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Designed to smartly carry your valuables on quick runs.
Designed to smartly carry your valuables on quick runs.
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FITLY - the Most Exciting and Innovative Running Pack




As FITLY is getting discovered by the Outdoor and Running communities, the feedbacks we are receiving are AMAZING!!  We are truly humbled by the positive comments and wanted to post some of them:  

Thank you for your support!



Millions of runners face the same issue every time they go out for a quick run: How to efficiently carry small personal items (cell phone, keys, ID, cards, etc.) while running free and in complete comfort?

FITLY, a Minimalist Running Pack solves it in a totally new way; one rooted in biomechanics, decades of endurance training experiences and the focus on what's essential.  

If you are a runner, like 100% of our testers, you will absolutely LOVE your FITLY too!  




Runners care a lot about product performance.  In the making of FITLY, we logged hundreds of miles, challenging every inch of every component.  We are proud to say that FITLY has the most cutting-edge components available today.  

FITLY is a World's First with its totally awesome patent pending Thoracic Belt System: two subpectoral front pockets attached to a stretch belt that retracts slightly so all items are kept in place when you run and are naturally accessible without affecting your running form.  


1. The Awesome Thoracic Belt System

Picture yourself running. Your hands naturally swing by your thorax making it very convenient to store and retrieve small personal items in the two subpectoral pockets without any impact on your running form. No need to stop or modify your gait to securely store a car key your friend just handed to you or to retrieve a gel.

The Thoracic Belt has a gentle stretch (retraction force) which locks all items in place. Nothing moves. No bouncing is possible and the retraction force is calculated to be soft enough to not affect breathing. 

This Patent Pending invention is incredibly useful during vigorous activities, especially runners who want to safely carry a few personal items.

The right pocket has three mini-slots to put away loose coins, a key, lip balm stick, or maybe a beautiful shell you pick up during your morning run so they do not rattle during your peaceful run! 


2. The amazing Fidlock™ Magnetic Fastener

The Fidlock system combines two fastening concepts in one: a magnetic snap and a mechanical lock that clips tightly around 1 of 3 positions, offering useful adjustments while on the run.  

  Fidlock revolutionizes traditional fastening systems.

3. All-Weather, No Bouncing Phone Slot 

Cell phones are important for security, communication, music, orientation and training logs (apps).  They're so essential, we see people running with them in their hands daily. When asked if they'd prefer to stick it in FITLY and the reaction is always the same.  

Cell phones are expensive, what if it rains?   You need to protect it!

FITLY's Phone Slot is exactly designed to host your cell phone with two significant advantages over almost any other solution:

  • Your cell phone is locked into place in a pouch that sticks to your body, follows its every move so bouncing is impossible.
  • FITLY is water resistant. Your phone is protected from the toughest weather.

With today's headphone button, voice control, and smartwatches, hundreds of phone commands are readily available without the need to stop and access your phone:  Play Music, Skip, Answer/hang up, Call home, Play Radio, Hear messages, etc. Your phone is tucked away, entirely protected from the weather yet perfectly available.

Phone in: slide and lock it in.  

Phone Out: a nifty drawing mechanism makes it easy to pull your phone out. 

Your headphone cable is routed through the cable slot and special webbings on the straps so loose cables do not dangle.

4. High-Durability CORDURA® Fabric

Constructed using high tenacity military-grade fiber technologies, the CORDURA® fabric is exceptionally durable and puncture resistant. 

Our prototypes have been used hundreds of time, under heavy rain, and gallons of sweat with no sign of deterioration.  The fabric is "best in class", used in high-end mountain guide equipment, made to endure the toughest weather.



5. A nice touch of Green Innovation.

S.Café® is an eco-friendly (Cradle to Cradle certified) soft fabric that combines nylon yarns and recycled ground coffee at the cellular level. The fascinating benefit is natural odor resistance.  Green innovation is a win-win!  The S.Café® fabric also naturally cools your skin temperature down!

Sweat, drizzle, pouring rain, FITLY’s 200% UltraWick is a techno-fabric that drains moisture and leaves you dry.  So soft, wear it on your bare skin!

Run, sweat, rinse, hang… repeat! 

6. Silent Zipper Tabs

FITLY is equipped with YKK special noise-free zipper tabs.  The tabs cannot move when you run so annoying ticking noise are impossible.  

Silence is gold.

7. Smart Multi-Compartments

All you need for a quick run precisely fits in one of FITLY’s multiple compartments. 

  • One Large pocket with your phone slot and a larger compartment where many types of items can be stored.  
  • Two Medium pockets on the back to store keys, additional gels, credit cards, ID, cash, etc. 
  • A clever “secret" Side pocket with a vertical zip to store your most valuable items as well as hydration up to 400 ml/13.5Oz if needed.   

All water resistant.

