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Kill Trump: Invoke the 25th -- A Revolution of the Human Spirit (Book and Website)  

Obviously, in the vein of protest novels, such as Civil Disobedience, Invisible Man, and The Souls of Black Folk, comes Kill Trump: Invoke the 25th -- A Revolution of the Human Spirit.  

Remarkably, the story begins onboard the R.M.S. Titanic as it mysteriously sets sails across the Atlantic with its very well known cast of characters: Captain J. Smith, Mr. Bruce Ismay, the managing director of White Star Line, John Jacob Astor and his new eighteen year old wife, Madeline, Mr. Guggenheim and 'The Unsinkable' Molly Brown. But as we quickly realize there are new passengers, the G-8, the Big Three automakers from Detroit, the Titans of Wall Street, and the Pope, the Ayatollah, and the Rabbi of Israel.  

Bickering and fighting ensue -- as the new passengers can't seem to understand that they they are actually on the real R.M.S. Titanic, and that their decisions will affect the outcome of their journeys.  

With billions of passengers inside her steel belly.  

From there?  

Kill Trump: A Revolution of the Human Spirit moves like Slaughterhouse Five back and forth through time. The Merry Pranksters and Ken Kesey travel down the highways and bi-ways of life itself on Furthur II playing their pranks designed to bring satori (or enlightenment) to those that they meet.  

But the pressure is on! 

 It's the mid-twentieth century! Recessions. Depressions. Millions migrating from the Greenhouse Effect. Incurable diseases. Madmen Politicians. Brawny Corporations. Terrorism.  

Ultimately, Kill Trump: Invoke the 25th -- A Revolution of the Human Spirit shows the stark choices that we face in America and even the rest of the world, and asks important questions such as: Will we have a discontinuous moment in history, or will we witness our collective demise?

The Impact -- A Consciousness-Raising Book 

"What a great idea for a book! And it's solidly written: a story full of surprising twists and turns, humor, and authentic emotion, all conveyed in prose that overflows with creative energy. Marley portrays the icons of the hippie movement as complex, interesting people whom we care about even when we don't always like them. He renders their stoned-out world vividly and in convincing detail. Kesey would love it!" 

 William Hathaway (award-winning author)

Risks and challenges

Risks & Challenges

It's not easy to bring about change. Why? Because the institutions and society that we so desperately want to change reflect our own strengths and weaknesses, our own state of consciousness, ultimately. Right now, it's time to move away from the old themes of money, power, greed, and self-aggrandizement, and move towards self-transformation and profound political/social change.

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