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CA$ 2,391 pledged of CA$ 25,000 goal
By Lana Friesen
CA$ 2,391 pledged of CA$ 25,000 goal

The HPA Axis & Addressing PMS/PMDD ~ Q&A today ~ A Period Positive Glossary

We’re thrilled to say that we have 24 backers so far. There’s still two more days to pledge and choose some of our awesome rewards, and this is your last chance to help us make this conference happen!

Remember the benefits of getting an early bird ticket: 

  • suggesting topics for the conference 
  • getting $50 off your ticket 
  • getting online access to two excellent books!
Click image to join our group!
Click image to join our group!

You can get some preliminary Period Repair questions answered in our Q&A with Lara Briden today in our private facebook group TODAY at 3pm PDT. It’s a great way to get some much-needed information to help update your period!

A “normal” cycle length?

28 days is often considered to be the “normal length” of a cycle, and hormonal birth control often imitates this length (entirely arbitrarily - it could also make you bleed only once or twice a year if you only had 14 days of sugar pills (placebos) to use twice a year!), your cycle could be anywhere between 21 and 35 days long, if it is a healthy cycle.

Remember that the timing of your period will be determined by: 

  •  the length of your follicular phase (7-21 days long) 
  •  ovulation (1 day) 
  • the luteal phase (11-16 days long)

Day 29 of a typical, healthy cycle:

So Day 29 of our Kickstarter is Day 29 of the cycle we’ve been following… It’s the tail end of the luteal phase, when the three hormones that maintain the endometrial lining start their decline. Day 29 might be a good day to quit caffeine to prevent cramps (if you haven’t already), drink tea or infusions that support your menstrual health (dried nettles & raspberry leaves), and think about what you’d like to let go of during your next period.

Addressing PMS and PMDD

The week leading up to your period is also a great time to up your magnesium to help you improve your sleep, in turn helping you de-stress! PMS has been correlated to high levels of perceived stress, so we know the HPA axis (Hypothalamus - Pituitary - Adrenal) is involved as it’s our stress response system. Many menstruators have found magnesium an effective treatment for PMS and PMDD, but you can also use rhodioloa which helps in stress management.

We hope you’ve found our Kickstarter Updates helpful and informative. Have they whet your appetite for more? We were aiming to make our updates somewhat of a teaser of what you might learn at the conference (and the conference will offer SO much more). If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, remember you only have a couple days left to get yours at a discount with all of the bonuses! Alternatively, you can buy a ticket on our website when tickets become available in April.

Period Positive Glossary

Our last Cycle Squad task was to creatively come up with a new word for some unique menstrual experience. Our savvy wordsmiths came up with the following glossary:

Click to see other creative work by the Cycle Squad!
Click to see other creative work by the Cycle Squad!

Flosh (noun): the feeling of giving birth to a jellyfish as your period begins its first day, the day of your heaviest flow. (-Lana)

Ovstatic (adj.): ovulation + ecstatic | feeling overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement when you see peak cervical mucus (-Chloe Skerlak from FACC Edmonton)

Perioducation (noun): The education and body literacy associated with periods. (-Jennilyn from Cycledork)

Menstruational (adj.): Menstruation + sensational. feeling the swell of sensitivity during menstruation. (-Emily)

Cyclephoric (adj.): cycle + euphoric. feeling super jazzed about your blood cycle. (-Emily)

Thank You

We want to thank you so much for participating in this campaign, backing it and sharing it. As a token of our appreciation, here’s a discount code for a period-friendly bed mat from Venus Matters!

Click image to visit their site!
Click image to visit their site!

Click image + use the code “CYCLELOVE” before the end of April 2016 when you’re at the checkout and receive a 10% discount!

What has our Kickstarter helped you learn about menstrual health?

Lana, Jennilyn, Sabrina and Sophia


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