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The next generation of transportation...

All we hear these days at Moovee Innovations is "green" this and "green" that. We realize the necessity in creating solutions to combat the quickly diminishing resources that we have...so here it is, the car that is capable of catering to all of your daily activities within the city while producing zero carbon emissions and above all, without sacrificing style or practicality. We are proud to introduce to you, PROJECT INSECTA.

What attributes are worth being attained as next generation in transportation? 

Personal Mobility

According to US DOE: "The average number of persons occupying a car is 1.59 and has not changed much since 1995." - i.e. more than 60% of all miles driven in the US are done by vehicles with single occupancy. Personal mobility is in fact a practicing concept. So give up the pretense and let your multi-passenger car be the second car instead!  

Urban vehicle footprint

Urban growth has exceeded rural growth. It is apparent and necessary that dense urban life requires better road sharing, parking space, and traffic management. Small parking footprint is becoming a virtue for harmonious communities. 


Zero GHG emissions

Averaged gasoline vehicle emits 3-10 tonnes of GHG per year. This means 2.7 billion tonnes of CO2 in the US, without mentioning other harmful emissions. With the number of vehicles increases from 700M units in 2003 to a projected 2.5B units in 2044, one wonders: how much GHG is too much? Can we breathe anymore? 

Energy efficiency

Isn't it the right thing not to waste? A 2003 Japanese study has concluded a 1% improvement in motor efficiency would save 5 billion kWh of energy, equivalent ~ 1.5 nuclear power plants. In the US, annual gasoline consumption amounts to 1/3 of the national energy consumption. 


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is an important measure of where we are heading with new vehicles. This includes price of energy, energy taxes, insurance, maintenance, parking fee, toll tax, depreciation, ... on top of the initial vehicle ownership , and loan interests. Do we really need to own them? Can we not just share? Why are we keep paying underutilized public transit? 


Modern vehicles will need intimate linkage to the Internet for M2M, V2V, P2P, social networking, monitoring, mobile POS, geo-centric traffic/road and shopping updates, emergency notifications, mobile advertising, route planning, parking space advisory, and car-share booking. It is also an integral part of what smart city must integrate. 

Quite simply, our existing modes of transportation just aren't going to cut it in the near future. With urban congestion being a leading concern, with road vehicles increasing everyday, countless cities have opted to facilitate traffic throughput than speed, encourage even smaller vehicle footprint for parking space utilization, and encouraging more non GHG emitting EV (electric vehicle) friendly environments such as charging stations, EV priority parking spots, EV ownership subsidization etc. in preparation for this electrification transition that will inevitably happen.

Henceforth, with a vehicle specifically designated for urban driving, not only will it minimize ownership costs and the burden on our environment, it will also make our roads safer as speeds are optimized to only what is efficiency to travel within the city. 

Why Insecta ? 

You may be thinking to yourself right now, "What's so special about this EV compared to every other one on the market?"

Well, for starters, this vehicle will be priced below economy level pricing than almost all existing EVs on the market. We are not here to replace the yesteryear gasoline equivalent vehicles. We are here to offer you a new lifestyle, a personal mobility freedom! Through our efforts of keeping the price down, we strive to spark an eco friendly change on a global basis by making this vehicle accessible to a wide user group. And we invite you to be the first to enjoy the Insecta.

Insecta delivers a package of cutting edge technology, modern styling, and functionality all while still keeping affordability in mind.

The Insecta Value Proposition

Impact to environmental sustainability

Did you check your existing vehicular carbon footprint(s)? One less gasoline vehicle on the road means 3-10 tonnes of CO2 not emitted. EV has zero CO2 emission. Period. You have carbon saving instead. Switching from gasoline to electricity does not mean lost of power, drive-ability, and fun. 

Benefits to urban growth

Architects and urban planners will tell you that denser urban growth is happening. Roads will become more congested, parking less. Big metros are refocusing now on throughput metrics, time-to-destination, traffic flows, than widening in-city highways and streets. So small vehicular footprint and maneuverability are what you are looking for. Speed is pure ego-centric. Think smart!

Companion to public transit 

Did you know many public transit systems are subsidized? A tax burden that would remain subsidized until they are profitably utilized. It is because the transit systems are backbone node-to-node solutions. You really need end-to-end offerings. The Insecta could be the best "lastmile" partner of the public transit, accessible through same ticketing system, promoting car share platforms, thus cutting down this significant urban tax burden on your (hidden) total transportation cost, and reducing the total number of vehicles in the city.  

Personal Mobility

If you enjoy your PERSONAL smartphone then you would understand the feeling of achieving personal mobility too. You are not going to be isolated inside the cabin, the Insecta would pair with your smartphone and has its connectedness such that you could continue linking with your friends and families while driving, and could platoon with your companions each in their personal vehicles.

You can even organize a team to roam downtown and conferencing your buddies along the way, just be creative! Suggest us your favorite apps to utilize with Insecta. We are listening. 

It is cool to customize your Insecta too. Moovee has planned an entire ecosystem for the Insecta so that you could dress it up uniquely and frequently. 

