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CVRST began producing motorcycle accessories in 2013, and we are now moving into clothing design and production for women and men.
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Long overdue update...

Posted by Dave Buchanan (Creator)

So, obviously I haven't posted an update in far too long. I've posted some stuff to instagram, but, I forget that not all of you follow that.
First of all, I will still be fulfilling all incentives. I promise that.
I have a bunch of reasons as to why I haven't given an update, but, the most important one is that I'm ashamed. I told you that the estimated date of delivery would be April, and, obviously I've went far past that date. Every week that passes and I don't come through makes me feel like more of a failure. Here are some logistical reasons as to why I haven't fulfilled the donations as of yet... as many of you know I was talking to local sew houses about producing my designs. This was looking hopeful. The only problem that I found as I got more and more details was that the minimums I would've had to order from them were so large that I would've had to come up with over $10,000 to cover material and production costs. I went to a few banks inquiring about loans. I also talked with some independent backers about getting some help. None of these panned out the way that I felt comfortable with.
That process pushed back my production time drastically.
Since then, I've been working on each piece by hand by myself. I have over ten vests on the table right now that I'm working on. Mind you, each vest takes almost 30 hours to make and the [DCNTRL]s take almost 40 hours to make. Because of this, I've taken all of my big products off my store so as to focus on filling the Kickstarter incentives. The problem with that is, I'm no longer generating an income to be able to pay shop and home rent, and all my other bills. Thus, I had to get a day job, which again, cuts in to my sewing time. Which adds to the feeling of shame and failure.
None of this is actually your problem. I'm not telling you this for pity sake. I'm just being transparent.
Again, every backer that donated to this Kickstarter campaign WILL GET THEIR INCENTIVES!!!

I'm truly sorry if any of you feel wronged in any way. That is not my intent. Please forgive me for my tardiness.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Davis. on

      Hey it’s been over a year since anyone has heard about this company. If it’s failed or you’re still trying we need to hear back. You offered a great product that will be worth the if you follow through.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin McGee on

      What's up man?! Kind of a lame move.

    3. Booker Youngblutt on

      Any updates? Are these still happening? if not, refunds?

    4. Chris Lansford on

      Power on, man. Nothing but full understanding and support on this end.

    5. David Burns on

      Failure is never an option and setbacks happen. Move forward and just keep moving forward even if it's just a little bit at a time. Thanks for getting an update out as communication is key.