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An explorative portrait of life in Seoul, South Korea at the top of the Starcraft 2 food chain

Edit: Thank you all so very much! I am quite floored we went from zero to funded overnight! Words cannot express my gratitude except to say you are all what makes e-sports great! Lets keep the donations coming in. Remember the bigger the budget, the longer we stay in Seoul. We want to make this as amazing as possible!

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Sons of Starcraft

If you play Starcraft 2 then you know Tastosis, a team of two nerds casting video game matches and living the good life in South Korea.

What you may not know is how they got there in the first place. How did these guys drop their lives, move across an ocean and become one of the most influential casting teams in the world today? How do you get to sick nerd baller from just plain nerd? That's what we want to find out.


We want to live with professional Starcraft 2 casters Tasteless and Artosis for one month in Seoul and document their lives.

We're going to tell their story, how they met, how they started casting, the risks they took to get to Korea and what they went through when they got there. A secondary narrative will parallel Tastosis story with the stories of other pros who have also risked and sacrificed to get to the top. 

The thing that sets this project apart from other films of its type is that we get to live with our subjects. We will have 24 hour-a-day access and get to film them at ANY time.

Why are You Doing This?

There is no more enthralling, magnetic and or wholly new thing today than the Starcraft world. It has become more than just a game to follow or an economy to build. It is a culture, a family and a philosophy. It is a top down game that spawned a bottom up society, where the stars are the fans and the fans are the stars. We want to show what its like to live the life of a Starcraft heavyweight in the world epicenter and birthplace of modern professional gaming.  

Where is My Money Going?

All of the funds will be used for production costs such as:

- Hiring professional post production, sound, graphic design people and a translator

- Purchasing equipment, lights, lenses, hard drives, gels, stands, umbrellas, light meter etc. 

- The Kickbacks pressing dvds, making posters, creating a site to download the film and buying t-shirts

-Travel expenses like plane tickets and food while we are there

-The plan is to stay for one month but depending on funding the stay can be longer

As it stands we are ready to make a bad-ass Youtube video. With your help we can make a piece of gaming history.

Thank you,

Jeffrey Alejos

Director of Photography 

****Video from Tasteless here:****


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