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An elegant pattern-matching game of strategy and constellations, for 2-6 players. May the stars align for you. Projects of Earth.
An elegant pattern-matching game of strategy and constellations, for 2-6 players. May the stars align for you. Projects of Earth.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Travis Pearson
      3 days ago

      Any update on shipping?

    2. Ruth 4 days ago

      So! Based on your last update, I take it the playmats have arrived and shipping has begun? ...right??

    3. Justin Murphy 7 days ago

      With the delays I now do not expect to be at my current Adress by the time the games arrive. I have sent you messages with no response. How can I change my address?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jane Cassell

      Just wondering if the mats arrived on time and when shipping started - based on last timeline given it should be happening now????

    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher W Ganshaw

      Not encouraging when you check their Facebook page and see that a manufacturer is trying to get paid for items that they produced for CES.

    6. Dennis E Crissman on

      Last Update Jun 8th? don't let a whole month (July) go by without a main update.

    7. Ruth on

      Hey @CSE remember that update you said was coming "later today"... 3 days ago.

      Where is it?

      Also our games. Where are those?

    8. Dracyia on

      Look CSE, this is not your first Kickstarter. I have read a lot of comments in your previous campaigns, sometimes because it actually gives me more information than this campaign does. You obviously know what backers expect as a minimum and choose to ignore this. I have long since accepted that whatever timeframe you say I automatically multiply by five. I don't know what your deal is, I can't tell if your company is incompetant, or don't care, or if your real income is buying and selling other Kickstarter games for more and the backers help fund that... Honestly I have no idea. I genuinely believe the game will show up, probably in another 5 months, but have no idea why it takes so long to reskin an existing game unless you just want the funds to do something else with. I think the majority, if not all of us, would rather an honest update than these sparse and misleading comments. If the game is delayed that's fine. I don't even care why anymore, but seriously, come on. The best comment I ever read on your other campaigns was the utter shock that after almost a dozen different lies the game had actually shown up. That says a lot for your companies reputation. I really want this game so I have stayed quiet for a few months because I can imagine my game "being lost in the post", but every time I read another update I put my middle finger up at the screen because I don't believe a word said. Unless you are super dodgey, honesty is not that difficult. So, was it sent by plane, or ship, or is it still being manufactured, or are we even further behind than this? There is nothing to show any progress since the campaign closed, so genuinely I have no idea. Even a photograph of email correspondence or some boxes would go a long way at this point.

    9. Ruth on

      "Later today". If you say you'll do something, do it. If you say you'll communicate, do it. This is getting really old.

      And this isn't a "small delay". In May (when we were meant to get the game) you told us it was "ready to ship soon". In June - almost seven weeks ago - you told us it was already at fulfilment centres.

      "Small delay"?? I think we're past that. Please just tell us what's going on. And if you say you're going to send out an update, DO IT.

    10. CSE Games 3-time creator on

      Hey folks, we had a small delay in the shipping process. Will send more details in an update later today. Hang in there, we'll all have our games soon.

    11. Missing avatar

      Vanessa Joiner

      @CSE All games have shipped by now? Still haven't received mine in New York. Shipping started a month ago??

    12. Ruth on

      Hi @CSE. Have the games started shipping yet? Still at the fulfilment centres? Any updates? Have the games just been sitting around at the fulfilment centres since early June? Keen to hear what's happening.

    13. CSE Games 3-time creator on

      Hey folks, the games are in the queue at the fulfillment centres. Should be just a few more days. Thanks for your patience. Almost there.

    14. Missing avatar


      Has anyone received their game yet? If it was supposed to start shipping in early June... shouldn’t I have at least received a confirmation by now?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jane Cassell

      Its now July and we haven't had another update on shipping - I haven't received anything - not even a tracking number

    16. Shane Hultquist on

      Stopped by at Origins. Got a neat Gridstones Night Sky button. They have lots still. Go grab one!

    17. BigRedGamer on

      Latest update notes: "If you are planning on going to Origins next week, come visit us at booth 1163. Grab one of us at the booth and tell us "I'm a Gridstones backer" and we might have a little something for you.".

      I would hope this little something is included for all backers. Any chance you can include it for those who can't make it? We are the original backers of the game after all.

    18. Tim W.K. Brown on

      So, the games have been printed and are heading to fulfilment centres. I can’t wait to see it!

    19. CSE Games 3-time creator on

      @Monkeylord: yes, the games are on the move. Update coming. We’re excited.

    20. Monkeylord

      Hey CSE. Hope things are going well :0)
      Any news for us?

    21. CSE Games 3-time creator on

      @Jason Haseldine: yes, we will send you a DM with the address we have on file for you

    22. Martin Hohenberg on

      So, has anyone gotten their game yet?

    23. Jason Haseldine

      Hey guys, any progress with the shipping? Can you please send me a message with the address I have it being sent to? I'm currently moving so don't want it getting lost or going to the wrong place.

    24. Dracyia on

      Almost every single game I've backed has had delays, some by months that I've still not received. I don't mind one bit because they've updated backers and have physical proof of the games progress. I don't think anyone is annoyed because it's behind schedule, it's the communication that has been the consistent issue.

