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The Dying Times - an original zombie/horror novel/book's video poster

New zombie apocalypse novel seeks funding for launch by living dead enthusiasts after receiving multiple five star reviews! Read more

Brandon, MS Fiction
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This project was successfully funded on December 10, 2010.

New zombie apocalypse novel seeks funding for launch by living dead enthusiasts after receiving multiple five star reviews!

Brandon, MS Fiction
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About this project

Do you like zombies?

Recent Updates:

#1: Bookmarks (2"x8") added to all pledge levels for free, equal to the number of books you are receiving from your pledge. (Electronic book pledgers WILL receive the bookmark with their certification letter!)

#2: As a thank you to those who have enough faith and generosity to support the project, all those that pledge $5.00 or more will receive the electronic copy of the book, regardless of whether or not the project reaches or exceeds its goal.

#3: Added the $16 option, check it out on the right. More bang for your buck!

#4: You made it to $500! Is it over? No, it's just the beginning! Now, everyone is guaranteed to receive their rewards, and there is still plenty of room for more backers!

#5: Check Updates tab for sample commercials and voice your opinions on which one you like the best!

What is this project about?

The Dying Times: Nadene's Story is the first novel in the Survivor Chronicles series written by Brian Kittrell and being published by Late Nite Books. It has received very good reviews from non-family/non-friend reviewers, including Whispering Winds Book Reviews, the Midwest Book Review, and others.

The book's description is as follows: "When the United States faces off against a Zairian warlord, no one could have predicted the outcome: apocalypse at the hands of the living dead. This story tracks the experiences of one Nadene Schafer, a 13-year-old girl with a strange and special talent, on her journey with other survivors who are trying to survive on a day to day basis. They soon find that surviving is not easy."

$500 is alot of money

The price tag is rather high, but the price of everything is going up. Over 90% of this figure comes purely from advertising estimates, as that is the most expensive thing related to the publishing business; writing, printing, binding, quality control, and other concerns are only just the beginning compared to marketing and advertising.

If more is donated to the project, more will be spent on advertising, thus spreading the message even farther. And, so long as the limit is reached, everyone will receive their pledge rewards! $500 (plus a bit of my own money) will get some good, hearty advertising. $1,000 opens up alot more options and helps pay for some of the production costs, and $8,000 or more would allow the book to be promoted on a prime time television commercial similar to the video you see above (only shorter).

I believe only in the highest production values, as the movie and the finished copy of the book shows.

What's the plan?

The plan is to raise enough money to publish, distribute, and advertise the book. Through proper funding, the project can get the kind of love it needs on costly issues, especially in the advertising arena.

The overall goal is to raise enough money to get the book its own commercial during AMC's The Walking Dead series (or, at least during prime time AMC viewing) so that it can receive the proper exposure it needs near another zombie-themed work. With 11 million viewers on the first, pilot episode of the show, it is clear that this is the best opportunity to reach the target audience.

What will the money be used for?

All of the funds of this project will be used for advertising, publication, and distribution costs associated with launching a brand new book, and some small portion of each pledge will go towards the purchasing of that pledge's rewards, having them shipped, signed, and shipped back out again.

None of the funding for this project will be wasted or spent on frivolous things; every bit of it will be spent on the intended purpose.

Not convinced that I'm serious?

I have already poured a great deal of time, energy, and effort into this book, and I can demonstrate that with both some sample chapters and with the video at the top of the project page above.

The book itself is already published and awaiting distribution through the major retailers: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and many others through Ingram Books' distribution channels.

I'm dead serious about seeing this project succeed, pun fully intended! In a way it has already succeeded by being published, but the real success comes from seeing as many people as possible enjoying the title.

Not convinced that this is an important project?

Here are some numbers for you to mill over that prove how lively and invigorated the zombie genre is: Everyone is taking notice of the popularity of the reinvigorated zombie genre. The release of Resident Evil: Afterlife brought with it a $273 million dollar gain for the series, and AMC's new original series The Walking Dead snagged a personal record for AMC to the tune of 5.3 million viewers for the pilot on Halloween, 2010, with a total of 11 million viewers tuning in for the first and replayed segments of the episode that day.

Everyone is starting to love zombies as much as I do, it would seem. The genre needs to continue to have quality books, films, and television shows produced to encourage the continuing maturity of the subject and its proliferation to the masses.

You can help, too!

If you want to help, you certainly can! Even if you can't donate any funding, you can help spread the word to others who might be able to help, and that helps the project just as much! The project needs some serious funding, and even people who contribute in small amounts can add up to the project meeting its goals!

Anything else? In addition to the rewards posted for pledging, you will take with you the knowledge that you are helping in a big way to support the efforts of independent authors and publishers of new, original work!

In addition to that, all supporters will be listed in the acknowledgments of the second and future editions of the book, both in electronic and printed format.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Supporter: Exclusive for this project, donating $5 snags you: 1) a copy of the electronic version of The Dying Times; and 2) a letter certifying the author's appreciate through the mail with an autograph attached. Your name (unless you wish to remain anonymous) will be proudly displayed on the novel's official homepage as an official support. You can receive the book in your choice of any of the popular formats available (Kindle, Nook, PDF, plain text, and others) for your enjoyment. This pledge level is available to everyone on earth. NOTE: Even with the added benefits, the pledge amount is priced LESS than the retail cost of the ebook through distributors.

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    Vested: At this level, you receive a copy of The Dying Times, shipped and delivered to you. The added benefit of pledging here is that your book will be a part of the author's run, so you can save the money you would have spent on shipping. The retail price of the book is $13.95 + shipping, so this pledge level is the best value available.

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    Pledge $25 or more

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    Enthusiast: Receive the personalized ebook as above, plus I will purchase a hard copy of the book for you, sign it, and ship it anywhere in the United States or Canada for you. This level is only available to the United States and Canada.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    Survivor: Receive the personalized ebook as above, plus I will purchase THREE hard copies of the book for you, sign them, and ship them to you. As an added benefit, you receive the Survivor Chronicles white T-Shirt in a size of your choice! Signed books make great gifts during the holidays.

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    Bloody and Hardened: You receive FIVE copies, signed, shipped, and delivered. You receive the Survivor Chronicles white T-shirt in a size of your choice. All of this in appreciation of your extreme generosity!

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    Pledge $250 or more

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    True Zombie Fan: You receive TEN copies, signed, shipped, and delivered. You receive:
    * TWO Survivor Chronicles white T-shirts in a size of your choice.
    * The Survivor Chronicles travel mug.
    * The Survivor Chronicles mousepad.
    All of this in appreciation of your amazing generosity and staunch support of the zombie cause!

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    THE Zombie Fanatic: To the victor goes the spoils! It's easier just to put it into a list (coffee mugs and down are exclusive Survivor Chronicles swag, and they are branded accordingly):
    - The electronic copy of the book & signed certified letter.
    - Appreciation on the official website.
    - TWENTY copies of the book, signed, shipped, and delivered.
    - FOUR coffee mugs, so you can invite other survivors over for coffee between killing!
    - FOUR travel mugs, so your coffee friends won't spill the java when sprinting to the next safe house!
    - THREE Aluminum Water Bottles
    - THREE T-shirts, ANY size AND color choice, it's totally up to you.
    - THREE Longsleeve T-Shirts, ANY size AND color choice, up to you.
    - The mousepad.
    - The jumbo tote bag.
    - The hooded sweatshirt.
    - And, finally, when pledging at this level, you will also receive a copy of EVERY future installment of The Survivor Chronicles series in paperback, free of charge, signed, shipped, and delivered to you.

Funding period

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