter reward tier is being thrown in as compensation for forcing us to wait for a box version when we explicitly selected Digital? Also, isn't changing the release date a breach of the terms on which this game was funded via Kickstarter?

    23. Catiusmoth on

      Top left is winning on FB... (for the ones that do not have one)

    24. Missing avatar

      Robin Smith on

      As many others have mentioned, I am not on the dreaded facebook either but I would vote for the top left image.

    25. Catiusmoth on

      Hello there!

      So, i'll go with the top left one... IMO is it's the best one... the other options, they look great, but too cartoon-ish... whereas the first one really gives you the feeling that the game is gonna be an "Agony" ... pun intended.... as for the delay on the release, do your thing, as i'd rather have a complete game, than a dissapointment after a loooot of time of waiting...

      Finally, I'D PAY WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET A PHYSICAL COPY OF IT!! from the very beginning i thought this was gonna be physical rather than digital.. and now, please make it possible!!!


    26. Lehane Richards

      So, the people that didn't want a physical copy now have to wait 'several months' for a game that should be out now due to a 'feature' they don't want. Very unhappy with this. I would like clarification on what 'several months' really means, as I'm sure others would, too.

    27. Kraken on

      I also despise Facebook,
      So I vote Bottom left.

    28. Jesper on

      This is really good news! I'm so happy you can expand the game even more. 7 endings? Oh wow. The way you said they join together to make a complete story, makes me think of nier automata. :P

      But one thing I always worry about is censorship. Won't it get a bit more "controlled" now that there's another publisher? Ah well.

      I like the first 3 pics, with maybe the second being my favorite. But then the third is the most iconic one, I think. Oh and... you guys could always use strawpoll!

    29. Koochi on

      Good to know I'm not the only person not using facebook... Or basically all other social media platform.

      The reason I also stated lower left is due to it being shelf friendly as someone pointed out. The bottom right is too graphic for shelves, but good as a poster. The upper left shows something you at first don't understand what the meaning is and the upper right is just creepy :P it looks like lara pointed out like an open wallet!

    30. n0ra on

      Too bad, I do not use Facebook.
      I'm glad to hear that you're going to add some new elements to the game thanks to the time it will take for box marketing.

      You could also use Twitter for votes ...

    31. Missing avatar

      Tom W on

      I also don't have Facebook.

      Just curious what impact an additional publisher will have on the content and direction of the game?

      The added stretch goals are nice, but hopefully nothing will be changed or removed or censored.

      More distribution and buying options are great.

      My concern with Kickstarter is publishers jumping into the mix late and what effect that has on the projects, and on Kickstarter in general.

    32. Denis on

      I don't have Facebook, my vote is top right.

    33. Mykll Valiant

      I like the top left one. But have to consider this will be on a box. Sitting on a store shelf. So you have to be careful. So then because of that I like the top right one.

    34. Missing avatar

      ahmed Raslan on

      I guess it is what it is. Its never good to do a release date then get excited to tell your backers that a bunch of cool stuff could happen but then you gotta be patient for several months(no date) and wait. Heres some things that would make the people here not get frusterated as they were waiting for a june release, one would be to(since the physical copy is the reason for the huge delay)give all kickstarters who donated for ps4 and xbox one a physical copy of the game and maybe a cool note thanking them or showing your gratefulness to their support and two, giving a reasonable release date...Several months is a bit....vague. I mean you already took our money so there isnt much we can do except learn from our mistakes in the future if we feel it was a mistake...Im personally not there yet,but i am dissapointed. hopefully you take my advice and give everyone who pledged on console a physical copy at least. If not,then this wait doesnt have any value except for you to supposedly polish the game...I honestly hate that excuse...Im pretty sure there are early access games everywhere being"polished". That would have been a better way in my opinion but since your game is going to be published in physical copies and youll be making a significant boost in sales, i bet you actually realized you need to make the game better than what you had already created for us.

    35. laracroft on

      Congrats on getting another publisher on board, I'm fine with the extra months wait for the game, extra features will make Agony even more hellish!. I'd also love to be able to upgrade my pledge to include a physical copy of the game if possible.

      Game cover art, my first choice would be the upper left, with the bottom left as my second choice.

      Also that gap in pic 2 (Koochi) looks like, well, you know, it looks like a . . dare I say it . .an empty wallet, there I've said it now, I hope KS don't censor it :XD

    36. Florian Rathcke on

      Oh, and I like the silouette thing in number two. Add some depth and transports the game's concept in an intelligent manner.

    37. Florian Rathcke on

      I do like artwork one and two, whereas number two has the strongest icon impact. Three is too static and has no line for the eye that sucks you in. And number four is a bit to 80s splatter movie for my taste. But that is just me ;)

    38. Conrad Yonosenada

      I don't do FB so if it helps, I'd leave my vote here:

      1- 2nd Pic from top
      2- 1st pic from top

      Hope that helps!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ashrak Aiemain on

      I don't have Facebook, so I'll leave my vote here for what it's worth. The first option/upper-left seems the best. Shows off the character, and is a little different than most box art.

      It would definitely be cool to have a way for backers to upgrade to physical, but I understand if it can't be done.

    40. Missing avatar

      Milkgod on

      A physical copy sounds brilliant! I'n loving the top right or the bottom left cover art! Hope you guys don't get too much backlash for the postpone, I rather it be late and a brilliant game then out early and not be as good.

      I would love to know if you plan to let backers pay extra for a physical copy, also when will we get the posters? Can't wait to frame those up and have graphical images of hell in my room!

      best of luck

    41. xlordt on

      Loving the first one

    42. Koochi on

      Okay first, congratz on getting an additional publisher! For the box art, I'd say number 3, but all look great. Number 3 just conveys the character ppl will associate with the game the most, so that's the best to spread the game.
      Furthermore (that word has such a negative ring to it doesn't it :P), anybody can tell me what the gap in pic 2 looks like gets a star! XD I saw it and immediately thought 'this was done on purpose! XD' (yes actually with saying ex-dee in my head).

      I like polishing, but you will get ppl who'll be mad for the extra months, so be prepared. Good luck on your travels traversing hell to bring hell to us guys!

    43. Birne Gilmore loves Deus Lo Vult on

      I would chose the upper left... Looks most interesting ;)

      And as you give us more features for the game just take your time. Do it the best way possible, not the fastest ;)

    44. Brandon Storm on

      The idea of having a physical copy of this on my shelf just made my day.

    45. Blossom Kremer

      Will there be a possibility for us backers to upgrade to a physical copy?