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Limited Edition screen printed posters for James Wan's horror film, INSIDIOUS and Nicolas Winding Refn's retro film, DRIVE.

                                A distincte diversis visionem  

My name is Turrel David. I am the CEO and Creative Director at DzXtinKt Originals, a small start up company in Baltimore. DzXtinKt is a new media company that partners with many different artists and art styles to provide high quality, affordable, officially licensed, limited edition posters for a diverse selection of tv shows and movies. Specifically, we target the underserved and overlooked film properties. 

All of us at DzXtinKt have become SO fed up with Hollywood's current reputation of bad movie posters. Too many of the current movie posters suck! These badly photoshopped and horribly composed images have destroyed the formerly glorious reputation of movie poster art. This downward spiral to oblivion started happening in the year 2000. But, lets not forget that there was a time when movie posters were actually fun and enjoyable. Lets take a brief look back at the history of movie posters. Back in the 1950's, 1960's, the 1970's, the 80's and even a large portion of the 90's, movie posters were known to be grandiose, beautifully illustrated and highly memorable. 

From the 1950's all the way to the early 1990's, Saul Bass produced highly memorable posters for several films. He made the posters for Anatomy of a Murder, The Birds, Vertigo, The Man with the Golden Arm, West Side Story, etc. 

Robert McGinnis. Who could ever forget Mr. McGinnis when he is simply one of the living legends of movie poster design. McGinnis helped craft the image of the world's most extraordinary MI6 agent. Yes of course I'm talking about Bond. James Bond. 

Next, lets move on to Bob Peak. The talents of Bob Peak combined with great films like Apocalypse Now, Every Which Way But Loose, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Wiz, Superman: The Movie, etc, has led to the creation of movie poster magic.

Last but not least, lets talk about Drew Struzan. Struzan is another living legend. He did posters for The Thing, Coming to America, A Piece of the Action, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Star Wars, etc. In addition, Struzan is largely known for doing all 4 of the Indiana Jones theatrical posters. 

And now here we are! The tarnished reputation of film poster art is plagued by eternal "suckage." Advertising agencies and "the suits" have long replaced actual movie poster artists with "marketing experts." DzXtinKt intends to change that! It is time to bring good art back to good films! If you agree, please support us. Join our journey and you will receive many updates along the way. Our first project, is a series of 3 movie posters for the amazing neo noir film DRIVE and for Leigh Whannell and James Wan's horror masterpiece INSIDIOUS

DzXtinKt needs your help and support. We need to pay for production/printing costs, licensing fees, packaging supplies and mailing expenses. Your donations will help us meet all of these costs and release our movie posters. 

Licensing is a MAJOR expense that will cost several thousands of dollars. If we do not reach our goal, DzXtinKt Originals will receive $0 which means that our chances of licensing both artworks will greatly decrease and my company and I will struggle tremendously to make these posters available for purchase! 

As a side note, the folks at FilmDistrict will be following the progress of this poster project. This project will help DzXtinKt and FilmDistrict gauge the interest level for each poster. So, when you contribute, not only are you saying that you like our posters, you are also saying that you support the 2 wonderful artists that we commissioned. Lastly, you are sending a clear message directly to FilmDistrict that says you want the following works to be officially licensed. 

This project is a great way for anyone to pre-order the limited edition posters. Each poster has a limited print runOnce the edition is sold out, these posters will NEVER be printed again. 

One poster will cost $60 plus $5 shipping for all U.S. and Canadian addresses. For all remaining international addresses, one poster will cost $60 plus $8 shipping.  


The following film trailers that you are about to see are owned solely by the respective film companies that produced each movie. I do not own any rights to the movie trailers nor do I wish to imply ownership. No Copyright Infringement Is Intended.

