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€21,362 pledged of €40,000 goal
By Manel Fre3men
€21,362 pledged of €40,000 goal

Some answers and some terrorific horrors


Hello everyone!

The truth is that only in the first few days we have accomplished more than the third part of the funding required. However, we still have a long way in front of us, but who said that it would be easy to face the Evil Lord and his minions?


The following is an explanation intended to clarify some doubts that have been coming up repeatedly (all of them are indicated somewhere in the campaign, but we understand that there is too much content and it might not be too easy to find the explanation):


About the female characters

Of course there will be female heroines in the basic game.Those heroes that get unblocked through stretch rewards will have female characters, such as the Dworf ;)

The exclusive heroines and heroes add-ons will not come with the other gender.


About the translations in German and French

This coming weekend the rulebook in German will be available in the Boardgamegeek (as soon as they are accepted). I apologise because the French one still need some work, they will also be available even if they are only a draft.

Note: The prototype rules in English are currently being revised and rewritten by Slev Sleddeddan of the HeroQuest Revised webpage.


About the languages currently available

There are two separate editions, one in English and another one in Spanish. Apart from those, each language that gets unblocked will get a separate edition.


About the delivery cost

We are still looking for better delivery options in order to make the price more affordable and the backers can receive the game with much better terms.


About adding extra pledges in the same backer account

It will be possible to add extra pledge levels when we open the Pladge Manager. In this way, you will also know the shipping price and you will be in a position to value if it is worth it.


And now let`s talk about terrifying things!

This and much more! check the Shipping Section (The Golden Age of Author)
This and much more! check the Shipping Section (The Golden Age of Author)

The Great Bosses are an exclusive expansion that will be delivered to all backers who support the project; they are a special add-on that will make the most experimented heroes not to be so sure about their victory in front of the Evil Lord. They are extremely mighty beings that will make the adventure very difficult for the heroes.

These Great Bosses come in tarot size card!

In order to include them in the game, the following steps must be followed:

  • Shuffle the different cards of the Great Bosses and place the deck face down on the left hand side of the Villain mat, don’t show it!
  • When preparing the exploration card, separate the deck in two halves and then put the Great Boss special card in one of the halves and shuffle this half properly. Then, place the Boss card (if you are playing with it) above the half you have shuffled, and then place the other half of the deck above this one. In this way, the Great Boss could come out after the Boss, this would terrorise any hero!
  • When you explore, if you take the special Great Boss exploration card, turn around the Great Boss card and follow the special rules that will be written in the card.
  • Place his own life counter in the life track found on the Villain dashboard. If he has more than 10 life points, place the extra life token on the Great Boss card and the remaining life will be marked in the life track.
  • All heroes will upgrade their level. If they had already done that, they will obtain up to 5 power points.
  • You will have to place the special Great Boss tile and, in the middle square, place the Great Boss Meeple, if it’s not otherwise indicated in the card.
  • There is a summon portal drawn in this special tile, therefore it is always on the board. It cannot be destroyed! This portal also counts as a normal one to make increase the level of evilness of Meeple Land (when checking this in the Corruption Phase).
  • Some of the Great Bosses could also have their own special tile. In this case, place his tile and check the special rules that this might have (in the rules that will come with that expansion). The Great Bosses tile will also be placed, and it will be up to the Avatar of Meeple Lord to decide how to connect it with the rest of the tiles of the dungeon.

Note: The wooden pieces shown in the image are not the final ones.




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