NB: We have posted a list of items designed to be stored for each pocket sizes at the bottom of the page. 

8. X-Shape Body Symmetry  

Using the steadiness of your upper back and chest area, FITLY’s X-Shape distributes the weight to snugly fit your body contour.  It allows free running movements while preserving total body symmetry.  

A pleasant feeling of wearing almost nothing…

9. Bilateral CleverAdjust

FITLY has five easy adjustments to make it your own: 

  • Two bilateral straps adjustments to lower the belt (up and down) so it is correctly positioned below the pectoral muscles. 
  • Two bilateral thoracic belt adjustments to reach sizes varying from 26 in/67 cm (XS) to 41 in/105 cm (XL).  Your band size is calculated below the pectoral muscles/breasts (same as a cardio or the bottom portion of a bra (band)).  
  • The fifth adjustment is the three-pronged Fidlock Fastening System (see above) with 1 in/2.5 cm micro-adjustments at the front of the belt, useful while running.


10. Packed with Water Resistance  

Drizzle or pour, the PU-coated Cordura fabric is water-resistant. It does not make FITLY waterproof but resistant to endure the toughest weather!  

  • The phone slot brings additional moisture protection to the phone.  
  • A fully waterproof liner separates your back from the pockets making it impossible for sweat to affect the pockets' contents.  

No need to time the weather, postpone a work-out or try to outrun the oncoming storm.  No need for a plastic bag either!  Just keep on running and know your valuables are protected.  Very useful!

11. Safety Reflective Bands  

Front and back safety reflective bands as well as silver reflective logos for your night adventures. See and be seen!  

Also available is a 2 inch long webbing to attach an additional light.  It is especially important for bikers on an early morning ride. 

12. Whistle

Trivial but important, we placed a mini whistle directly in the front pocket so it can be immediately accessed. 



FITLY is a running accessory made for quick runs. The majority of people (85%) we surveyed run with 2 or more items, the most frequent are Cell Phones and keys (car, house, hotel). 

Of the 15% remaining, half would prefer having their cell phone for security and communication in the case of an incident but had not found a suitable way to carry it. 

For longer runs, where hydration and heavier gear affects performance, lots of options already exist.  Hydration is important but less of a focus in short runs (sub 45 min).  You can carry 130 ml/4.4 oz jugs or flasks in one of the front pockets and about 3X as much in the secret pocket. can do less!  

Light and thin FITLY is also a clever solution to carry small personal items for travel, day trips, and less vigorous activities, such as kayaking, walking, hiking or just a visit to the museum or a city event. For travel, stick your passport or wallet in the “secret” side pocket for added protection. Wear your FITLY under your jacket for complete security.



Three different color accents:



Once you have pledged, we will reach out to you for your color selection. In the meantime, all FITLY should be considered the same.  Only the pledge amount or quantities vary (Flock).




I love FITLY! I’ve tried multiple running belts and bags and they all ride up or move once I get going. And the material never seems to keep my phone safe from moisture. FITLY stayed snug, fit comfortably, and it kept my phone dry!”  

 "FITLY is extraordinary, a true gift to the running community".  

 "I wanted to keep the prototype I tested!".  

 I have been a runner my entire life and FITLY is one of the best product I’ve ever used. I can jog or sprint with my wallet, phone, and keys and it won’t move even with the added weight. It feels just like a part of your body”.  

 "I am running every other day after work and from work. I absolutely need my phone and have to take my car key with me. I tested FITLY. Nothing ever moves and my phone is 100% protected even when it rains. NEED ONE!".




Jean-Marc created it. Yohan designed it. Nicolas made it happen technically. Olag gave it a beautiful visual identity. Nicolas made the world aware of it and David is about to fabricate it!  All above average experts in their respective fields.

FITLY is a reality thanks to their dedication and selfless generosity.


FITLY has been in the works for a long time:

  • every time our cell phone was bouncing in our running belts,
  • or the armband was either too squeezy or too lose,
  • or the bottom of a backpack was rubbing us the wrong way,
  • or the price was prohibitively expensive,
  • or the use of plastic bags was the best moisture barrier we could find,
  • or simply whenever we handed over our stuff to someone else to make it work... 

A visual patchwork of FITLY's evolution:


List of items per pocket:


Risks and challenges

A Korean company will manufacture FITLY in Vietnam. They already manufacture around 700K products per year. Capacity is not an issue and they are skilled at complex / low volume / high-end projects.
No projects are ever without risks yet FITLY's V3 and V4 prototypes already worked. We no longer have significant technical roadblocks.

As soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends, we will use the funds to trigger the 1st production run. We already have all Quality Control processes in place. Manufacturing takes about 100 days so the biggest risk at this point is a delay in shipping (customs, transit, etc).

We also visited many running stores and received overwhelmingly positive feedbacks...


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