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Keep us on the road!! Help us raise the funds to buy a van and continue our quest for rock stardom!!!! Dig deep in your hearts and pockets my people!

I am a bleeding heart-daring to be great artist with the opportunity right now to expand the reach of my music to a national level on a more professional and consistent basis! My current vehicle, bless it's heart, has valiantly taken my band and I to more than 600 performances in 20 different states, over 100,000 miles in the last 3 years! It's is on it's last wheel and every time I start it, I literally pray that it will get us safely to and from the gig. My goal is to raise $5K to put towards the purchase and financing of a new van so my band and I can continue living this opportunity that so few have the chance to have: to travel, play music and make a living from our our artistry!!

Your donations will not only help us live our dream, but they will also get you really cool one-of-kind merchandise, song recordings, linear note acknowledgments, admission to shows, and even live private performances! Please find it in your hearts to help us, the karmic universe will surely remember it.

Also worth mentioning, our group is very adamant about giving proceeds from our shows and records sales towards reputable charities, and we are in the process of creating a first foundation! Your help in acquiring a proper touring vehicle will ensure that we can continue to stay on the road and that we can continue to donate to the people who need it far more than all of us! Everyone wins!!!


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    If everybody gave me a dollar I'd be ballin!! You get Good Karma for this! It all adds up!

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    Get Digital Download of my solo record, The Alleged Euphoric State of Self Actualization. Considered by some, some of my best songwriting.

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    Digital Download, The Alleged Euphoric State of Self Actualization - Mike Droho Digital Download, These Parts Unknown - Mike Droho & The Compass Rose (has Portland, Equilibrium, Should Have Known) Digital Download, 2010 Live From Studio M - Mike Droho & The Compass Rose

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    Copy of newest album "And The World Makes Sense Again," autographed by the entire band. Also get all 3 previous album recordings for free digital download!!! Also, the next time I see you, I'll give an uncomfortably long hug.

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    1 of a kind Compass Rose T-Shirt!!!! Autographed Copy of Newest Album. Digital Downloads of 3 previous albums. Admission to a show of your choice. Uncomfortable Hug, etc..

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    One of a Kind Hooded Sweatshirt!!!!! The Shirt! Admission + a guest to a show of your choice or when in your area. The Signed Cd, and all the other albums on download!! Mention on the next album release!

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    Get taken out to dinner with the band! Get VIP tickets to our next show near you! And.... get the hoodie, t-shirt, all the albums mention on our album and a place forever burrowed in our hearts!!!

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    I will video record any song of your choice, original or cover and dedicate it to you over youtube!! You can be my date or if your a dude, be my drinkin buddy at this years Madison Area Music Awards!!! If your into that kind of thing??!! Get mention on the next Album release!! Super indie street credit mofug!!! Also get all the Vip treatment at shows, all the personalized merchandise mentioned above!!!

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    Private Performance for you and a small group of friends!!!!!! I will still record your favorite song and dedicate it to you on Youtube. Still get mention on the next album release. Get the VIP Treatment and entry to shows, get the merchandise! Get all of your sickest sins wiped clean from the slate.... yep your good, I can have it arranged. Get mad, mad respect, official baller!!!!

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