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Gloria - A Short Film's video poster

One man's search for love in an automated world Read more

London, UK Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on February 4, 2013.

One man's search for love in an automated world

London, UK Shorts
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In an automatic near future, Ian drives a forklift in a sterile robotic facility. Ian's life is controlled by Gloria, an efficiency bot that monitors his every movement. Ian competes with other workers in the plant to maintain his 'average', Gloria's point system that might one day see him promoted, giving him the chance to get closer to his beautiful boss. But every time he gets near her, the factory conspires to stop him... 

Ian's frustration begins to manifest itself in strange ways. Plagued by the fear of infecting each other, he realises that neither he nor any of his co-workers has ever, ever touched one another. Ian can't remember ever touching any one... Soon his weird pursuit of sensation attracts the attention the plant's security chief. 

As he desperately tries to regain favour and boost his average, Ian realises that the plant's winners end up injured or disappear. And why is it that his speechless, beautiful boss is always nearby when they die? Realising that he's next, Ian tries to escape, but is trapped in a robotic maze with only one way out...

|| Production Notes ||

Gloria will be shot on location in London and Liverpool in Spring 2013. Post production will be completed in Toronto, and the film will be screened in September 2013. 

© Cory Vanderploeg
© Cory Vanderploeg

|| Who are we? ||

The Crew

The film is being made a crew of experienced fim makers from the UK and Canada. 

Writer & Director, Liam Fay-Fright

Liam is a film maker with credits for Sky Atlantic and the BBC. His last film, Drone, was about a guy who pilots predator drones from his suburban US office and starred Tony Award winner Bruce Dow. See more of his work here

Producer, Charles Ketchabaw

Producer, director and writer Charles Ketchabaw made his first feature length film with actor Jay Leggett, about deer hunters in Wisconsin. His work has been commissioned by the CBC and he is the producer behind the innovative site-specific theatre production The Tale of a Town

Director of Photography, Henry Samson 

Henry is one of Canada's most prolific DPs and camera operators. He's shot feature films, commercials, music videos and anything else you can think of. He owns his own RED camera, which makes him a good guy to have around a film set. See his demo reel here

Production Designer, Kevin Hill

Kevin is an experienced interior designer and art director, he has art department credits for Thor 2, for Marvel, and I Give it a Year, Working Title. See his design work here


Music Supervisor, Fred Deakin

Design and music legend Fred Deakin of Airside and Lemon Jelly is the man behind our top Reward, and brings his unique audio / visual style to help us score Gloria.

Photographer, Steve Carty 

Top commercial photographer Carty will be on set to record all the behind the scenes action, and has donated a brilliant Reward.

|| Rewards ||

DVDs, Credits, Original Art, Premiere Tickets to hang out with the cast and crew...

Here's one we made earlier
Here's one we made earlier

And some stuff money (usually) can't buy: 

Colin Firth © Steve Carty / Lemon Jelly on stage
Colin Firth © Steve Carty / Lemon Jelly on stage

An exclusive shoot with Canada's No 1 portrait photographer, Steve Carty

Plus, if you're really daring, Fred Dreakin of Lemon Jelly / Flashman DJing at your house!* Warn the neighbours.

|| What will my money be spent on? ||

Everyone on Gloria is working for free, but there are some hard costs to film making we can't get around with blags and favours. Transport, insurance, food, and some post production costs you just can't escape. 

Here's an infographic showing what we'll spend the budget on:

Transport; VFX, grading, sound post & mastering; camera, grip, electrical; talent expenses; art; catering; location VFX; wardrobe; insurance; make-up and hair; consumables. 

Wait a minute, this project seems pretty massive - why only £2,000? 

We're all seasoned hustlers and will make Gloria on passion and bags of crisps if we have to. 

However, the more budget you can donate, the less time we will have to spend begging and stealing, the more time we can spend on the creative, and the better the film will be! 

Our dream scenario is raising enough cash give the actors a small fee. This means that we won't risk losing talent to paid gigs at the last minute, which is often the thing that throws a spanner in the works. If we get to our first target we'll have a sprint to achieve this.

We'll spend every penny of your contribution on making the film as good as possible, and keep you in the loop about where we're up to. 

|| Who's going to see it? ||

You are when you get your DVD and buy your premiere tickets! And we'll let you know when Gloria comes to a short film festival near you so you can take your mates and see your name in lights. 

|| Thanks ||

Special thanks to our friends at Deluxe Toronto for helping us out with all the post, and to D&AD for lending us the gear to shoot our Kickstarter promo.

*NB Lemon Jelly DJ gig Reward is UK only - sorry!

Risks and challenges

Film making is a collaborative effort, and we're relying on favours and good will to get Gloria made.

There will be hiccups along the way that could interfere with our deadlines: we have a professional cast and crew that may get paid work they can't turn down; our location is a complex work environment and it may take us longer than anticipated to shoot; we're relying on gaps in the post house's regular schedule to use their resources.

We will endeavor to keep you in the loop at all times about how the project is progressing, when to expect your rewards and when we blow our deadlines.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    We are not kidding.
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    (*Apart from the shoot with Steve. Please sign up to the previous Reward if you'd prefer that option)

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