    25. Missing avatar

      BonerLord on

      I really can't believe that people are flipping their lids before the month has even ended. You must all be pretty lucky if you've never backed a project that experienced delays before!

    26. Karanaida

      Let’s see how “soon” I get my refund.

    27. CSE Games 3-time creator on

      @BigRedGamer: Games will start shipping at the end of the month. We demoed a prototype of the game at The Gathering. Go Jays!

    28. CSE Games 3-time creator on

      @Crystal: send us a DM with your new address and we’ll compare it with the one we have on file. Thanks.

    29. BigRedGamer on

      Thanks for the update today. You noted soon and a production date was set but did not share it.

      I find it odd that your still play testing it and showing it off but the original backers still do not have the original copy nor do we know when we will get it. Soon is all we get. It's great to know it will be coming by air instead of boat but an approximate time frame would be great.

    30. Missing avatar


      How do I check what my shipping address is? I have moved and want to make sure it is updated

    31. Karanaida

      From Kickstarter’s Help section, under Kickstarter Basics:

      What should creators do if they're having problems completing their project?

      If problems come up, creators are expected to post a project update explaining the situation. Sharing the story, speed bumps and all, is crucial. Most backers support projects because they want to see something happen and they'd like to be a part of it. Creators who are honest and transparent will usually find backers to be understanding.
      It's not uncommon for things to take longer than expected. Sometimes the execution of the project proves more difficult than the creator had anticipated. If a creator is making a good faith effort to complete their project and is transparent about it, backers should do their best to be patient and understanding while demanding continued accountability from the creator.

    32. Dennis E Crissman on

      Communication on this project is poor. There should be an update every month. Both February and April had no updates. March had updates but nothing about the production only convention visits.

    33. Karanaida

      @CSE, how is it without merit? You have not given us a single substantial update since the campaign closed. Maybe take a look at how other companies do their updates, like Five24 Labs or Gamelyn, and see how happy their backers are. There’s a reason they rake in the money.l and have a wonderful reputation. Part of being is backer is being excited to make a project come to life, and be able to watch the process...which didn’t happen at all with this campaign.

    34. CSE Games 3-time creator on

      @Gwen Lyn Griffith and @Karanaida: We appreciate your enthusiasm and eagerness to receive your copies of the game. However, we urge you to refrain from using words like “scam”. It is an inflammatory word that has strong legal significance and should not be thrown around loosely.

      You’re also making strong assumptions without merit, and it’s setting a negative tone.

      It appears this campaign is causing you a level of stress and anger, and we are more than happy to refund your money. If you’d like to discuss further, in a productive manner, feel free to DM us.

      An update is coming next week.

    35. Karanaida

      Considering that this is supposed to be in backer’s hands within about 5 weeks (at the latest) and we’ve yet to have any kind of update on production, samples, shipping, or anything at all having to do with making this game, it absolutely - most definitely - looks like a scam.

    36. Dracyia on

      The creator has backed that much stuff on Kickstarter it's insulting to everyone that backed this game. There is NO WAY they are too busy to provide any updates. Every picture I've seen only shows things that existed at the beginning of the campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a scam at this point. I'm getting in touch with Kickstarter unless there is an update soon (and by soon I don't mean another 20 days of yet more nothing, followed by a pointless few lines of text to say they're busy ((backing other projects and having fun playing games they bought with money from their backers)) and will update soon).

    37. Karanaida

      A real update isn’t too much to ask for at this point...really. This is getting old.

    38. Dracyia on

      Is May the expected delivery for Canada or everyone? I am based in the UK and eager to receive my game. Thank you

    39. CSE Games 3-time creator on

      Hey folks, more details coming soon. We're still on track for May delivery.

    40. Jason Haseldine

      So..... Are we still on for a May delivery? 😏

    41. Missing avatar


      It looks like a beautiful game but if the lack of updates is an indication of the quality of the game/production then im going to start worrying...

    42. Dracyia on

      +2 Monkeylord

    43. Karanaida

      +1 Monkeylord.

    44. Monkeylord

      Can we please have a project update, not a this is how we chillin update. I get that it has been busy, but how about a progress report.
      All designs finished?
      All art finished?
      Files sent to manufacturer?
      ETA production start date?
      Has production started?
      I honestly have no idea where this project is at?!

      It is good to here from you though. Now for something with a bit of meat on it.


    45. CSE Games 3-time creator on

      Hey folks, just a quick note that we will have a nice update for your next week. Been real busy here the last few weeks, and we're super excited to bring this project to you. Hang in there.

    46. Karanaida

      Well I just left a reply on the BGG listing, and a post on CSE Games’ Facebook page, asking for an, we wait.

    47. Dracyia on

      I was so excited for this game, but now I wish I had just bought the original game and updates it myself. I would be finished a hundred times over by now. Communication is shocking.

    48. Karanaida

      I’ve pretty much lost what little faith I had in this project.

    49. Monkeylord

      This is a bit dissapointing. Don't even need pictures, but a progress update would be nice. It is not much effort to type a few words once a month at least.

      The last update even had the gall to ask us to reply as quick as we can...

    50. Karanaida

      Jan. update said you were ahead of schedule, but it’s been quiet, yet again...any update on the progress? Pictures of the prototype? Any news at all that tells the backers this is really going to happen?

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