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An elegant pattern-matching game of strategy and constellations, for 2-6 players. May the stars align for you. Projects of Earth.
An elegant pattern-matching game of strategy and constellations, for 2-6 players. May the stars align for you. Projects of Earth.
285 backers pledged CA$ 10,035 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gwen Lyn Griffith 5 days ago

      Is May the expected delivery for Canada or everyone? I am based in the UK and eager to receive my game. Thank you

    2. CSE Games 3-time creator on April 4

      Hey folks, more details coming soon. We're still on track for May delivery.

    3. Jason Haseldine on April 4

      So..... Are we still on for a May delivery? 😏

    4. Missing avatar

      on March 28

      It looks like a beautiful game but if the lack of updates is an indication of the quality of the game/production then im going to start worrying...

    5. Karanaida
      on March 25

      +1 Monkeylord.

    6. Monkeylord
      on March 24

      Can we please have a project update, not a this is how we chillin update. I get that it has been busy, but how about a progress report.
      All designs finished?
      All art finished?
      Files sent to manufacturer?
      ETA production start date?
      Has production started?
      I honestly have no idea where this project is at?!

      It is good to here from you though. Now for something with a bit of meat on it.


    7. CSE Games 3-time creator on March 17

      Hey folks, just a quick note that we will have a nice update for your next week. Been real busy here the last few weeks, and we're super excited to bring this project to you. Hang in there.

    8. Karanaida
      on March 16

      Well I just left a reply on the BGG listing, and a post on CSE Games’ Facebook page, asking for an, we wait.

    9. Gwen Lyn Griffith on March 15

      I was so excited for this game, but now I wish I had just bought the original game and updates it myself. I would be finished a hundred times over by now. Communication is shocking.

    10. Karanaida
      on March 11

      I’ve pretty much lost what little faith I had in this project.

    11. Monkeylord
      on March 8

      This is a bit dissapointing. Don't even need pictures, but a progress update would be nice. It is not much effort to type a few words once a month at least.

      The last update even had the gall to ask us to reply as quick as we can...

    12. Karanaida
      on March 6

      Jan. update said you were ahead of schedule, but it’s been quiet, yet again...any update on the progress? Pictures of the prototype? Any news at all that tells the backers this is really going to happen?

    13. Jason Haseldine on February 27

      So yet another quiet month, can we have an update on the progress? And perhaps some production pictures?

    14. Missing avatar

      Shaun M on February 18

      Any updates?

    15. Missing avatar

      on January 26

      Survey completed.

    16. Karanaida
      on January 25

      The communication has been abysmal for this campaign...I've backed some half-assed projects before but this is the worst on the communication front. If he can get on and pledge on active campaigns, he can get on here and say "hey, this is what's going on...", even if there's not much news. There were no communication problems while the campaign was active and he was trying to get everyone to pledge...

    17. Tim W.K. Brown on January 25

      Hey guys,

      I know Fabio is not great with updates. I have spoken to him and asked him to update you guys. Despite his lack of communication, I am certain he will deliver on this project.

    18. Karanaida
      on January 22

      @Jason, I hope you're right...I'm about fed up with this. If I don't see something soon - like, real soon - I'm reporting the project.

    19. Jason Haseldine on January 21

      Woohoo I've heard from Tim, he says that Fabio - the guy who deals with updates etc is very busy atm but should have something soon... waiting on the stones. So hopefully it will be soon!

    20. Ruth on January 21

      Still no reply? No updates? Nothing?? Man I'm regretting backing this one.

      Seems especially rude that after nothing for 3 months, they'd update us in December to TRY TO SELL US ANOTHER GAME... and then - nothing.

      Definitely regretting this one.

    21. Jason Haseldine on January 19

      I've emailed their Facebook pages etc and they've read and ignored those too... Appalling customer services, well, if there even is one...

      It'd just be nice to get proof and confirmation it's being made - a 2 minute job to take photos and write something, can't believe they won't even do that

    22. Karanaida
      on January 18

      That login can't be right, as that account is backing a current campaign. They're on, they're just not answering us. Way to take the money and run...

    23. Missing avatar

      on January 16

      The creator had last login May 22 2017... :-/

    24. Gwen Lyn Griffith on January 16

      Their other games have the same issue- no update since August, and previously no update since May or something before that.

    25. Gwen Lyn Griffith on January 16

      Thank you @Karanaida and I know, me too. Another one that as soon as they have our money we suddenly become much less important.

    26. Karanaida
      on January 15


    27. Karanaida
      on January 15

      @Gwyn, I haven't gotten anything. It's been dead silent. I'm really starting to get leery of this one.

    28. Gwen Lyn Griffith on January 14

      Theres so few updates itd hard to tell if anything has happened. Was a backerkit sent out for this? Im trying to figure out if I need to update my address and I've lost the email, or if I havent provided information yet. Can anyone shed some light? Thank you!

    29. Jason Haseldine on January 12

      Surely those elements have arrived by now right?

    30. Henry So on January 12

      Has anyone found out the size of the cards yet?

    31. Karanaida
      on January 10

      Some kind of update with substance other than a promotion for something, would be great...

    32. Steve Noorhoff on January 7

      Any updates yet?

    33. Karanaida
      on December 17

      An update would be great right about now, since there hasn't been one since the project ended on Oct. 6th...that's a big red flag...

    34. Karanaida
      on December 9

      Do you not love us anymore? :(

    35. Jason Haseldine on November 27

      Brilliant, thank you, looking forward to seeing what you've put together :)

    36. CSE Games 3-time creator on November 26

      Hey folks, an update is coming this week. Thanks for the reminder. Been super-swamped these last couple weeks, 'tis the season. Just waiting on a few elements to show you.

    37. Karanaida
      on November 26

      Yes, we're a bit overdue for an update.

    38. Jason Haseldine on November 26

      Agreed, an update would be greatly appreciated :)

    39. Ruth on November 26

      How are things coming along? Would be keen to hear an update on how it's all ticking along. :)

    40. Monkeylord
      on November 15

      How are things going with your awesome project?

    41. Karanaida
      on October 6, 2017

      Yay!! All the goals! Extra sapphires and real astrophotography! :D :D

    42. Missing avatar

      on October 6, 2017

      Congratulations on reaching all the stretch goals!

      What sizes will the two types of cards be?

    43. CSE Games 3-time creator on October 6, 2017

      Thanks everyone for an awesome campaign. It was a lot of fun and we hit all of our stretch goals - how about that!

      Again, we REALLY appreciate everyone's support and enthusiasm. We'll send an update tomorrow. Now it's time for us to get to work.

    44. Steve Noorhoff on October 5, 2017

      Alright!!!! Congrats all.

    45. CSE Games 3-time creator on October 5, 2017

      @David: You rock, man! Put us over $10K, and unique photography for all the Shooting Star cards. We all thank you.

    46. David on October 5, 2017

      I'm happy to make an 11th hour pledge and push this past 10k. Cheers.

    47. Teresa on October 5, 2017

      Sooo close! Let's get to 10K

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