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€21,362 pledged of €40,000 goal
By Manel Fre3men
€21,362 pledged of €40,000 goal

Matters about princes and princesses and something frightening


Hi everyone,

With this update we will show you some novelties about the game. We’ll start with a message from our fantastic heroines, who have the right to rescue whoever they want!

That’s right, in Meeple Quest it doesn’t matter if it’s prince or princess when it comes to be rescued. The exploration card and the pink meeple will be the same ones, but the character card will also have the male gender of a royal member of the Meeple Kingdom ;). The princes also have the right to be rescued!

Let’s remember that Save the Princess/Prince is a module that at first was not intended for the basic game, but due to the price required for its production, it’s been possible to introduce it and that’s why it’s not necessary to reach any additional funds ;). This doesn’t apply only to this one, but to 5 more stretch rewards.


Of course this module is not difficult to use in the game, it’s more of an addition so that there is a chance to get a special Sacred Relic; this is because the prince/princess is controlled with a free action of the hero and, while it’s under the control of the player, it will count as a golden relic! (But it doesn’t count for the total of 3 relics that can be carried in the magic backpack). Watch out, another player could take the control of the character away from you!


As stated in the list of components in the campaign, the basic game will include a “female” pink meeple to represent the prince and the princess, but for those who have chosen the pledge level Crowdfunding Edition, we will add an exclusive gift made of a pink standard meeple, an exclusive prince card (without female gender) with the standard meeple icon, and an exclusive exploration card with the mentioned pink standard meeple so that, if you wish, you can rescue both of them!


The forgotten stretch reward


After checking the project, it’s been noticed that one of the more attractive rewards was not showing, and this one would be free thanks to the campaign. Secret passages!!! This comes with two treasure cards, one of them is an event and the other is a one-use object. I take this opportunity to introduce an animated image that explains a peculiar situation that could happen ;)


Now it’s time for scary matters!

Halloween is coming, and the Evil Meeple Lord gets stronger these days; this time he has brought two bosses to frighten the intrepid heroes who dare to get into the deep dungeon in search of such valuable relics that have been stolen by the Evil Lord.

We introduce you to two well known characters, the friendly neighbors Freddy and Jason, very evil bosses but also quite funny, who wouldn’t like to have them in a party?


With Freddy, when the heroes rest, these will lose a life point! One cannot even fall asleep! If Jason comes up, it’s better to run away, because it’s impossible to eliminate him >:D

These characters, illustrated by Jonay Martín, are exclusive and free for all those who have the pledge level Fantasy Edition before the end of the 1st of November (Worldwide, of course), or for those who have the Crowdfunding Edition, no matter the date. This is another personal gift (never for sale) from the author, as special thanks to those who help to take forward the Meeple Quest.




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    1. Manel Fre3men Creator on October 26, 2016

      @Chucky5: Kickstarter provides the creators with a Control Panel so that they can see the backers that give their support, and the creators can also see the changes in this support. Each backer has an ID number, if the backer leaves, he/she loses this ID and if the backer return, he/she will receive a new ID. The creator can't see any more information about the backer apart from his public profile.
      I don't understand your last paragraph, if a backer doesn't have a pledge level, it’s not necessary to know if he/she gives the support of Fantasy Edition Level before the 1st of November.
      @(NOT) Paul I.: You can find the explanation about how the prince/princess module works in the rulebook. This is available in the BGG to download ;)

    2. Chucky5 on October 25, 2016

      Just one question regarding this Halloween special.
      Does Kickstarter gives you some kind of log about backers movement and changes? It seems pretty unlikely to me. And if you don't have that log and just a final list where you can see each backer, the amount he pledged and some details such as email.
      How are you going to know if a backer who finally pledged $39 wasn't pledging for $1 November first.
      Even more, would a backer who was pledging $39 Nov. 1st get that stretch goal if he pledged just $1 at the end?

    3. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on October 25, 2016

      what does "behaves as a relic" mean? If this is a gameplay dynamic that is beyond the free movement of the prince/princess, I am unsure what it does. Please share what the "relic" dynamic is. The possibility of pets/followers is interesting but I don't know anything from this post.

    4. Dondon
      on October 25, 2016

      Pretty Cool the Special Treasure and Secret Passage Cards :)