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Reward awesome players with awesome rewards. Inspiration Cards let your players know you love them.
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Players like tangible rewards.

Reward an awesomely successful or descriptive player with an Inspiration Card!

Players may stock pile Inspiration Cards, but may only use one benefit per gaming session.

Benefits of an Inspiration Card:

  • Gain advantage on a roll (roll twice, use the higher result)
  • Add the D20 Modifier to any roll (doesn't have to be their roll)
  • Use the card's Inspiration effect
Players may trade Inspiration Cards with another player, or swap a card out anytime they are awarded another Inspiration Card.

But, that's not all!

Inspiration Cards are also a standard deck of Poker sized cards!

All 52...nay, 54 Cards are represented!  You get:

Any game you could play with a standard deck of cards, you can also play with Inspiration Cards!

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bridge 
  • Cribbage 
  • Rummy 
  • War 
  • Poker 
  • Solitaire 
  • Spoons (spoons not included) 
  • Spades
  •  Hearts
  •  And so many more!!!

It just so happens there are 12 classes in 5th Edition D&D. It just so happens these 12 classes can be broken into four distinct groups.

Each class has four cards including one Face Card. Cards pair perfectly with the class they represent, but are useful for anybody. 

The Numbers

A 2 is cool, but not as cool as a 4, or even better yet, an 8!

The numbered cards just show their card value and awesome custom suit art. Numbered cards always have a +1 D20 Modifier.

Notice how the cards represent the classes they're tied to.
Notice how the cards represent the classes they're tied to.

Stretch Goal - $3000

Each numbered card will feature some small trinket art, unique to it's card's Inspiration Bonus!

The Aces!

If the two is the weakest, does that mean the Aces are powerful?  YES!

Aces are super powerful, but they have to be shuffled back into the deck when used. Aces always have a +3 D20 Modifier.

Face Cards

What's really special are the Face Cards!

Each Face Card has special art representing it's card value and class! Face Cards always have a +2 D20 Modifier.


The Packaging

Of course the deck comes in a package. You think we're monsters?

The Digital Deck - $9

A PDF file with all 54 cards in full color.

Maybe you're one of those digital players and you want to reward a player halfway around the world. Maybe you'll print it off and make your own deck of 8x10 cards... or, OR, even bigger! Poster board. A Poster Board deck of cards! That'd be AMAZING!

International backers, this is your only option.  Sorry.

The Deck - $10 ($5 S&H)

 A physical deck of Inspiration Cards and the PDF.


Commissioned Art

We're working on this reward and will have an update soon. Do you want your character or group drawn in this fantastic, unique style? Do you want the deck and all PDF's? Then this reward is for you! Only a limited number will be available!

Stretch Goals

$3000 - Numbered Card Art
Once we hit $3000, all numbered cards will have individual art added to their suit symbol, based upon the Inspiration that card offers!

About the Artist

 "I'm Clancy B, though sometimes I go by Newbiescrub. I'm an ardent scribbler, who believes that there is nothing better than a fun project. I strive to never draw the same look twice, and am always looking for something new to geek out about. When not doodling, he can be found drinking booze, playing his Genesis, or debating on whether to use the Oxford Comma while slipping into third person..."

Risks and challenges

The deck is done. All the art, rules, everything. Done. This project is actually meant to learn how best to create a deck of cards.

We have future plans for a card based game and wanted to create these Inspiration Cards to learn the best practices.

The hardest part is going to be finding enough backers to achieve our funded goal.

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