It is fun to drive the Insecta. It could fold, lean, and steer with full urban ATV agility, climbing curbs is no problem! The design is so futuristic but so AWD safe that even seniors will find their retirement lives rejuvenated. Imagine your grandma exiting from her hot pink Insecta, and winking at her neighbors. Hahaha...

Young adults will find the Insecta perfect for trips to campuses and work places, that the family SUV would become the second car instead.

Affordable in ownership, maintenance, "fuel" economy, and even insurance, the Insecta redefines personal mobility and let you allocate your happy unspent dollars to other worthy causes. 

Visualizing your Insecta 

Prototype #1 in the works!
Prototype #1 in the works!


The chassis of Insecta is constructed with the latest automotive material - the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP). The material is ~30% weight of steel, but it is as hard as steel. 

Insecta is custom fitted with a hybrid lithium ion battery system to handle the impulsive need of torque and high rate of regenerative returns. 

The Insecta cabin models after fighter aircraft cockpit design but with modern industrial design and styling. 

A showcase of technologies

Utilizing the fact that electric motor is 3x more power efficient than gasoline type, a minimized vehicular body weight would yield much better power/weight ratio. The Insecta uses CFRP material extensively for light but strong chassis/body built, and crescendos it for best-in-class power-loading ratio and performance. 

When it comes to our technologies, we pioneer, not follow. We are not "me too" car makers. We've come up with 4x (patent pending) in-wheel motor/brake systems that match typical driver expectations: high torque for starting from rest, high efficiency while cruising. Smooth personality changes in between. It saves power further with highly responsive regenerative braking. 

The Insecta is equipped with 4x exo-limbs. The leveraged effect is that it can take 7-8" drop with any limb without tipping over. Coupling with the large round tyres at 26" OD, the Insecta can climb or descent from curbs, and handle bumpy roads at ease.

The Insecta lean-while-steer mechanism (video below, Prototype I - functional verification) offers drivers exceptional cornering response with centrifugal stability, much better than expensive active suspension system. This is having motorbike maneuverability fun without requiring demanding biker moves.

All of the vehicular performances are orchestrated by an intelligent, fault tolerant, kinematic-by-wire mechatronic computer. It would appraise road profile and conditions, integrate collision avoidance sensors, calculate multi-dimensional vehicle dynamics, jive with calibrated safety measures, then issue realtime commands so that the driver enjoys his journey. An experience rather than a worry. 

Even though Insecta is small in footprint, it has all the modern safety electronics such as ADAS (front/back early collision detection sensors, pedestrian detection, blind spot detection), and full feature infotainment console, cellular connectivity, plus video cams. Essentially a marvel. 

Who is behind Moovee ?

In the short span of 1 year, Moovee has grown from 2 founders to have the fortunate helps from many experts, government grants, and 3 local universities. Moovee also gratefully acknowledges direct contributions from several university graduating student groups, totaling beyond 15 members, who are actively developing engineering modules for the Insecta. 

CEO Donald has 30+ years Canadian R&D , management, and venture funding experience in aerospace, defense, wireless, broadcasting, and prosumer electronic engineering. Donald derived the Insecta micro BEV concept while providing seniorcares to his mobility impaired parent. He views personal mobility as essential to our quality of life. A serious matter that must be attended with thankfulness and joyfulness. 

How will your support help?

At this point Moovee has completed a functional prototyping round. Meaning, we have verified certain robotic mechanism and sensors essential for the Insecta maneuverability and controls. For Prototyping II, we aim to convert the metal structure into CFRP, and install our own in-wheel motors. We will integrate other vehicular electronics alongside. At the end of the exercise, we plan to have all the features mounted and tested. Then we will proceed to add rider comforts and appearance. 

We wish to engage your financial help to make the Insecta passing through prototyping stages. Upon reaching this prototype completion milestone many momentous opportunities would erupt. We itemize here for your understanding how our crowd funding outcome would be used. 

If we surpass our funding goals, the extra capital will go towards: 

* more extra prototype unit(s) for extreme testings
* extra motors for improvements and accelerate life testing
* second iteration motor design towards production readiness
* pre-production part and module sourcing and qualifications
* complete vehicle characterizations
* pre-certification units

While financial support is greatly needed, it would be monumental if you give positive indication of purchases when the Insecta is ready. You may visit our website and leave us with contact information, etc. so that we could update you periodically. 

For those that cannot wait until we go into production and want their personal Insecta before the rest, you may join in for the limited edition build and become a prestigious member and ambassador of Moovee Innovations. 

Risks and challenges

There are infinite possibilities of needs and wants. And there are unceasing latest gadgets. Moovee would like to understand your preferences and pack our Insecta for your enjoyments. If the suggestions fall beyond our target price range, we may offer them as aftermarket items.

For competent techies, we like to engage your talents to crank out advanced provisions. We love crowd sourcing solutions.

Many vehicle certifications are enacted generation(s) ago, and may not morphed with the changing world of automotive. It would be great help to express your preferences to the regulatory authorities so that they evolve and accommodate.

As with all startups, your strong indication(s) of purchase intention(s), or commitments, would be crucial to our collective success. Any size of financial funding would not last without you personally being Insecta owners. Email us your votes and support and we will notify you as soon as our vehicle is ready for sale!

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