  • DriveA Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver is lured from his isolated life by a lovely neighbor and her young son. His newfound peace is shattered, however, when her violent husband is released from prison. 
  • Insidious: A family struggles to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called "The Further."
  • "I Drive" 24 x 36 inch reg. poster
  • "I Drive" 24 x 36 inch var. poster
  • "Insidious" 24 x 36 inch poster

The "I Drive" and "Insidious" posters will be screen printed by Dan Padavic and the amazing printing crew at Vahalla Studios. Every poster is hand made and numbered. Each poster design will be printed on heavy, acid free paper. All posters will be shipped to you in thick, heavy duty poster tubes to prevent damage. 

Grzegorz Domaradzki aka Gabz graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań with a Master's degree in Graphic Arts and Drawing. After the graduation, he first worked as an illustrator and later as a graphic designer for various advertising agencies. In 2005, he went freelance and hasn't looked back since. 

In the early years, Gabz's personal art work  revolved around rather dark themes. A conscious effort to make his work more broadly appealing and optimistic in its tone has coincided with an increasing focus on his favorite way of creating images: he initially works with pencil and/or pen, before the hand-drawn art gets perfected on his iMac.

He also works with vectors, watercolor, acrylic and oil paint. Gabz majors in graphic design and enjoys playing with custom-made typography.

James Sallis, the award winning author of the book, Drive and its sequel Driven, described the DzXtinKt Originals "I Drive" poster as “quite nice.” Polish illustrator, Grzegorz Domaradzki was commissioned to create the Drive poster. Gabz greatly exceeded our expectations with the overwhelming amount of detail that he poured into the design. Not only was Gabz EXTREMELY fun to work with, but Gabz has perfectly captured the iconography of Drive. The popular and iconic "I don't carry a gun. I Drive!" quote from the film, has been included in the design. Gabz used electrifying vector images and bold highlights to capture the violent, climatic events that underpin the Driver's tragic situation.  The film's intensity and retro stylization is effectively communicated in this poster design. The poster is beyond cool. What do you think?

Born in 1991 and self-taught from New Zealand, other than polluting his insides with the caffeinated beverages that fuel his mental being, Jordan Debney is disrupting the more sane-like human minds with his pieces of repulsive artworks that give a purpose for continual existence. This obsession of a constant need to turn something beautiful into the form of a grotesque creature, usually a creature, which in its abnormal form, is barfing every organ the cruel creator’s mental instability had given him. 

We hired an amazing artist named Jordan Debney to illustrate the Insidious poster. Jordan's style meshed so well with the film and after negotiating with Jordan, he was very excited to begin the project. The DzXtinKt Insidious poster captures Dalton's youth and innocence perfectly, yet the boy's face and eyes communicate a more sinister, insidious motive. 

When we hired Jordan it was highly important to us for him to maintain just the right balance between Dalton's youthful innocence and his terrifying transformation in the film. Jordan nailed this design element. The white bed sheet is billowing around Dalton's body as if it is trapping him. The central menacing, Red Door is the exact source of Dalton's affliction and the chaotic red scribbles over Dalton’s eyes are representative of his strange encounter with "The Further." Two pale hands hang over young Dalton's head. If you haven't seen the movie already, go watch the film then you will know exactly whose hands are hanging menacingly above the child's head. This composition communicates the film's story really well. The final poster design is brilliant! I hope that you agree.

All donations will be used to:

  • pay for printing services
  • purchase sturdy poster tubes 
  • ship the posters
  • pay for all FilmDistrict licensing fees

For one poster add $5 to your donation for shipping to all U.S. and Canadian addresses. Add $8 for shipping to the rest of the world. 

These posters have not been printed yet. Once this project is funded, everyone will be contacted for their mailing information. Considering the time needed for FilmDistrict licensing, production time and mailing, the posters should all be shipped out by September 2012. You will receive many updates as we approach the official production date. 

Join our journey.

© 2012 Dzxtinkt Originals, LLC. I Drive Grzegorz Domaradzki poster images and Insidious Jordan Debney poster images, Dzxtinkt logos and related marks are owned by Dzxtinkt Originals, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 


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